Keep your goals to yourself


13.LMS(a)For 1-10 below cross out the word of phrase in each list which are not normally used with the noun in italics.

1) benefit accrue / enjoy / make / derive / gain / considerable / financial
2) advantage enjoy / gain / outweigh / take / huge / considerable / education /
3) opportunity provide / seize / squander / ample / once-in-a-lifetime / silver / career
4) success enjoy / achieve / guarantee / enormous / large / depends on
5) prospects get / offer / boost / damage / long-term / excellent / employment / career
6) disadvantage distinct / obvious / suffer / have / enjoy / offset
7) failure achieve / result in / end in / expect / total / complete /
8) achievement represent / accrue / outstanding / impressive / proudest / a lack of
9) improvement show / make / take up / scope / room / huge / massive /
10) chance deserve / give somebody / throw away / possess / arise / take / good

LMS(b)Complete the gaps in the sentences with a word or phrase from (a). There may be more than one possible answer.

1. Achieving (1) ________________ in life depends on many factors like qualifications, but cannot always be (2) ________________ by having them.

2. Even if an academic career ends in (3) ________________, it does not mean that someone’s (4) ________________ career (5) ________________ are seriously (6) ________________.

3. Everyone (7) ________________ a fair (8) ________________ at succeeding in life, but all too often people squander the opportunity.

4. I made a huge (9) ________________in my last years at school, but looking back there was certainly (10) ________________ for more.

5. A person who has a vocational education in plumbing or engineering does not suffer any (11) ________________ in life. On the contrary, having such an education is a (12) ________________ (13) ________________.

6. The financial (14) ________________ that (15) ________________ from acquiring training and skills mean that one can enjoy the fruits of one’s labours.

7. Finding my first job (16) ________________ the proudest (17) ________________ in my life so far.

8. Going to university in my country is a (18) ________________ (19) ________________ that needs to be (20) ________________ once it comes.

LMS(c) Replace each of the underlined words with a synonym:

1. They achieved considerable success in their working lives.

2. I derivedreal benefit from a university education.

3. My qualifications gave me a huge advantage at the interview.

4. His employment prospects are enhanced by the opening of the new bank.

5. Many opportunities have been wasted here.

6. There is an obvious disadvantage to concentrating on only one learning mechanism.

7. There is always scope for improvement, no matter who you are.

8. It was such an outstanding achievement to come top in the exams.

(d) Search the tasks above for the English equivalents of the following Russian phrases:

1) возможность для совершенствования;

2) воспользоваться удобным случаем;

3) воспользоваться, использовать в своих интересах;

4) впечатляющее достижение;

5) долгосрочные перспективы карьерного роста;

6) извлекать выгоду;

7) кончиться полной неудачей;

8) предоставить широкие возможности;

9) упустить возможность;

10) упустить шанс;

11) явный, очевидный недостаток.


LMS14.Put the following paragraphs in the correct order to produce a well organised text.

Can Failure Beget[1]Success?

(A) There is a reason why people who have participated in competitive sports tend to become high career acheivers. Sport magnifies our weaknesses and forces us to make personal improvements in order to succeed. There’s no hiding behind walls or opportunities to blame others when one’s points, time or touchdowns are readily available for others to see. We learn more about ourselves when we have been knocked down than during the moments of triumph.

(B) Such an epic failure taught me about myself and how to navigate the intricacies of launching a new business and those lessons have affected my approach to being an entrepreneur.

(C) Not every travel experience is a monumental success. We might witness atrocities and the sad realities of less fortunate areas of the world or succumb to an illness while abroad. No matter how positive or negative the outcome, we come back stronger for having taken a leap of faith and pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone, even if doing so resulted in a short-term troubling experience.

(D) I would know. The first business I launched was hardly successful. My vision was to build a college athletic recruiting platform designed to match high school student-athletes with college athletic programs. At the time, I was fully employed by Goldman Sachs and I moonlighted on my business with the help of fourteen friends and family members.

(E) Failure does not just come before success in the dictionary; it also plays an integral role in our development and heavily contributes to the engine that drives our successes. Here are three aspects of life where previous failures shape future successes.

(F) The world at large is far bigger than the bubbles in which many of us live. Traveling affords us an opportunity to become more worldly. We learn about new cultures through interaction with locals, taking tours of areas of historical importance and through the oh-so-beautiful lens of cuisine. If we think of our brain as a light bulb, each new experience brightens that bulb slightly until our mind is illuminated by more knowledge than we ever imagined.

(G) So go ahead. Get knocked down. Rise again and see how much stronger you are for it.

(H) Not every business venture is a success; in fact I would argue that success in business is more on par with success in baseball. Fail 70% of the time and you might be a hall of fame!

(I) Ultimately, working a full-time job from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. followed by sleepless evenings toiling on my business was not sustainable. Despite landing partnerships with The Princeton Review and Under Armour, I shut down the business.

Strategy Point Skim the sections and try to identify the opening and closing paragraphs. The introductory paragraph must contain a thesis statement, which names the specific topic (announced in the title) and gives a general idea of the contents of the text. It may list subdivisions of the main topic. The concluding paragraph may be a review of the main points discussed in the text. The conclusion may also convey a message to the reader by making a prediction or recommendation, suggesting solutions or consequences, etc. You may find certain words which may be leading towards the next or concluding part: summing up, in a nutshell, nevertheless, therefore, however, hence, so, simultaneously, apart from etc. They denote a change of the thought process. Search for connectors to sentences – conjunctions, personal (he / she / it / they etc.), relative (who / whose / that / which etc.), demonstrative (these / those / this / that etc.) pronouns - as they indicate that they must have been used in place of some nouns. So find the link between the sentences and paragraphs. A few paragraphs have time factors, indicating that the events mentioned for the earlier time should come first and could help you to put them in chronological order. Successive paragraphs may start with similar patterns of words, which express related ideas. Using parallel structures creates rhythm and balance and enables the writer to highlight information.



15.LMSListen to a talk[2] presented at a conference. To what extent do you agree with the author? Complete the summary given below. Choose no more than two words from the talk for each answer:

Keep your goals to yourself

When you talk to others about your goal, you already feel a step (1)____________________ to achieving it. However, that pleasant feeling actually makes you (2)_____________________ to achieve the goal. The reason for it is that the mind is (3)_____________________ into feeling that the goal has already been achieved. It doesn’t agree with conventional (4)_____________________. But in one study, people who announced their commitment to a goal tended to (5)___________________ earlier than those who kept their(6)___________________. So, you shouldn’t yield to (7)____________________ to talk about your ambitions.


Being Successful

16.Read the article from by Samantha Daniels. Make a list of downsides of being famous and successful. Are there any other considerations that you would add to the list? Do the advantages of success outweigh the disadvantages?

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