В заданиях 9–10 установите правильную последовательность. Запишите в таблицу цифры выбранных ответов (без пробелов и других символов).

9. Put the paragraphs into the right order to make a story.

1) But the good news is that some of these people are keeping their culture and language alive. They are also receiving help from the National Geographic Society’s Enduring Voices Project.

2) As more Europeans arrived, there was a fight for the land with the native American Indians. By the end of the nineteenth century, the Indian tribes were moved to reservations. A lot of their children were taken away to boarding schools and these children were taught to speak English. By the end of the twentieth century more than half of the Native Americans in the US were living in cities. They gave up speaking their old tribal languages and only used English. As a result, many Native American languages disappeared and with them their culture.

3) The aim of the project is to help languages around the world which are dying out. Linguists and experts meet these ‘last speakers’. The team interview them and they are recorded with video, pictures and audio. They also tell old stories which are written down in English so people can learn more about the culture.

4) Five hundred years ago, Europeans arrived on a new continent. They brought new cultures and languages to this place which they called America. However, there were already people living there who had their own cultures and languages. And so a terrible part of history began.

5) Some American Indian languages are still used today but they are usually spoken by the older members of the tribes who still live on the reservations. In North America there are 150–170 languages that have at least one speaker and many of these languages have under a hundred speakers. One ancient language which is spoken by the Northern Paiute tribe has more than two hundred speakers. This means when the elders of the tribe get together, they still speak it. But for most of the younger members of the tribe, the everyday language is English.


10. Put the sentences into the correct order to make a paragraph.

1) MUN stands for Model United Nations, and it is a conference made for young people

2) maybe one they don't know much about, and debate with other students from different schools about

3) real issues which the world is facing now. The aim is

4) to write a resolution at the end, which will help solve the problem.

5) who want to see how the United Nations really works. The students get a chance to represent a country,

В заданиях 11, 12 установите соответствие между содержанием первой и второй части. Впишите в таблицу ответы так, чтобы буква с вариантом ответа соответствовала номеру предложения (задание 11) или названию явления (задание 12).

11. Match the questions on the left (1–8) with the answers on the right (a–i). There is one extra variant.

1 What did you watch last night? a) Maybe in the car, I’m not sure.
2 Which one is your daughter? b) Some documentary.
3 Who gave you this scarf? c) About a litre.
4 Where have you left the keys? d) In an hour.
5 Why have you washed the dress? e) It’ll be two years this spring.
6 How much water do we have left? f) The tall blond one.
7 How long have you been working here? g) Only if you will.
8 When are you coming home? h) I spilt some wine on it.
i) My mom, she made it.

12. Match the word (1–8) with the picture (A–I). There is one extra variant.

1) volcanic eruption 5) earthquake

2) an avalanche 6) drought

3) a nuclear explosion 7) hurricane

4) tsunami 8) flood

a) b) c)


d) e) f)

g) h) i)




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