внимание на препозитивно-атрибутивные словосочетания.

1. The rain which had persisted through the previous few days

had now cleared up, and the sky was a pale and cloudless blue. Not

an umbrella day. 2. The Prime Minister said he would not let peace

negations be disrupted by the current wave of Islamic suicide bombings.

3. There were rumours of splits in the Cabinet and the Prime

Minister's popularity had reached an all-time low. 4. Thousands of

Chinese-flagged merchant ships now cross the ocean each year, giving

China plenty of justification for increasing naval presence. 5.

Franklin Roosevelt, the Depression-era USA president, once said the

Dominican republic could become the breadbasket of the Caribbean.

6. Taliban militants have used a heat-seeking surface-to-air missile

to attack a Western aircraft over Afghanistan. 7. Sushi chefs yesterday

claimed that a European Union health and safety directive

would ruin the quality of their food. 8. Germany and Britain improve

church attendance over the Christmas period. 9. Industry executives

expect job opportunities for home-based workers to grow

over the next five years. 10. He has already had two kidney transplants:

one from his sister, who made a live donation, and another

from a deceased donor. Neither procedure worked, and so he is back

on the kidney transplant waiting list. 11. Road deaths for the first

quarter of this year have nearly doubled compared with the same

period in 1991. 12. Even now, while the time is running so desperately

short, the Government is afraid of a green backlash to make

firm commitments. 13. A year after the sudden death of sitcom star

John Ritter, his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital where he was treated. 14. The district attorney dropped all

cruelty-to-animals charges for lack of evidence. 15. Teenage violence

is a problem seen everywhere from minor school fights to headline

crime stories. 16. Designers and manufacturers underlined her ability

to mix expensive designer clothes with off-the-peg items, often

from high-street stores. 17. He motioned him to a blue vinylcovered

sofa which along with a wood-pressed coffee table apparently

constituted the conference area of his office. 18. Less memorable

but equally unpopular has been the threat of shutting village

schools in the name of administrative efficiency. 19. His prominent

brown eyes were fixed in an unwavering stare upon Frank's tall elegance.

20. The decline in eurozone labour productivity growth has

come to a halt. 21. George Bush stated that he wanted to abolish

soft-money contributions from corporations and trade unions. 22.

The article rightly concludes that Europe needs more flexible labour-

market laws and more crossborder barking mergers. 23. The

country is not keeping up with demand for computer-graduates. 24.

Edwin smoked cigarettes and Alan was a pipe man. 25. Home shopping

is now very much de rigeur with the cash-rich, time-poor

mothers who make up Boden's target. 26. One man was killed and

another injured in a drive-by shooting in Manchester. 27. In giving

him a crushing parliamentary majority voters are handing him an

exceptionally strong mandate for a tax-cutting, welfare tightening,

business-friendly programme. 28. The two parties, at odds over practically

everything else, were committed at least to a land-for-peace

deal with Syria. 29. 'Fathers' rights' groups complain of an antifather

bias in the family court. 30. All over the rich world, there are

parents who leave the childproof lids off medicines because they

find them so fiddly, and office workers so irritated by self-closing

fire doors that they prop them open. 31. America's intelligence people

say Iran was trying to build the atomic bomb until 2003 but

probably stopped. 32. One of the early successes in the green boom

is Sun Flower; a solar-energy firm, which now has a stockmarket

value of nearly $6 billion. 33. It is important to understand media

consumption within the context of everyday life. 34. Today, thousands

of children are members of households where only one of their

birth parents — usually the mother — lives, and most have only limited

contact with the other non-resident parent, usually the father.

35. The former weather girl has become one of the best-known faces

on British television today. 36. As President of the International Equestrian Federation she is planning to concentrate on some particular

aspects, such as horse care, rider safety, international judging

standards and compliance with regulations.


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