A typical day in the kitchen of a big restaurant

The staff and its duties

There are ten people on the staff. They can be divided into two groups. One group works in the dining room. They serve the customers. Another group works in the kitchen. They prepare meals for the customers.

The head chef, Anna, comes to work at 10 o’clock in the morning. Anna made a new summer menu with many summer fruits and vegetables. She knows that people do not want heavy meals during hot weather. Anna works all day, often more then 8 hours a day. She plans the menu and manages the staff in the kitchen. She cooks meat dishes and sauces for the main course.

Today is Friday, a very busy day for the restaurant. Anna starts work early at 8 o’clock because she must go to the supermarket to buy fruit and vegetables for the weekend. This is not usually necessary, but the restaurant has recently changed suppliers. Today Anna must buy provisions herself until she finds new good suppliers. She will return to the restaurant at 10 o’clock and will start preparing the evening meals.

On Fridays, Mr. Black, the manager, prepares the accounts for the suppliers and organizes the work for the next week. Mr. Black’s first task in the morning is to check telephone answering machine. He wants to know about the reservations for the next week.

He manages both the dining room staff and the kitchen staff. He also effectively manages the finances of the restaurant.

The service staff

The waiters who work in the dining room create the atmosphere that determines restaurant’s popularity, so their work is important to the success of the restaurant.

The headwaiter (the maitre d’hôtel), Victor, and the barman, Bob, come to the restaurant before it opens. Victor is a skilled headwaiter. He has many years of experience in this and other restaurants. The main part of his job is to control and to coordinate the work of the staff in the dining room. He also greets the guests when they arrive and shows them their tables.

Bob, the barman, is very experienced in wines and cocktails. He knows a lot of recipes of cocktails and strong drinks.

The waiters in the dining room come half an hour before the opening. First they wash their hands and change into their uniforms. Then they set the tables before the guests arrive.

The three waiters serve several tables covers. Their job is to take the order and to serve the meal to their guests.

One of the waiters, Nancy is very capable and experienced and can help Victor if necessary. The second waiter, Laura, is new to the job, but she has already worked in other restaurants.

The third waiter, Nick, wants to earn some money and travel to Europe to get experience in some of the hotel restaurants in European cities. He wants to become a headwaiter and restaurant manager one day. He makes his work well and he likes to work with people.

The kitchen staff

The kitchen staff begins their day at three o’clock in the afternoon. The second chef, David, is a very good cook and he is able to make Anna’s work when she is away. David does his work with the help of his apprentice Jim. He makes the pâtés, the ice-cream and desserts. David also prepares the main course meat dishes and then Anna cooks them.

Jim, the apprentice, works two months already, and has learned a lot of things in a short time. Jim thinks that a chef’s job is rather difficult. He is sometimes so tired in the evening that at home he can do nothing but fall into bed. But this work is interesting for him. He cleans cuts and prepares the vegetables and makes fruit salads. He learns to make garnishes and decorations on the dishes. He is happy because David fully trusts him. Today he will make hors d’oeuvres, some of the entrées, main course and dessert dishes.

Mary is the kitchen hand. She works in the kitchen. She must keep the kitchen clean. She helps to slice mushrooms, peel potatoes and wash dishes. Mary’s role is very important at the restaurant. The kitchen is always clean.


3. Give written answers to the questions:

1. Where is “Morris” restaurant located?

2. Is it a big restaurant?

3. What is the design of the restaurant hall?

4. What are the working hours of the restaurant?

5. When is the restaurant closed?

6. How many people are there on the staff?

7. Who is the head chef?

8. When does the head chef come to work?

9. What are the duties of the head chef?

10. What are the duties of the manager?

11. What are the duties of the headwaiter?

12. What are the duties of the waiters?

13. How many waiters are there in the dining room?

14. What are the names of the waiters at “Morris” restaurant?

15. When does the kitchen staff begin their work?

16. What does the second chef do in the kitchen?

17. What does the apprentice do in the kitchen?

18. What are the duties of the kitchen hand?

4. Say it in English:

1. Анна начинает работу раньше потому, что она должна идти на рынок покупать фрукты и овощи.

2. Анна планирует меню и сама работает на кухне.

3. Анна работает более 8 часов в день.

4. Она готовит мясные блюда и соусы.

5. Ресторан недавно сменил поставщиков.

6. Менеджер готовит счета для поставщиков и организует работу официантов и поваров.

7. Официанты создают атмосферу, которая определяет популярность ресторана.

8. Работа официанта важна для успеха ресторана.

9. Метрдотель приветствует гостей, когда они прибывают, и провожает их к столикам.

10. Метрдотель руководит работой персонала в зале.

11. Бармен знает много рецептов коктейлей и напитков.

12. Официанты переодеваются в форменную одежду.

13. Они накрывают столы, прежде чем приходят гости.

14. Официанты обслуживают несколько столов. Они принимают заказы и подают еду гостям.

15. Ученик на кухне чистит, нарезает и готовит овощи и делает фруктовые салаты. Он учится делать гарниры и украшения на блюдах.

16. Сегодня он будет готовить закуски, мясные и десертные блюда.

17. Работник кухни чистит картошку и моет посуду.


2. Read and translate the text:

A typical day in the kitchen of a big restaurant

The staff in the kitchen works as a team and they help each other, although certain jobs are assigned to each person. A fairy typical day would begin as follows.

P.m. – 4.00p.m.

The kitchen staff arrives, changes, and washes their hands.

Anna, the head chef, specifies each person’s tasks.

Mary, the kitchen hand, helps to take out equipment and food needed for preparation and cooking.

Equipment that must be preheated is turned on.

A delivery of fish, prawns and oysters from the fish market has been made, and Anna must check the delivery; then Mary refrigerates it immediately.

A small delivery of fruit and vegetables, which Anna had ordered that morning, also arrives and is checked and placed in cold storage.

Anna’s duties during this hour include the preparation of the Veal Mexicani, Rhubarb Mousse and béarnaise sauce.

David, the second chef, prepares the tomato sauce for the pasta dish. He also makes the pâté and ice-cream.

Jim, the apprentice, prepares the vegetables end the chicken for the evening, and then helps the second chef make the garnishes for the main course dishes and desserts.

Mary prepares cucumbers for the soup, peels and cleans the prawns and the vegetables for David and Jim. She also washes and cut the potatoes.

P.m. – 5.00p.m.

Anna prepares and cooks the lamb dish and places it in the bain-marie. Then she stuffs the canned artichoke hearts with béarnaise sauce and places them on a tray.

David makes the Cucumber Soup, and refrigerates it. He prepares the dressing for the salad. He prepares the fish and also refrigerates it.

Jim assembles the Prawn and Avocado Salad. He then makes the raspberry, apricot and chocolate sauce for the desserts.

Mary assembles the salad (not dressed), then makes toasts. She also helps if work is fallen behind time in a particular area.

P.m. – 6.00p.m.

Bruce and Pierre arrive and begin preparations in the dining room and bar.

Anna cooks the Veal Mexicani.

David prepares the rice and places it in the bain-marie, partly cooks the pasta, cools and drains it. The mousses are unmolded, placed on serving plates and refrigerated. He prepares a batter for any orders of deep-fried battered fish. Jim helps him to prepare the dessert fruits. Pâté and Prawn and Avocado Salad are very popular. Jim prepares and refrigerates 20 pâté dishes and 30 serves of Prawn and Avocado Salad. He whips the cream and puts it in bags in the fridge, then puts the plates to heat into the hot cupboard.

Close to 6.00p.m. Anna puts on the deep fryer.

Waiting staff, Lindel, Nancy, Manuel and Klaus, arrive, change their clothes and wash their hands. Then the head chef tells them the specialties of the day, and any changes to the menu. They taste the new plum-flavoured ice-cream so that they can describe it to the guests. They also check what wines and beverages are available from the bar and if there are any specials. Manuel, who is relatively new, spends a little extra time in the kitchen with Anna, who explains the dishes to him.

Next they check that the settings are correct and that all cutlery and crockery is clean, polished and in good condition.

P.m. – 7.00p.m.

During the meal period the kitchen staff prepares dishes from specific areas of the menu. For example, David is responsible for all the entrée dishes, so that if an order of pasta is placed, he takes a portion of the partly cooked spaghetti and places it in a conical sieve which is immersed in a pot of boiling water kept ready on the stove. While it is heating through, the service plate is prepared and a frying pan containing sauce is placed on the stove. The pasta is drained and placed in the frying pan with the sauce and lightly tossed. It is then turned out onto the service plate. This whole process would only take 3 to 4 minutes. Of course, David would have to coordinate the cooking of all the entrée dishes if more than one order came in from the same table of guests. In this case he would begin with the order that took the longest time to cook or prepare.

Guests begin to arrive, including Mr and Mrs Hobart and party, who have made a reservation for four persons. It is their daughter’s birthday. Pierre generally greets and seats guests as they arrive. Four other bookings have arrived during this time, plus a couple who have not made a reservation, but want a quick meal so that they can be at a nearby theatre by 8.00p.m. All kitchen and dining staff will be extremely busy for the two hours.

P.m. – 8.00p.m.

Eight people who have not made a reservation arrive. Nancy’s whole section is filled with guests and she is very busy, so Pierre has asked Klaus to help Nancy with the table of eight.

At this stage the Hobarts have had their starters, and Manuel is serving their main course meals. Lindel is hurrying to finish one of her tables because they must leave for the theatre in half an hour.

P.m. – 9.00p.m.

There are now 62 people in the restaurant, and 12 more arrive without a reservation. Pierre suggests that one couple have a cocktail at the bar, to allow a table to be reset.

Klaus has to return to his table of six to tell them that only two serves of Veal Mexicani are available and ask them to make another selection.

Bruce has to cut up more fruit garnishes for his special cocktail: the waiters have been suggesting it and it has been surprisingly popular.

Mary is very busy rinsing cutlery and crockery before loading it on the trays, which she feeds through the dishwashing machine.

P.m. – 10.00p.m.

At this stage most of the guests have either finished their meal and are being served coffee, while others are receiving their dessert orders. Some guests are getting ready to leave, and have requested their bill.

The kitchen staff’s workload is starting to lighten because many of the desserts have been prepared already and only have to be served.

P.m. -11.00p.m.

Most guests have finished their meal and are enjoying an after-dinner drink. The kitchen staff have finished, and Mary is cleaning, putting away equipment and washing the last cups and saucers in the dishwasher.

11.00p.m. -11.30p.m.

The empty tables are cleared and reset for the next day.

The laundry is collected by Klaus and placed into begs.

After the last party leaves at 11.15p.m., some of the staff sit down for a drink and talk about the evening. Mary sweeps the floor. At 11.35p.m. staff gets ready to leave.

As the staff leave the security system is turned on, and the doors are locked.



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