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Jour operator are tourist companies which develop and put together tour packages.

Tour operators do market research. They promote their tours and advertise them. Tour operators publish colourful brochures, booklets and travelogues.

Tour operators, sell tour packages wholesale to travel agencies or sometimes direct to the public.

There are tour operators which also act like travel agencies. They produce and sell their products themselves.

There are independent tour operators. But among tour operators there are major airlines and shipping companies.

There are large tour operators, such as Thomas Cook & Sons Company or American Express Company. Thomas Cook is the oldest tour operator in the world.


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Mr and Mrs Bouvier arrive at reception. First mark the sentences (Guest) or (Receptionist). Then put the sentences in order to make the dialogue between the guest and the receptionist. Two have been done for you.

R1 Good evening sir, good evening madam.
  Thank you. Bouvier, yes,... so that's a double room with bath and balcony for three nights.
  Thank you sir, here's your key. It's on the fourth floor, room 401.
  Yes, of course.
  Could you just sign here, please?
  Could you spell that, please?
  Thank you.
  Good evening, we have a reservation, the name's Bouvier.
  That's right.
  I'll call a porter.
  Enjoy your stay.


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Travel agencies are retail tourist companies which work directly with the public. Travel agencies are often called travel shops where customers buy different tourist products.

Travel agencies sell tour operator’s tour packages and individual tourist services. Among tour packages there are inclusive tours, charter inclusive tours and inclusive tours with an excursion. Travel agencies also sell coaching tours and cruising tours.

Travel agencies form groups of tourists who take part in ready-made prepaid tours. They also make individual travel arrangements.

Among separate tourist services there are air tickets, train tickets, boat or ferry tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, sightseeing tours, services of a guide or a guide-interpreter. Travel agencies also offer travel insurances and theatre tickets to their customers.

Travel agencies branch out and have got branches and outlets within a city, a region, a country or all over the world.

There are large travel agencies which, are members of a chain. A chain is a group of agencies which belong to the same company.

In this case they often have the word «Group» in their names, for instance, Barry Martin Group or Blue Heart Travel Group. Usually such travel agencies act as tour operators as well.


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Вставьте пропущенные слова в диалог и переведите его

Seventh floor, spell, sign here, a reservation,six nights, thank you,here's your, single room, your name, call him, good evening, right, would you like, good evening


Receptionist _______________madam.
Guest _______________I have _____________________
Receptionist ___________________ madam.' And _____________________
Guest Wolfington.
Receptionist Could you _____________that, please?
Guest W-O-L-F-I-N-G-T-O-N.
Receptionist ________Mrs Wolfington, yes, a ________ and shower for_________
Guest That's ________
Receptionist Could you just ____________, please?
Guest Yes, of course.
Receptionist Thank you, madam, _______________key. It's room 73 8 on the ___________________
Receptionist ________________a porter?
Guest Yes, please.
Receptionist I’ll just _____________ Enjoy your stay!
Guest Thank you!



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Tourist information offices are also called tourist information centers. Sometimes they are called visitor information centers. There are tourist information offices at major airports, railway stations, hotels, holiday or leisure centers and many tourist attractions.

Tourist information offices have got office clerks who give an advice to customers on car hire, sightseeing and other coach tours, accommodations, flights and so on. The clerks also give city orientations to guests.

Tourist information office clerks answer a lot of phone calls and give information on passports and visas, the Customs and luggage, weather and climate, city public transport and food service.

The office clerks speak foreign languages fluently because they deal with many international travellers.

There are usually racks full of city maps and guide books, booklets and folders, travellogues and timetables, billboards and posters in tourist information offices. Travellers get most of them free of charge.


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