Unit 8 HR Market Leader Intermediate

Word Translation Definition
To apply to smb. for smth Apply for a job обращаться с просьбой, (письменным) заявлением подавать заявление о приеме на работу  
Applicant кандидат, кандидатура, претендент; соискатель  
Application form Анкета заявка Formal request for work
Cover(ing) letter/А letter of application Сопроводительное письмо  
Reference   to give / provide a reference 1.рекомендация 2. лицо, дающее рекомендацию   давать рекомендацию use of a source of information in order to ascertain something
Job seeker человек, ищущий работу, соискатель  
Sickness record История болезни, медицинская карта  
Family background Социальное происхождение  
Work experience Опыт работы  
Qulaifications Квалификация Capacity, knowledge, or skill that matches or suits an occasion, or makes someone eligible for a duty, office, position, privilege, or status. Qualification denotes fitness for purpose through fulfillment of necessary conditions such as attainment of a certain age, taking of an oath, completion of required schooling or training, or acquisition of a degree or diploma. Qualification does not necessarily imply competence.
Curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume Резюме a brief account of one's education, qualifications, and previous occupations.
Probationary period Испытательный срок a kind of “trial period”, during which the supervisor carefully considers whether the employee is able to meet the standards and expectations of the job
Psychometric test Психометрические тесты a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioral style
To reply to an advertisement Откликаться на объявление  
Mental ability Умственные возможности the power to learn or retain knowledge
Reasoning skills Умение логически размышлять The ability to gather, analyze and understand information in the form of words and languages
To shortlist Отбирать кандидатов To place something on a short list
An interview panel Отборочная комиссия often the final interview full of judges judging your body language, every last accomplishment and even what questions you ask
To recruit Нанимать To enroll or enlist new members or potential employees
To come up with ideas Предлагать идеи, придумывать ч-л  
To put ideas into action Воплощать задуманное  
To evaluate(strengths and weaknesses) Оценивать (сильные и слабые стороны) to draw conclusions from examining; to assess
Burdento bear / carry a burden Гнет, нагрузканести груз that which is borne with difficulty; obligation; onus
To attend an interview an induction course посетить интервью, вводный курс  
To pursue § to pursue peace § to pursue a position § to pursue a policy of radical economic reform § to pursue a careeer Выполнять, следовать б) добиваться добиваться мира добиваться определённого общественного положения проводить политику радикальных экономических реформ заниматься развитием карьеры to aim for, go after (a specified objective, situation etc.)
To give a tip/a hint Дать совет/подсказку/намек  
Prospectivea prospective employer будущий; ожидаемый; предполагаемый будущий /предполагаемый работодатель 1) looking towards the future 2) (prenominal) anticipated or likely
Promising promising young scientist Многообещающий, перспективный перспективный молодой ученый showing promise of favourable development or future success
Perspective § to look at smth. in perspective § to view a situation from a new perspective перспектива, ракурс, проекция смотреть на что-л. в перспективе увидеть ситуацию под новым углом, с новой точки зрения 1) a way of regarding situations and judging their relative importance 2) the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity try to get some perspective on your troubles 3) a view over some distance in space or time; vista; prospect
To submit application Подать заявление на рассмотрение  
Web-based recruitment Набор персонала онлайн  
Community община; общество; населённый пункт; сообщество; общность, группа лиц, объединённых определённым признаком Self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources.
To bring up children Воспитывать детей  
To share the burden of Делить груз/ответственность…  
Real estate Недвижимость Land and anything fixed, immovable, or permanently attached to it such as appurtenances, buildings, fences, fixtures, improvements, roads, shrubs and trees (but not growing crops), sewers, structures, utility systems, and walls. Title to real estate normally includes title to air rights, mineral rights, and surface rights which can be bought, leased, sold, or transferred together or separately. Also called real property or realty.
To be attributed to Относиться к чему-л, быть результатом чего-л, прписывать to say or ​think that something is the ​result of a particular thing: attribute sth to sth Her ​success can be attributed to three ​main ​factors.
Women’s advancement in business Продвижение женщин в бизнесе  
Vocational training Профессиональная подготовка, специальное образование Training that emphasizes skills and knowledge required for a particular job function (such as typing or data entry) or a trade (such as carpentry or welding).
Underemployment Частичная безработица A workforce condition whereby employees are being utilized at less than full capacity. In this scenario, a company is typically not generating adequate business to keep workers occupied at full-time wages or at appropriate skill levels.
Regular working hours Постоянный график работы, нормированный рабочий день  
To make a stark choice Делать тяжелый выбор  
Decline in sth Спад в чем-л  
Performance appraisal оценка эффективности деятельности, аттестация сотрудников, оценка деятельности, оценка персонала   The process by which a manager or consultant (1) examines and evaluates an employee's work behavior by comparing it with preset standards, (2) documents the results of the comparison, and (3) uses the results to provide feedback to the employee to show where improvements are needed and why.   Performance appraisals are employed to determine who needs what training, and who will be promoted, demoted, retained, or fired.
Payment system Система расчетов  
Complaints and dispute procedures порядок урегулирования споров и жалоб a set of ​actions used by an ​organization to ​find ​solutions to ​complaints or disagreements:   If you ​feel you have been ​harmed, you should ​lodge a ​formal ​complaint through your ​internal ​disputes ​procedure.
To dismiss увольнять to ​remove someone from ​their ​job, ​especially because they have done something ​wrong:   He has been dismissed from his ​job for ​incompetence.
To sack Увольнять, вышибать со службы to make someone ​leave their ​job, especially because they have done something wrong:   Walters was the first of the ​senior ​staff to be sacked by the new ​editor. Do ​shareholders have the ​right to sack the entire ​board of ​directors?
To lay off Layoff Увольнять по сокращению штатов     Увольнение по сокращению штатов to ​stop ​employing someone, usually temporarily because there is not enough ​work to do:   Because of ​falling ​orders, the ​company has been ​forced to ​lay off several hundred ​workers.   Suspension or termination of employment (with or without notice) by the employer or management. Layoffs are not caused by any fault of the employees but by reasons such as lack of work, cash, or material. Permanent layoff is called redundancy.
To resign/to step down Уйти в оставку to say that you have decided to ​leave your ​job:   The ​prime ​minister announced that she will resign after the next ​election.
To make sb redundant Увольнять to ​lose your ​job because your ​employer no ​longer ​needs you: She was made redundant from the ​company after eight ​years.
Redundancies Увольнения, сокращения работников Elimination of jobs or job categories caused by downsizing, rightsizing, or outsourcing.
To announce redundancies Объявить о сокращениях  
Recruitment agency Кадровое агенство Companies which attempt to match the employment needs of an employer with a worker having the required skill set and interests. Some agencies are privately owned while others are sponsored by government.
Headhunter to headhunt Рекрутер, специалист по подбору персонала, специалист по трудоустройству   заманивать специалистов высоким жалованьем и разными льготами, подбирать высококвалифицированные кадры; "охотиться за талантами" Executive recruitment agency that tracks qualified personnel during their work life, and can quickly and precisely locate a suitable candidate for a specific job requirement.   to look for managers and offer them jobs in other companies
Mentoring Наставничество Employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, or guide to a junior or trainee. The mentor is responsible for providing support to, and feedback on, the individual in his or her charge.
Coaching Наставничество, режим «учитель-ученик» Extending traditional training methods to include focus on (1) an individual's needs and accomplishments, (2) close observation, and (3) impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance.
Harassment Притеснение Repeated or continual conduct that is unwanted by the recipient, and which the perpetrator knows (or ought to know) is annoying or offensive.
Incentive schemes Схемы поощрения Employee motivational program designed to encourage commitment to increasing productivity or in achieving some worthwhile objective such as reducing the number of manhours lost due to accidents.
Remuneration systems Система оплаты труда System of rewards for employment in the form of pay, salary, or wage, including allowances, benefits (such as company car, medical plan, pension plan), bonuses, cash incentives, and monetary value of the noncash incentives.
Downsizing сокращение численности, оптимизация штата, оптимизация части коллектива по средствам увольнения Intentional reduction in the size of a workforce at all staffing levels, to survive a downturn, improve efficiencies, or become a more attractive candidate for acquisition or merger. Used often as a euphemism for indiscriminately firing the employees. See also rationalization.
Delayering Сокращения уровней структуры To reduce the size of a business hierarchy, especially in terms of a reduction in management. This creates a flatter (less layered) organizational structure.
Team morale Боевой дух команды, настрой, настроение в команде, моральное состояние рабочего коллектива Psychological state of a person as expressed in self-confidence, enthusiasm, and/or loyalty to a cause or organization. Morale flows from the people's conviction about the righteousness or worth of their actions and the hopes of high rewards (material or otherwise) in the future.
Severance package Выходное пособие, компенсация при увольнении Compensation package offered to a terminated employees from his/her company. This package may include severance pay, stocks, retirement packages, and other perks. The compensation included in the severance package typically covers a specified time-period unless other details were arranged before termination. Executive severance packages may be referred to as golden parachutes.
Outplacement services Услуги по трудоустройству уволенных, службы консультирования и устройства на работу (в особенности управляющих, потерявших работу в результате сокращения штатов) The process of a company assisting recently terminated employees with searching for other employment opportunities. Some of these companies work with particular outplacement agencies that locate news jobs for the laid off employees. Outplacement services are typically only provided for a certain amount of time and are not required to be offered by the company. Outplacements services are paid for by the downsizing company.
In-house training Подготовка специалистов собственными средствами, курсы повышения квалификации, организованные самой компанией. Аny training that is held in company premises in order to educate, develop or improve employees’ skills. In House Training it does not only include trainings inside the company premises, but trainings that are held in hotel in any place of the world.
Lifetime employment Трудоустройство на всю жизнь The practice, common in Japan since the early 20th century and covering about 20% of the labor force, of (male) workers remaining employed by the same large firm from graduation to retirement. This results from a non-contractual understanding that firms would not lay off workers and workers would not resign.
Employability трудоспособность; трудоустройство, способность к трудоустройству   the ​skills and ​abilities that ​allow you to be ​employed:   There will no ​longer be ​jobs for ​life, but employability for ​life.
To come to mind Прийти на ум  
To cause anxiety and suspicion Вызывать беспокойстово и подоздрение  
To go into Уходить на что-л, требоваться A lot of mental energy goes into worry
Tough conditions Жесткие условия  
Economic downturn Экономический спад Downward shift in an economic cycle, such as from expansion or steady-state to recession. А ​reduction in the ​amount or ​success of something, such as a country's ​economic ​activity:
Recession Рецессия Period of general economic decline, defined usually as a contraction in the GDP for six months (two consecutive quarters) or longer. Marked by high unemployment, stagnant wages, and fall in retail sales, a recession generally does not last longer than one year and is much milder than a depression. Although recessions are considered a normal part of a capitalist economy, there is no unanimity of economists on its causes.
To address the problems заняться проблемой, взяться за решение проблемы, заниматься решением проблемы  
Increased demand for Увеличенный спрос на что-л, возросший спрос на..  
Tried-and-tested method Испытанный метод, проверенный метод  
To range from…to Варьироваться от..до  
To justify Оправдывать  
Scarce resource Ограниченный ресурс  
To be square pegs in round hole Быть не на своем месте, не в своей тарелке a ​person whose ​character makes them ​unsuitable for the ​job or other ​position they are in:   He never ​quite ​fitted in when he was ​working here - he was always a ​bit of a square ​peg.
To plan rigorously Тщательно планировать  
Complex work environment Сложная рабочая атмосфера/обстановка  
Out-of-day HR policies Устаревшая кадровая политика  
To train according to a set pattern Обучать по устроившемуся образцу  
To have an impact on Иметь воздействие на  
Knowledge-intensive industry Наукоемкая индустрия A knowledge-intensive job or industry is one where the workers need a lot of education, skills, and experience in order to work effectively.
To be out of work Быть безработным to not have a ​job:   My ​father was out of work at the ​time, so we ​struggled, ​obviously. an out-of-work ​actor/​manager
To be off work Не работать, не ходить не работу (по причине болезни и т.п.) not working possibly because you are not well or on holiday.
Full-time job Работа с полной рабочей неделей, полными рабочими днями In general, paying job that involves 35 or more (usually 40) hours of work during a week.
Part-time job работа по совместительству, неполная занятость, работа на условиях совместительства, неполный рабочий день Not meeting the requirements or standards of being full-time. Participating in something part-time typically means spending a fraction of time compared to a full-time counterpart. For example, accountants are required to continue their education in accounting, and some accountants opt to enroll part-time in university courses. In this case, they are attending courses half as frequently as their full-time classmates.
Permanent job Постоянная работа Employment on a regular, continuing basis as opposed to temporary employment or employment on a contract basis.
Temporary job Временная работа An employment situation where an employee is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of time. Temporary employees may have the opportunity to achieve permanent employment status after the time period has lapsed, Temporary workers may also be referred to as seasonal employees or temps. Employment term may be based on the completion of a project, the availability of funding, or other circumstances.
Office worker Офисный служащий  
Nine-to-five job работа от звонка до звонка; нормированный рабочий день, рутинная работа в офисе, учреждении стандартно с 09.00 до 17.00 the normal work schedule for most jobs. А normal and routine job. The term is often used to describe boring or unfulfilling jobs.
To work shifts Работать посменно A type of work schedule in which groups of workers rotate through set periods throughout the day, typically performing the same kind of work. Shift work is common in production environments where repetitive tasks are performed, and production takes place around the clock.
To telework Teleworking Работать удаленно, из дома Substitution of telecommunications for transportation in a decentralized and flexible work arrangement which allows part or full time employees to work at home via a computer attached to the employer's data network. Telecommuting is suitable for well defined and well structured routine jobs with clear and fixed goals, and not for complex jobs with fuzzy or fluid objectives requiring personal contact. The term was coined by the US aerospace engineer Jack Nilles in 1973 and popularized by the author Francis Kinsman in his 1987 book 'The Telecommuter.' Called telework in Europe.
To commute to work ездить ежедневно на работу из пригорода в город и обратно (обыкн. по сезонному билету); совершать регулярные поездки на работу в город из пригорода; o travel to work from home each day
Repetitive work Однообразная работа  
To appoint Appointment Назначать (о должности), назначить встречу Должность, встреча  
To qualify as Получить диплом кого-л  
Highly skilled Skilled Semi-skilled unskilled Высококвалифицированный Квалифицированный Со средней квалификацией Неквалифицированный  
Numerate разбирающийся в математике; в точных науках   able to ​add, ​multiply, etc.: Our ​graduates are ​literate and numerate and have very good IT ​skills.
Computer-literate умеющий пользоваться компьютером ​able to use ​computers well
Self-starter, proactive, self-motivated, self-driven Инициативный, активный Good at working in their own
Overtime Overtime pay сверхурочные часы; сверхурочная работа     плата за сверхурочную работу Work performed by an employee or worker in excess of a basic workday (typically 8 hours a day, 5 days a week) as defined by company rules, job contract, statute, or union (collective) agreement.   Additional financial compensation for any hours worked by nonexempt staff over the amount of forty hours per week. A U.S. based business currently owes its eligible staff overtime pay at the rate of one and a half times their usual pay rate, and such extra pay for overtime is delivered at the same time as the employee's regular pay.
Basic salary Базовый оклад, должностной оклад Basic salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Basic salary does not include benefits, bonuses or any other potential compensation from an employer. Basic salary is paid, most frequently, in a bi-weekly paycheck to an exempt or professional employee. In most years, an employee's base salary is paid in 26 even paychecks over the course of the year.
Wages Зарплата (рабочих) Monetary remuneration computed on hourly, daily, weekly, or piece work basis.
Commission Комиссионные Mutually agreed upon, or fixed by custom or law, fee accruing to an agent, broker, or salesperson for facilitating, initiating, and/or executing a commercial transaction.
Benefits package Социальный пакет things such as ​medical ​insurance that ​employees ​receive in ​addition to ​money
Compensation package/remuneration package условия оплаты труда, компенсационный пакет Sum of direct benefits (such as salary, allowances, bonus, commission) and indirect benefits (such as insurance, pension plans, vacations) that an employee receives from an employer.
Performance-related bonuses надбавка к заработной плате в зависимости от производительности, премия, величина которой зависит от качества работы бонус по результатам деятельности A form of additional compensation paid to an employee or department as a reward for achieving specific goals or hitting predetermined targets. A performance bonus is compensation beyond normal wages and is typically awarded after a performance appraisal and analysis of projects completed by the employee over a specific period of time
Golden parachute Крупные выплаты руководителям в связи с ликвидацией их должности вследствие увольнения/поглощения их компании другой Substantial benefits given to a top executive (or top executives) in the event that the company is taken over by another firm and the executive is terminated as a result of the merger or takeover. Golden parachutes are contracts given to key executives and can be used as a type of antitakeover measure taken by a firm to discourage an unwanted takeover attempt. Benefits include items such as stock options, cash bonuses, generous severance pay or any combination of these benefits.
Golden handshake Golden parachute vs. golden handshake Большое выходное пособие (служащему, от которого хотят избавиться); денежное вознаграждение с целью побуждения работника к досрочному уходу на пенсию A stipulation in an employment agreement which states that the employer will provide a significant severance package if the employee loses their job. A golden handshake is usually provided to top executives for loss of employment through layoffs, firing or even retirement. Payment can be made several ways, such as cash, or stock options.     A golden parachute is an agreement between a company and an employee that guarantees the employee certain benefits, like monetary compensation or stock options, if employment is terminated. A golden parachute agreement customarily is used as a lure to retain the upper executives of a company. Golden parachute agreements concern investors because company executives are highly compensated already and the agreements do not stipulate that golden parachute compensation be granted based on the successful performance of the executive.   A golden handshake is similar to a golden parachute in that it offers a severance package to an executive when he or she becomes unemployed from a company. While both terms describe severance packages given to executives upon termination of duties, a golden handshake goes further to include the severance packages granted executives upon retirement, too.
Payroll To be on payroll Платежная ведомость, Фонд заработной платы   Быть нанятым компанией, работать на компанию 1. Paysheet which records wage rates, deductions, and net pay 2. Total amount required to pay workers and employees during a week, month or other period.     If someone is on the payroll of a company, they are employed by that company  
Blue collars Рабочие на производстве; синие воротнички  
White collars белые воротнички; ИТР инженерно-технологические работники; служащие; офисный персонал  
To go on strike Бастовать  
To take industrial action Организовать забастовочное движение; коллективный трудовой спор; производственный конфликт Industrial action (Europe, India, South Africa and Australia) or job action (Canada and US) refers collectively to any measure taken by trade unions or other organised labour meant to reduce productivity in a workplace. Quite often it is used and interpreted as a euphemism for strike or mass strike, but the scope is much wider. Industrial action may take place in the context of a labour dispute or may be meant to effect political or social change.
Stoppage/walk-out Прекращение работы, забастовка an occasion when ​employees ​stop ​working because of a disagreement with ​management about ​pay, ​holidays, etc.:   a one-day/24-hour, etc. stoppage The tube ​drivers' two-day stoppage did not cause the ​travel chaos that was feared.
Go-slow снижение темпа работы (вид итальянской забастовки); итальянская забастовка   a ​situation when ​employees ​work more slowly and less ​effectively to show ​management that they are not satisfied with ​pay, ​working ​conditions, etc.: a go-slow/​action/​protest
Overtime ban запрет на сверхурочную работу an order by a trade union which forbids overtime work by its members
To work your way up the career ladder Проложить свой путь по карьерной лестнице  
Bullying Агрессивное поведение, издевательства ​Threatening to ​hurt someone, often ​frightening that ​person into doing something:
Affirmative actions позитивное действие; позитивная дискриминация; политика равных возможностей Employee hiring and promotion policy that takes a proactive approach to removing prejudices against recruiting and promoting minorities, and other under-represented groups of the society.
Dignity at work policy Политика достойного отношения к сотрудникам a set of ​rules to prevent ​employees being badly ​treated at ​work:
Glass ceiling "стеклянный потолок" - препятствие для продвижения по службе в высших эшелонах управления (в силу возвраста, пола, рассовой принадлежности и т.д.)   Invisible but real barrier through which the next stage or level of advancement can be seen, but cannot be reached by a section of qualified and deserving employees. Such barriers exist due to implicit prejudice on the basis of age, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, and/or sex. Although generally illegal, such practices prevalent in most countries.
Trade union профсоюз An organization whose membership consists of workers and union leaders, united to protect and promote their common interests.   The principal purposes of a labor union are to (1) negotiate wages and working condition terms, (2) regulate relations between workers (its members) and the employer, (3) take collective action to enforce the terms of collective bargaining, (4) raise new demands on behalf of its members, and (5) help settle their grievances. A trade union may be: (a) A company union that represents interests of only one company and may not have any connection with other unions. Also called house union, a company union is often a bogus one and generally illegal. (b) A general union that represents workers from several companies in the same industry. Also called industrial union. (c) A craft union that represents skilled workers in a particular field such as carpentry or welding.
It’s down to you Это ваша обязанность  



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