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An organizational structure can also be divided more or less horizontally into areas of management. The most common areas are finance, operations, marketing, human resources, and admin­istration. Depending on its purpose and mission, an organization may include other areas as well — research and development, for example, or risk management.

A financial manageris primarily responsible for the organiza­tion's financial resources. Accounting and investment are special­ized areas within financial management. Because financing af­fects the operation of the entire firm, many of the presidents of the largest companies are people who got their "basic training" as fi­nancial managers.

An operations managercreates and manages the systems that convert resources into goods and services. Traditionally, op­erations management is equated with the production of goods. However, in recent years many of the techniques and procedures of operations management have been applied to the production of services and to a variety of nonbusiness activities. Like financial management, operations management has produced a good per­centage of today's company presidents.

A marketing manageris responsible for the exchange of products between the organization and its customers or clients. Specific areas within marketing are marketing research, advertis­ing, promotion, sales, and distribution.

A human resources manageris in charge of the organiza­tion's human resources programs. He or she engages in human resources planning, design systems for hiring, training, and ap­praising the performance of employees, and ensures that the or­ganization follows government regulations concerning employ­ment practices.

An administrative manager(also called a general manag­er) is not associated with any specific functional area but provides overall administrative leadership. A hospital administrator is a good example of an administrative manager. He or she does not specialize in operations, finance, marketing, or human resources management but instead coordinates the activities of specialized managers in all these areas.


Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What are the most common areas of management?

2. What is a financial manager responsible for?

3. What is an operations manager traditionally equated with and what are the changes in recent years?

4. What is a marketing manager responsible for?

5. What does an administrative manager coordinate?

2. В каком из следующих слов звук, передаваемый "а", отличается от остальных?

1) Kate, 2) age, 3) mate, 4) map, 5) tape, 6) make, 7) lake


3. Поставьте следующие существительные во множественном числе:


a pie, a factory, a map, a match, a page, a magazine, а datum


4. Поставьте существительные в притяжательный падеж:


Toys of children, magazine of woman, article of journalist


5. Переведите на русский язык:


1) A day’s work

2) The articles’ copies

3) A week’s rest

6. Укажите предложение, в котором глагол "to have" является мо­дальным:

1) We shall have a party tomorrow.

2) We have invited our friends.

3) We'll have to prepare for the party.

4) I hope we'll have a good time.

7. Выберите правильную форму глагола "to be":


He... at the theatre yesterday.

a) is

b) was

c) will be

d) were

8. Поставьте артикли, где необходимо:


1) … text is in … bag

2) My parents are … engineers

3) … Mr. Black will come at five.

4) I bought... bottle of milk and half... loaf of... bread. I put... milk into... fridge and ... bread into ... bread-box.

5) My granny lives in ... village. She's got... cow and 2 pigs.... cow's name is Dasha. I help my granny to look after ... animals.

6) Who's ... boy standing near ... window? - This is Peter, ... friend of mine.

9. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на употребление глагола to be:


1) Are Petrov and Ivanov at the conference in Moscow?

2) The students are in the reading hall.

3) My friend’s dream is to enter the University.

4) Is English easy?


10. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на оборот «there is/are»:


1) There are no mistakes in your test.

2) How many students are there in your group?


11. Переведите предложения. Обратите внимание на употребление “have, have got”

1) Have you got any books by foreign writers?

2) Our students have dinner in the canteen.

3) Have you got a lighter?

12. Переведите предложения, обратите внимание на употребление Present Simple.


1) My friend does not study at the University.

2) We work at the English lab on Friday.

3) Does he often go to library?

4) He visits us on Sunday.



13. Переведите предложения, обратите внимание на употребление Present Continuous tense:

1) Is he reading a newspaper or a book now?

2) Are you discussing this question now?

3) He is not preparing for his exams.

14. Постройте отрицательные предложения:


1) She is talking to her old friend.

2) They are watching TV.


15. Выберете правильный предлог:


1) Our studies begin (at, on, in) autumn.

2) My elder brother is a doctor. He often comes home late (in, at) night.

3) The students are listening (for, at, to) a new text now.

4) Fetch today's newspaper and read it (for, to) me, please.

5) Which (from, of) the houses is yours?

6) Take the book (out of, from) the shelf and show it (for, to) me.

7) May I come (at, in, to) your lecture?

8) Where is George? - He is still at work. He will stay there (at, through, till) 5 o'clock.

16. Выберете правильное местоимение:

1) I don't hear (nothing, something, anything).

2) There was very (few, a few, little) snow this winter.

3) Is (somebody, anybody) absent today?

4) Bob is one of (our, us, ours) best pupils.

5) I haven't got (some, any, no) money about me.

6) In the last twenty-four hours too (little, much, many) things happened.

7) There is too (much, few, many) sugar in my coffee.


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