Тренировочный тест для РК 2 по «Иностранному языку» 17-18 уг

1. We must be quick. There is __time.
d) a little


2. Are there ____new students in your group?

b) any


3. His office is ___ the top of the stairs.

a) on


4. He ______ the car at the moment, don’t disturb him, please

a) is repairing


5. There ______a lot of furniture in their house last year.

d) were


6. At seven o’clock last Monday we ____ at the party of the Smith



7. I don't want to read... book. I hate reading.
b) any


8. My parents’ _____is cozy.

a) bedroom


9. Carl lives ___ a wonderful house ____ the center of city.

a) in,in


10. There ____ much snow last winter.

c) was


11. It’s a secret. ____knows about it.

d) Nobody


12. They didn’t write____ at the lesson.

c) anything


13. It ______heavily while I ran for the bus.

b) was raining


14. There ___ some lessons in English next week.

d) wil be


15. Helen is studying English ___university.

b) at


16.We cook in the __.

c) kitchen


17. There ___a new sport complex in a year.

d) will be


18. There is a ___in my study room.

b) desk


19. There ____no place like home.

a) is


20. Julia is very good at languages. She ___four languages very well.

c) speaks


21. There was a big table ___ the middle of the room.

c) in


22. He _____ some new shoes last month.

a) bought


23. I am hungry. Let's eat _____.
d) something


24. There ___ many birds on the roof.

a) are


25. There is some tea ____the shelf in the cupboard.

b) on


26. Rachel is in London at the moment.

____ at the Park Hotel?

a) Is she staying



27. At three o’clock yesterday afternoon Mike and his son ___the dog.

c) were washing


28. Can I have ___ potatoes, please?

b) some


29. My granny is in the kitchen. She ___ cakes.

d) is cooking



30. There ___much snow last winter.

c) was

31.... always go abroad during their summer holidays.
a) they


32. Give... the book, please.
d) me


33. He is an old friend of....
c) ours


34. He washed and dressed....
c) himself


35.... is that man?- Tony Evans.
b) Who


36....... pupils are there in your class?
a) How many


37... is that man?- He is a doctor.
b) What
38... friend made some mistakes in his dictation.
a) My


39. Is... absent somebody
b) anybody


40. I can do it today. I have... free time
e) a lot of


41. If you ever have... problems, let me know.
b) some


42. Did... see this film yesomebody
b) anybhave


43. How... English words do you know?
a) many


44. Don’t worry. We have... time before the train comes in.
e) more


45. These pencils are..., take... if you want.
a) my / it


46. I have lost... pen, may I take...?
c) my / yours


47.... often meet here.
a) We


48. She’ll go there with... husband and... daughter.
a) her / her


49. My elder brother looks like... mother.
b) my


50.... of you knows his address?
b) Which


51. We have very many relatives in... native town.
b) our


52. They can do it....
c) themselves


53. She took off... coat and began to work.
b) her


54. I’ve got no pen to write with. I’ll ask Mary to give me....
b) hers


55. First of all we shall listen to... suggestions, then we shall put forward...
c) their / ours


56. There are more than... books in the library.
a) 2 million


57.The first of June nineteen hundred
a) 01.06. 1900


58. His birthday on... of October.
c) the fourth


59. He moved there some years ago, in 1950.
b) nineteen fifty


60.This famous poet was born on... of October.
c) the twenty third



61. I called Jim too late, he___________.

a) had already left


62.We ____________ in Paris for 12 years before we moved to America

a) had lived

63.We have no classes today our teacher ___________teache

a)has follen


64. And I _______ at least six weeks there in the last year.

a) have spent


65. _____ you_______ to the top of the Empire State building?

were gone up


66. I _________ the ferry to Elis Island either.

a) driven


67.______ you ______ the film?

a) have seen


68. I _______ the Louvre three times.

a) have visited


69. Why ______ you ______ my breakfast before I came back? Were you so hungry?

a) had eaten


70. When John made his mind to sign up for English course, Tom ______ already ____it.

a) had done


71. She __________ a member of our organization for more than 10 years.

a) has been


72. You are the most beautiful woman I _____ even____. Why are you single then?

a) have see


73. She _____ only for half a year for an employer before she was fired.

a) has worked


74. When I went to school I was very scared because I _____ not _____ my previous homework.

a) have done


75. He is the 10th person who _____ me what is the weather today this morning!

a) has asked


76. I’m looking for Kate. Can you tell me where she is at the moment? I don’t she ____just_______.

a) has left


77.____ your mother_____ the table by the time you were back from Canada?

a) had laid


78.I ________ already_______ doing housework.

a) had finished


79. By the time she got home her children______ already____ their homework.

а) had done



80.We _________ working yet.

a) have not started


81. ______ you ______ this film?

a) did see


82. When I saw her last time, she _____ already ____ her hairstyle.

a) had changed


83. Since he ______ with Natalie, he looks happy.

a) has married


84. She ______ not_____ yet.

a) had gone


85.The taxi _____________.

a) had arrived


86. _____ your brother _______ his homework?

a) did do


87. I _______ already home task.

a) have done


88.When _____ you _____ the job?

a) have started


89. _____ you ______ in London for a long time?

a) have lived


90. The audience left after the film_______.

a) had finished


91. Complete the sentence: …you already seen the new film?

a) Have


92. Find the right tense form: I … you for 2 days.

d) haven’t seen


93. Choose the right answer: What countries does Kazakhstan border on?

a) China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.



94. Choose the correct answer: What does the Constitution of Kazakhstan guarantee for all citizens?

d) equal rights and liberty


95. Choose the right form of the Past Perfect: Before she went to London, she … never… such a nice beach.

a) had/seen


96. Choose the right variant: It hasn’t rained … September

e) since


97. Choose the right variant: When did Kazakhstan become independent?

e) 1991


98. Complete the sentence with appropriate auxiliary verb: _____they play tennis after school yesterday?

e) Did


99. Choose the right variant for the negative sentence: This bank of the river isn’t …..that one.

d) so beautiful as


100. Choose the right variant: Is there … strange in what I’m saying?

a) anything



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