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Text 1. Can you feel the rhythm?

According to the text, what is one of the advantages of living a 24 - hour lifestyle?

A. You never have to worry about arranging your holidays.

B. You can do office work as early or as late as you like.

C. Shopping can be delivered to your home anytime.

D. People do not work from nine to five anymore.

What does the word tick mean?

A. check

B. motivate

C. select

D. function

In what way is our body clock like the conductor of an orchestra?

A. it regulates the actions of the hypothalamus

B. it’s time has to be very exact

C. it affects our response to music

D. it helps the body s functions to work together

If we change our sleep patterns, we

A. will get an infection

B. will disturb our immune system

C. will get heart disease

D. will get high levels of dangerous cells

What happens during sleep?

A. the body destroys lots of harmful cells

B. high levels of glucose and fat are created

C. our body clock shuts down temporarily

D. the daily damage to the body is mended

According to the text, we should

A. do things when our body tells us to

B. organize our body clock according to strict schedule

C. use the natural environment to work out a regular routine

D. have a boring, slow-paced lifestyle

According to the text, our body clock

A. can be changed without harm

B. determines when we should do things

C. helps us to fight sleep

D. is a boring routine


Edward Hall used the example of the ambassador to show that

A. people is power are easily insulted.

B. rules of time are different now from in the past.

C. problems can be caused by different views of time.

D. misunderstandings over time cannot be avoided.

In his research, Robert Levine measured the speed at which postal workers

A. delivered letters

B. performed a task

C. learned a new skill

D. answered a question

Kevin Birth found out that in Trinidad

A. expectations of punctuality vary according to relationships.

B. time is regarded differently from anywhere else.

C. employees as well as bosses may be late for work.

D. people who are punctual eventually become more powerful.

Birth studied Trinidadian attitudes to time by

A. asking questions connected with language.

B. asking people how they felt about time.

C. observing how people behaved in different settings

D. collecting phrases to do with time.

Birth finds there is often a difference between

A. what cultures believe about time and what individuals believe.

B. people’s practical and theoretical attitudes to time.

C. what people believe about time and what they say.

D. people’s past and present attitudes to time.





1. Human’s unique ability to focus on things that aren’t happening right now …

A. … can be a major cause of unhappiness.

B. … allows them to predict the future.

C. … requires their full attention.


2. Reminiscing, thinking ahead or daydreaming about something pleasant …

A. … makes people happier.

B. … makes people less happy

C. … fails to hold people’s full attention.


Why does the research require greater accuracy?

A. because only men have been involved in the research so far

B. because the number of people involved in the research was too small to draw accurate conclusions about differences between the sexes

C. because it only involved people at Harvard University


When were the participants in the study contacted?

A. at random times during the night

B. at regular times during the day

C. at random times during the day




Choose the correct item.


1. Don’t drive too fast, ………. ?

A. don’t you B. do you C. shall you D. will you

2. He ………. his talk when he was interrupted.
A. had hardly begun B. hardly begun C. hardly had begun D. began hardly

3. Vitamin C must be taken daily, as it cannot ………. by the body.
A. store B. stored C. be storedD. be storing

4. Fred ………. that they had moved to London.

A. said me B. told me C. told D. told to me

5. An election ………. in the autumn, the government announced this morning.

A. is held B. will be held C. will have been held D. is being held

6. I’ve bought two tickets to Paris. Alex and I ………. tomorrow.

A. to leave B. will leave C. leave D. are leaving

7. She didn’t use to work here two years ago, ………. ?
A. did she B. used she C. didn’t she D. did she use

8. I’m terribly sorry, I had no idea you ………. deputy director.

A. are appointed B. were appointed C. had been appointed D. has been appointed

9. No one was surprised at the change in Bank Rate. It ………. by the investors.

A. was expected B. had been expected C. is expected D. was being expected

10. He refused to go to the theatre because he ………. an exam in a few days.

A. was having B. had C. will have D. has had

11. You’ll never forgive him, ………. ?

A. won’t you B. will you C. will you not D. you will

12. Dan Brown’s books ………. in any bookshop.

A. you can buy B. will buy C. can buy D. can be bought

13. Many interesting books ………. by the company this year.

A. are published B. have been published C. were published D. will have been published

14. The Gregorian Calendar …all over Europe at the same time, since Italy adopted

it in 1582, England in 1752 and Russia not until 1918.

A. introduced B. was introducing C. wasn’t introduced D. wasn’t introducing

15. ………. that five people died in an explosion.

A. They are reported B. It has reported C. It’s reported D. It’s reporting

16. How long ………. Susan?

A. you know B. are you knowing C. do you know D. have you known

17. I ………. three more days to decide if I want to accept their offer.

A. gave B. have given C. have been given D. will give

18. Kate ………. most of her money by the time she goes back home.

A. will spend B. will be spending C. will have been spent D. will have spent

19. I’ll see you in August when I ………. back.

A. will come B. come C. came D. will have come

20. How long did you say you ………. these pills?

A. take B. are taking C. have taken D. have been taking

21. I ………. busy since we last met.

A. am B. have been C. was D. had been

22. Did he say whether ………. lend you the money or not?

A. could he B. can he C. he could D. he

23. Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, . …… in 1607.

A. was established B. it was founded C. foundedD. colonists arrived there

24. I’m not hungry. I’ve eaten three sandwiches ………. .

A. yesterday B. two hours ago C. at two o’clock D. today

25. Oh, there’s no tea? OK then. I ………. some orange juice.

A. am going to have B. will have C. will be having D. am having

26. If we don’t hurry, all the tickets ………. by the time we get there.

A. are sold B. will sell C. will be sold D. will have been sold

27. For the past few days I have been working in Jack’s office, as my own office … .

A. was redecorated B. is redecorated C. is being redecorated D. has been redecorated

28. That’s Christine’s mother over there, isn’t ………. ?

A. that B. her C. she D. it

29. We ………. by Mrs. Jones for five years before she returned to her own country.

A. taught B. have been taught C. had been taught D. were taught

30. The entire coastline will be covered by smog tomorrow unless something ……….

to clean up the air.

A. will be done B. is done C. is being done D. will have been done



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