The beginning of the performance (The 1st scene)

Ulyana: Guys, I cant find plates for food. Do know where are they here in this house?

Stepa: Look for that in the kitchen. The guest room is not the place for keeping plates.

Ulyana: ahaha it is very funny! Thanks Stepa. I know that.

Stepa: Well, and if you know that, why you ask me so silly questions?

Ulyana: Because I don’t know where plates are exactly in the kitchen and in which drawer, Stepa!

Masha (Tatsiy): Wow! Come on guys, please! Today is a Happy New Year celebration and there is a big astonishing day today. There is no place for quarrels!

Alina: Yes, I totally agree with you, Masha. We are friends and we shouldn’t have a quarrel for nothing. Plates are in the kitchen, in the capboard near the sink.

Ulyana: Thanks a lot, Alina!

Polina: I am so happy that today it’s a Happy New Year celebration! I like that so much even more than a celebration of my Happy Birthday.

Alina: Me too!

Maria (Merkulova): And me!

Egor: Oh, when we were at your Birthday party last year, you told us that your Happy Birthday is the best event of your life forever!

Polina: Yes, that’s it! Okay. I like to celebrate New Year as I like to do my birthday party. Are you satisfied?

Egor: Completely!

Mari(Ostrovskaya): And I think that it’s not absolutely right to compare New Year and

Birthday’s two diverse events and there are absolutely different.

Alina: But both are incredibly fabulous!

Arina: Yes, that’s it! And for all of them we have a lot of presents every year

from friends and family. I adore to get presents!

Andrey: Who doesn’t like to get presents? Show me this strange person! Certanly, everybody is always glad to get it. It’s a big pleasure!

Kate: But presents are not so important! There are more important the

atmosphere of the party and with whom you celebrate it!

Egor: Sure! Moreover, I think that we are the happinest people in the world now,

because we have the opportunity to meet New Year all together!

All: Yes, that’s right!

Makar: So, let’s yell our motto-motto!

All: Friendship for us is number one! We’ll do everything as the one!

Valery: Wait! We are not all together now. Where is Boris? Diana,he’s your

brother! You should know that!

Diana: I have no idea! He’s told that he’ll be at home at 10 pm.

Maria(Merkulova): But it’s already l0.30

Diana: I don’t know where he is…

Makar: Guys, who knows something? Who knows where is Boris?

Arina: I can call him!I have his phone number!

Mari: And I can write him a message!

Polina: Lets do it together!I'm already running for the phone!

Diana: Stop, guys! There is no sense in it! I have done it, but he didn’t answer for my call. I guess that his battery is dead.

Valery: We hope that everything it is okay with him and he will not be late for Happy New Year celebration!

Sonya: And if he is late how we will spend it without Boris?

Maxim: Don’t be so pessimistic! Don’t worry! I am sure that he will be in a timeand everything will be okay!

(В этот момент входит Борис.Он выглядит грустным и расстроенным).

All: Boris!

Maxim: Here he is! I have told you that he would be in time!

Kate: Why did you not take your phone?

Masha(Tatsiy): Why you didn’t answer our messages?

Sonya: We were worried about you!

Mari (Ostrovskaya): Boris, it seems to me, that you are a bit upset! What’s happened?

Boris: Guys, I don’t know how to tell you! Diana, have you seen our parents today?

Diana: No, they have told me, that they are going to celebrate New Year with our grandparents. And that we can do a big party here! Boris, I don’t understand! What is the matter?

Boris: I saw them two hour ago. Diana, they don’t want to tell me at the beginning, but finally they did...

Sonya: Boris! Don’t scare us!

Maria(Merkylova): Tell us what your parents tell you!

Makar: If you have any troubles, we will help you!

Boris: Thanks, Makar. But here you cant help me., guys, Diana… The 2 nd of January we leave this country and our family move in USA. Our Dad received a special offer from his job. And we have to go all together with him!

Arina: No! That’s impossible!

Diana: Why did not they tell us that earlier?

Boris: They didn‘t want to make us upset before the celebration. But I’ve found it out by accident from our grandma and after that they have explained me everything... We go to America the day after tomorrow, Diana!

All: Oh, that’s terrible!

Maria(Merkulova): I cant believe in it!

Kate: Me too! It means, that that’s our last party together!?

Mari(Ostrovskaya): This is the worst thing you can hear!

Boris: Yes. it is... I can’t imagine my life without you, my friends. I have no ideawhat to do...

Maria(Tatsiy): Our last party together! It is horribly!

Valery: It sounds so awful…

Stepa: Oh, come on guys, please! The life is not over with these news! I remember, Maxim said “Don’t be so pessimistic!” Today is the Happy New Year feast!

Andrey: Yes, I totally agree with you! Lets spend it in a fantastic way! And for other things we will find a solution very soon. Do you remember our motto?

All: Friendship for us in number one! We will do everything as the one!

Boris and Diana: We are friends forever! Thank you for your friendship and support!

(Степа и Андрей выйдя на первый план оживленно шепчутся активно жестикулируя это)

Stepa and Andrey: We have an idea!

Stepa: For making you happier…

Stepa and Andrey: lets play the game!

Makar: The game? Boris? Do you think it is a good idea now?

Boris: Makar, guys! Lets listen what game they want to play?

Andrey: It is the best idea! So, tell me everybody what do you know about Disney cartoons and musicals?

Maria(Merkulova): They are amazing and full of beautiful songs! I don’t know anybody, who doesn’t like it!

Stepa: Very well! Does everybody know songs from musicals and cartoons?

All: Yes! We know they!

Maxim: It depends on the cartoon and the musical indeed. As for me, I dint like them all, but anyway I know a lot of songs from them.

Andrey: Really? Are you totally sure?

Maxim: Yes, I am!

All: And we are all sure that we know a lot of them!

Stepa: Ok, we will see it! Now I have a hat and there are a lot of cards with the name of the songs and heroes from musicals and cartoons!

Andrey: Everybody has to take one of cards, and without extra words you have to sing this song for us and character of the personage from this musical.

Andrey and Stepa: Is it clear?

All: Yes, it is!

Sonya: Great! And it will look like a Happy New Year musical concert! Sounds amazing!

Makar: Yes! And we will see who knows these songs better from us! So…

All: Lets start the game!


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