Importance of clean water

Water is as necessary natural resource

Humans need access to clean, safe drinking water in order to live

Poor water quality is a major cause of disease and death in some countries

Water usually needs to be treated before we can drink it

Developing countries often lack the means to treat and supply water to citizens

Developed countries tend to have much better sanitation

Citizens have access to clean tap water

Drinking water is not contaminated by sewage or waste water

The supply of clean water would improve public health in many developing countries


Water supply

Urban life would be impossible without water supply systems

These systems are massive engineering projects

Many professionals are involved in their planning, construction and maintenance

The supply and distribution of water are major concerns

Water is becoming scarce in some countries

Areas that suffer droughts often need to import water

As populations grow, there is more pressure on water supplies

This could lead to a water crisis


Water and politics

The supply of water is also an important political issue

Huge amount of water are needed for agriculture and industry

The irrigation of crops accounts for a large proportions of water use

A water crisis could lead to political conflicts or even wars


Argument: water should be free

Some people believe that water should be free for everyone

Governments should supply water to all homes at no cost

Private companies should not be allowed to profit from this natural resource

Money from taxes can be used to pay for water supply systems


Argument: water should not be free

If water is free, people take it for granted

They do not think about how much water they waste

They leave taps running while washing or brushing their teeth

If we have to pay for water, we will use it more responsibly

Water supply systems are extremely expensive

Investment is needed to maintain and improve them

Private companies may provide a better service than governments

If they provide an efficient service, they will make more money

They will repair leaks to avoid losing money


Bottled Water: Opinions

Some people carry bottles of water wherever they go

For example, they take bottles of water to work or to the gym

They believe that bottled water is healthier than tap water

They also argue that it tastes better

However, other people believe that we should consume less bottled water

Plastic water bottles add to litter and waste problems

Companies should not be able to make a profit from water

It is unethical to make money by selling packaged water

There is no difference in quality between bottled and tap water



Water Scarcity

Water resources around the world are getting scarce.

Discuss the causes and solutions.


Fresh water has a fundamentally beneficial influence on our lives as one cannot imagine life on the Earth without water. Water plays an indispensable role in our daily life as the large proportion of water is used for industrial and farming sectors. Additionally, water resources are drastically decreasing due to unawareness of people as they presume that water is renewable. Both the causes and solutions will be scrutinized in this essay in greater details.

Initially, deforestation and conventional way of farming are the rudimentary causes of water scarcity. Despite the fact that the increase in world's population acts as a precursor towards diminishing water resources. To illustrate this fact, immense amount of forest are cleared to utilize that land for cultivation and grow more crops to satisfy demand of growing population in current era.

There are several action that an individual or society could take to solve aforementioned problem. Firstly, governments should spread awareness through media such as television and radio about the significance of tress in our lives and encourage citizens to grow more and more tress. Secondly, farmers should adopt new technology such as hybrid seeds to improve the output of crops and also use recycle water for irrigation. Finally, rain water should be stored and used for harvesting and can also for domestic use to mitigate the water waste.

To recapitulate, all the above mentioned it can be stated that awareness in people and advanced technology can only resolve water scarcity dilemma. Admittedly, people need to think wisely and act efficiently to preserve water.

2) What are the causes of water shortages? Please also offer some solutions to this problem.
Give some reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

With the development of international trade, more and more countries have had the scarcity of water sources. This has become the most concerned issue for most nations in the world. From my view-point, there are some reasons to be indicated and some cost-expensive solutions will be suggested to protect water sources.

First of all, industrial zones and poisonous pollutants are the main culprit to contaminate water resources. It is clear that water wastes flow from factories in the industrial zones which make rivers become more and more polluted. This makes a huge contribution to the reduction of clean water resources to meet demands for people’s life. Moreover, chemicals have been originated from households and other human activities to be regarded as a main reason for water pollution. For example, in Vietnam, one a third people who are living in remote areas not being enough water to use due to industrial development making water resources be polluted.

Another reason is that there has been a rapid growth of population in recent years leading to the serious shortages of water resources. It is obvious that overpopulation is an undeniable cause because the more people live on the Earth, the more water there will be. The requirement has become higher than ever before in both cities and mountainous areas. Therefore, water resources are the hotly debated issue between countries at the international conferences.

To my mind, to deal with the shortages of water resources, it is crucial to raise awareness of the people to protect water resources from pollution. What is more, the issue of erecting more dams plays an important role in improving the current scenario because dams will detain the surface of rainwater flowing from the mountains and prevent rainwater straight into the sea. Strict national policies should be adopted to punish those who contaminate water resources to be an effective way to reduce water pollution.

3) A serious problem affecting people right across the globe is lack of water for drinking, washing and other household purpose.

Why do many countries face water shortage, and what could be done to solve the issue?

Water, in present times, has come up as a great issue, with most of the countries across world facing shortage of water. Although in present times, most people do have water, the day when one will have to fight for water are not far.

One of the major reason for the water shortage is, people often tend to waste water. For instance, it is a common sight to see people leaving the tap open while brushing teeth or cleaning face. Even more, some people tend to wash their clothes in river water leaving the water dirty and of little use in later. To solve this problem, the government could bring more awareness among people regarding the importance of water. Even more, the people in their daily routine, must take steps to save water.

Another reason for the scarcity of water is the unequal distribution of water. It has been seen that, the water supply to the minister and other celebrities is more regulated than to the common person. As a result, the poor is often left with no water or very little water for day to day use. The problem could be addressed by supplying more water to the poor, equalising the amount of water among all.

To sum up, although it is clear the world is facing an acute problem, it is undoubtedly possible to start to tackle these issues, and improve the quality of life. Governments and local councils must take the lead in dealing with the issue, otherwise life will only get worse in the future.

4) Water is a natural resource that should always be free. Governments should ban the sale of bottled water.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Here are some opinions that you could use:

· Some people believe that bottled water is healthier than tap water.

· They also argue that it tastes better.

· Other people believe that we should consume less bottled water.

· Plastic water bottles add to litter and waste problems.

· Companies should not be able to make a profit from a natural resource.

· There is no difference in quality between bottled and tap water.

· Governments should ensure that everyone has access to clean tap water.


It is true that water is indispensable element of our life. So, some people argue that government should banish the production of bottled water, and water should be sold freely to every people. Apropos of this statement, I partly accord with this idea. I believe that the usage of water should be taken charge.

There are several reasons why I hold notion that water should not be free. Firstly, everyone knows that the natural resources such as, water, coal, gas, oil, are in dearth, and the usage of these resources have been increased in recent years. Therefore, we should save and consume as per our needs otherwise our future generation might suffer. Secondly, it is imperative that government should take charge in the usage of water as we may understand the growth of natural sources, and use it very carefully. Eventually, if these sources were sold freely, we would now have limited growth of water.

Apart from these, I believe that bottled water should be proscribed. Some may argue that bottled water is healthier and taste better than tap water. However, they do not know the bottles are made from which materials, and it is more dangerous to our health. What is more, plastic water bottles add to litter and augment waste problems in our society. Besides these, plastic is non-biodegradable product so that government should ban plastic bottles.

To put all the aforementioned reasons in a nutshell, I believe that the society would become healthier by prohibiting bottled water. Despite the natural resources, government should charge on the usage of water.


A serious problem affecting countries right across the globe is the lack of water for drinking, washing and other household uses.
Why do many countries face water shortage, and what could be done to alleviate the problem?

In recent decades, water shortage has become an emerging problem which affecting the whole world. There are many reasons for this problem. In this essay, I will explain most of these causes and the ways to tackle them.
One of the most significant reasons is unwise water usage; in other words, many people use excessive water for minor reasons. Take care washing for example, which can be done by a simple wet towel or some people do it by continuous water flow, this method could waste a lot of water. The solution is for the government to increase water charge, especially for extra use. For instance, the UAE set up a different pay scale for the water bill, in order to encourage more people to save water. Another solution can be to bring in law to impose fines on water wastage such washing cars at streets.

Another reason is the increase of population which by turn increases their consumptions. This problem is exaggerated in areas with a low natural water supply such as the UAE. To tackle this problem, the government should invest more on desalination to increase resources for domestic use.

Related to decrease water resources, human activities may play an important role in this situation. For example, there has been recently a political issue between Egypt and Ethiopia due to the intention to build a dam from Ethiopian side which means a huge decline in water resources to Egypt.

To sum up, water lack is an urgent global problem with many reasons contributing to it. Such as water wastage, increase population and human activities. To solve this up growing problem, we should all cooperate with the government in minimizing our usage and saving water.

6) Fresh water has always been a limited resource in some parts of the world. Today, however, growing worldwide demand has made this a global problem.

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