A father’s advice to students, by Stuart Price

Тема урока: Подводим итог семестра. Задание только для должников на понимание текста.

Задание 1. Leaving your family home to go to university is not always easy. Read the advice from a first-year student and her dad to get two points of view on the experience.

Leaving home

Going away to university is always a tricky time, both for the students who are leaving home and their parents who are staying behind. We got advice on how to cope from a student daughter and her dad.

A daughter’s advice to parents, by Kerry Price

My parents drove me to uni at the beginning of the first term. That was great, but then they hung around, so it was hard to chat to the people in the rooms near mine. It’s best if you leave us to unpack ourselves.

Don’t ask us to come home during term time. There’s a lot going on at weekends, there just isn’t time.

Get another interest or a pet if you feel lonely without us. Don’t make us feel guilty about leaving home!

It is quite interesting to hear about your experiences at uni, but remember that it was a LONG time ago so don’t go on about it so much. Things have changed a lot. Now we have a lot more debt and it’ll be harder to find a job in the future.

Please don’t check up on us or our friends on Facebook. I know it’s a public site, but we have the right to some privacy.

Don’t change anything in our bedrooms. We have only half left home - we’ll be back in the holidays, so please don’t touch anything.

We’d still like to come on family holidays with you. Don’t forget to include us just because we’re not there all the time.

A father’s advice to students, by Stuart Price

Don’t complain so much about how much work you have to do. We work a lot too. You’re an adult now, get used to it.

Put up with the fact that we refused to get a dog while you were at home, then suddenly bought one as soon as you moved out. We miss you!

Just because you’re at university studying very complex subjects, it doesn’t mean that you’re more intelligent than everybody else. Don’t treat your family as if they were stupid; we’re really not.

Let us come and visit you now and again. We promise to try not to embarrass you in front of your friends. We just want to see you for a short time and take you out for a meal.

Don’t waste so much time on Facebook. You need time for all that work you have to do, remember?

We might make a few changes to your room, so deal with it. It’s great to have a guest room at last, but we won’t change things too much, promise.

Don’t forget to call home from time to time and don’t get annoyed if we phone you. It’s not pestering. If we didn’t call, you wouldn’t know that we care.

Задание 2. Match the things you need to know when leaving home with their description and write a–e next to the numbers 1–5.

1…….. How to budget

2…….. How to cook

3…….. How to make friends

4…….. How to be professional

5…….. How to be independent.

a. Learn some simple, cheap and healthy recipes to impress your flatmates.

b. Be slightly formal when emailing university lecturers. Don't post anything on social media you wouldn't want employers to see.

c. Plan to minimise debt, pay all the bills, eat and still have enough money for some fun.

d. Take responsibility for yourself. Manage your time and balance your social life with your studies.

e. Relax, be yourself, and don't feel you have to be cool

Задание 3. Circle the best option to complete these sentences.

1. When children leave home to go to university, it's ___.

a. the moment they've been waiting for b. a difficult experience

c. more difficult for parents than for children d. more difficult for children than for parents

2. Kerry says when students first go to uni, parents should ___.

a. give their children a lift and then stay a while b. give them a lift and then leave

c. let their children find their own transport d. help them unpack their things

3. Kerry thinks students should ___.

a. do everything they can to avoid upsetting lonely parents

b. go home regularly while everyone gets used to the change

c. not feel bad about spending weekends in their university town

d. avoid visiting their parents too much during term time

4. Kerry thinks Facebook is ___.

a. a good way to send private messages to family b. a good way to show her parents what she's doing with her friends c. a space that parents should keep away from

d. great for parents as long as you're careful with your privacy settings

5. Stuart thinks students sometimes ___.

a. look down on people who are not studying b. ask for help with their work too much

c. talk about their university subjects too much d. forget that their parents were young once

6. Stuart says parents would like to ___.

a. stay for at least one night when they visit b. meet their son or daughter's university friends

c. come and visit at least once a fortnight d. visit every so often and go to a restaurant together

7. Stuart is ___.

a. hurt that his daughter won't talk to him on Facebook

b. critical of the amount of time his daughter spends on Facebook

c. a big fan of Facebook d. confused about how to use Facebook properly

8. Stuart promises to ___.

a. make only minimal changes to his daughter's bedroom

b. keep his daughter's bedroom exactly as she left it

c. redecorate his daughter's bedroom and turn it into a guest bedroom

d. clean his daughter's old room before she comes back to visit

Задание 4. Complete the gaps with a verb phrase from the box.


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