Которую предстояло решить.


Подберите вместо пропусков подходящее по смыслу слово.

1. British scientists invented__________________ way of multiplying and dividing.

* mechanical;



optic- electrical;

2. A new branch of mathematics_______________ was invented in England and Germany independently.



* calculus


3. A young American clerk invented a means of coding_________________ by punched cards.


* data;



4. Soon punched cards were replaced by________________________ terminals.



* keyboard

printer- scanner;

5. Mark I was the first________________ computer that could solve mathematical problems.


* digital;


analog- mechanical

6. J. von Neumann simplified his computer by storing information in a______________ code.



* binary

analytical- numerical;

7. Vacuum tubes could control and______________________ electric signals.


* amplify;



8. The first generation computers were____________________ and often burned out.



* unreliable


9. Computers of the second generation used________________________ which reduced computational time greatly.

* transistors;

integrated circuits;

vacuum tubes

10. Due to_______________ the development of the fourth generation computers became possible.



* microminiaturization


11. I'm tired. I (go) to bed.
* I’ll go
I go
I’d go

I gone

12. It’s late. I think I (take) a taxi.
* will take
shall taken
am take

will taken

13. ____ I (answer) the question?
* Shall
Will am
Shall not

will no

14. We don’t know their address. What (we/do)?
What are we do
What will do we
* What shall we do

what shall do we

15. Our test (not/take) long.
isn’t take
does not take
* will not take
won’t take

16. Everybody in our family (help) _____ Mummy about the house. Dad (walk) ____ the dog, I (water) ____ the flowers, and my brothers (clean) ____ the rooms.

help, walks, water, clean
* helps, walks, water, clean
help, walks, water, cleans

help, walks, water, cleaned

17. ____ Jane Smith (speak) ____ English?
Is... speak * Does... speak
Do... speak Did…. speak

18. ____ Bob (know) what I want?
Bob knows
Do Bob knows
* Does Bob know

Bob did knows


19.They can’t go out because they ____ rain – coats and umbrellas.
have got
aren’t have
* don’t have

is have

20. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we (have lunch) later.
* had lunch
have lunched
had had lunch

had had lunched

21. Now my brother smokes a lot, but he (not/ smoke) before.
hadn’t smoked
* didn’t smoke
not smoked

not smoke

22. The Frasers live in four-room apartment, but last year they (live) in a small house in the country.
were living
did live
* lived


23. I (get) to the market myself last time, but now I don’t remember how to get there.

* got


24. How you (cut) your finger?
How have you cut
How you cutted
* How did you cut

have cut

25. How many flowers _____ in the vase?
is there
* are there
there is
there are

26. _____ there _____ children at school today?
* Were... many
Was... much
Were... Much
Was... many

27. There _____ food in the fridge.
isn`t some
aren`t any
* isn`t any
aren`t some

28. There _____ in the corridor.
isn’t nobody
is nobody
aren’t nobody
are nobody

29. How _____ mice are there in your house?
* many


a lot of

30. There is _____ I want to talk to you about.
* something


31.____ is a nice film on TV this evening. _____ is an American thriller.
* there … it
it … there
it … it

it …she

32. My wife ______ three languages.
cans speak
can speaks
* can speak
cans speaks

33. I’m sorry, I ______ join you on Wednesday.
* can`t
can`t to
don’t can to
don’t can

34. Can you ______ people’s thoughts?
* read

to read

will read

35. Who ______ help me with my homework?
* сan
сans to
сan to

36. He ______ pass the exam.
didn’t can
* couldn’t
couldn’t to

cans not

37. In my youth I ______ 5 miles without stopping.
* could run
could to run
could ran

could running

38. Listen, you must _____ your parents about it immediately.
* tell telling
to tell told

39. No, I ______ do it tomorrow.
* mustn’t no must
don’t must not must

40. She must ______ it.
* remember
to remember


41. ______ study English every day?

Do me must Did we must
* Must we We must

42. She ______ look after her little sister.
has to
* have to
haves to


43. Who ______ there first?
musts go
must goes
* must go
must to go2.

Выберите правильный перевод предложений, содержащих неличные

Формыглагола (Infinitive, Gerund, Participle I, Participle II).

44. That was the machine provided with the necessary facts about the problem to be solved.

Машину обеспечили необходимыми фактами, чтобы она решила


* То была машина, снабженная необходимой информацией о задаче,

которую предстояло решить.

Эту машину обеспечили необходимой информацией о решаемой задаче.

Машину обеспечили необходимыми фактами.

45. The computers designed to use 1C were called third generation computers.

Компьютеры сконструировали для использование ИС и назвали их

третьим поколением.

Компьютеры назывались третьим поколением, потому что в них

использовались ИС.

* Компьютеры, сконструированные, чтобы использовать ИС, назывались


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