A businessman(Businessmen)

A louse(Lice)

A peer…(who attends a debate receives salary in addition to travelling expenses)

A person who leaves for another place without permission.(a runaway)

Adil can’t help [laugh] when he sees you. (laughing)

After the alien spacecraft had hovered over the park for a short while, it vanished. (disappeared)

After.. two days ... about where .. for our holidays, we decided.. anywhere. spending, arguing, to go, not to go

All agree that the Stars and Stripes originated as the result of a resolution offered by the __Committee of the 2nd Continental Congress at Philadelphia and adopted on June 14,1777 Marine

All children in the UK are offered vaccinations against key diseases as part of the national child- immunization schedule. -fill

Although they are both grown in the United States and exported abroad, corn is not native to America and winter wheat…(is either)

Amongst music-lovers in Britain and indeed, in many other countries-the period between…is a time of excitement of anticipation, of great enthusiasm. July and September 21

Angela is …. Good with animals.(amazingly)

Answer the question using the word in brackets: Whose T-shirt is this? (Andy)

It's Andy's.

Answer the question: What are you looking forward to? I'm looking this word up.

Answer the question: Which of the expressions is out of order?(Give him a good lesson)

Are ( …..) clean notebooks?(These)

Are you through ….your work(With)

As If … him I turned and stared into his face.(obeying)

At 11 in _ morning _ weather was fine and we had _ long walk in _ park. (The/the/a/the)

At nine o’clock yesterday morning we … for the bus. Were waiting.

At the General’s funeral we … we would never forget our Commandant (swore)

At Woolworth's first five-and-ten-cent store,... more than a dime. Fill in the gap with the correct variant: No item cost

Axis axes.


Because they have moved away, they hardly never go to the beach anymore (hardly never)

Ben would have studied medicine if he …. To a medical school.(had been admitted)

Bess is used to fly after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade (To fly)

Bob wants the money. Please give …..to him.(It)



Can you help me----- my homework(with)

Choose the necessary form: He said he would rather die than … . surrender.

Choose an antonym to: Attend (to miss classes)

Choose an appropriate preposition. We are proud … our country. (Of)

Choose an appropriate preposition: Cats are afraid … dogs. Of.

Choose one alternative for the underlined word or phrase: What's the time? - It's a quarter to seven.(6:45)

Choose right variant: Who … Phil with his homework?( does help)

Choose the adjective: Change.

Choose the antonym to the word: Work Relax.

Choose the antonym to the word: Slow Fast.

Choose the appropriate form: … with great force the stone reached the opposite bank. Being thrown.

Choose the appropriate form: He is in the habit of … before breakfast. Smoking.

Choose the appropriate form: He wanted the arrangements … early in the month. To be completed.

Choose the appropriate form: He was very sorry … so many lessons just before the exam. To have missed.

Choose the appropriate form: I can’t understand … children like that. Neglecting.

Choose the appropriate form: I’m going to Paris for a meeting next week. I …… come the same day. It depends on how long the meeting goes on. Might.

Choose the appropriate form: It has been raining … lunch time. Since.

Choose the appropriate form: … an orphan at six, he was brought up by a distant relative. Being.

Choose the appropriate form: … the invitation, I felt a sense of relief. Having sent.

Choose the appropriate form: A lot depends on … the mistakes at once. Your pointing out.

Choose the appropriate form: Do you object to … here? Our smoking.

Choose the appropriate form: He seems … something. To be writing.

Choose the appropriate form: I can’t remember my father … of the book. Having talked.

Choose the appropriate form: I don’t remember … him before. Having seen.

Choose the appropriate form: I have known him … three years. For.

Choose the appropriate form: I remembered … the door when I left but I forgot to shut the windows. Having locked.

Choose the appropriate form: I wrote him a friendly letter, … him for his help. Thanking.

Choose the appropriate form: Letters … by my sister are difficult to read. Written.

Choose the appropriate form: Please forgive me … to you. Not writing.

Choose the appropriate form: She does not want … in the rain. To be caught.

Choose the appropriate form: Some people do not like plays … from novels. Taken.

Choose the appropriate form: Stones … into the water go to the bottom. Thrown.

Choose the appropriate form: The answer … from the sellers greatly surprised us. Received.

Choose the appropriate form: There are a lot of nice … in our country. Cities.

Choose the appropriate form: There is … at the door. Anyone.

Choose the appropriate form: There is … to eat. Nothing.

Choose the appropriate form: Those … hats are on the table. Men’s.

Choose the appropriate form: We were interested in … other people, no matter where we met them. Knowing.

Choose the best answer. I have ___ been late for school. Never.

Choose the best word or phrase. Huygens' astronomical observations required an exact means of measuring time, and he was … led in 1656 to invent the pendulum clock(thus)

choose the correct form of the adjective…idea(sensible)

Choose the correct adverbs to complete the sentence: It's a … cheap restaurant and the food is … good.(reasonably, extremely)

Choose the correct answer. He ___ read at the age of four. Could.

Choose the correct answer. peter is … in the class. The tallest

Choose the correct answer. We _______ have dinner in the restaurant. Do not.

Choose the correct answer. __ people don't like rock music. An.

Choose the correct answer. ___ do you get to the University? By bus. How

Choose the correct answer. ____ TV-set is good. His.

Choose the correct answer. ____ you have dinner at this time every evening? Do.

Choose the correct answer. _____ do you go on Sunday? To the library. Where.

Choose the correct answer. ____people don’t like rock music. Some.

Choose the correct answer. Can you help me ___my homework? With

Choose the correct answer. He … the work on time if he uses this updated application. Will finish.

Choose the correct answer. I want to stay ___home this evening.At

Choose the correct answer. Look at ­­­­____ beautiful flowers! Those.

Choose the correct answer. My brother works at an office. He.

Choose the correct answer. My mother ___ my favourite dish tomorrow. Will cook.

Choose the correct answer. She serves people … food and drink. With.

Choose the correct answer. The exams _____ be next month. Will.

Choose the correct answer. They have ___ butter. Some.

Choose the correct answer. Who ___ Jane meet? Did.

Choose the correct answer.He __ the work if you help him.Will finish

Choose the correct answer.I wrote to her but __________ letters never arrived.(The)

Choose the correct answer.Look … this photo … my girlfriend.At\of

Choose the correct answer.Peter is _____ in the class.(The tallest)

Choose the correct answer.Please come … my party …Saturday.To\on

Choose the correct answer.The phone is …the computer.Next to

Choose the correct answer.The train arrives … Rome…4.p.m. In\at

Choose the correct answer: Mr Sandford ... his son is going to London. Says

Choose the correct answer: A pessimist is a person who always expects bad things to …. Happen.

Choose the correct answer:-------- I a doctor?(Am)

Choose the correct answer: Scientists claim that oil pollution is now … cause of death among sea birds. The most common

Choose the correct answer: He promised he would return the book as soon as he …(had read)

Choose the correct answer:She looks ….passangers(After)

Choose the correct article: I think she needs ... vitamins for better recovery. А Choose the correct form of the adverb. Nobody can understand his French as he speaks ... Most fast

Choose the correct form of the article. I live in … Abai Street. One

Choose the correct form of the verb. He … interviewed at the moment. Is being.

Choose the correct form of the verb. I remember .. .to the mountains with my friends when I was a schoolboy. Went.

Choose the correct form of the verb. I saw Mary ... the street. Crossing.

Choose the correct form of the verb. My mother let me ... to the cinema with my friends. Went.

Choose the correct pronoun: Mr. Jones, the broker about ….. I told … has come.(Whom / you)

Choose the correct suffix to form the correct noun from the adjective “weak”( –ness)

Choose the correct variant (I wish I had more help)

Choose the correct variant of prefix: Her shyness was a … advantage in a company.(Dis-)

Choose the correct variant: mice

Choose the correct variant: Do ... know the young man ... name is Patrick? You I whose.

Choose the correct variant: I . . . to meet her in the library today. Am.

Choose the correct variant: I drink … fruit juice. A lot of.

Choose the correct variant: I felt somebody ... ray shoulders. Patting.

Choose the correct variant: We were very tired. We went all the way ... foot. On.

Choose the correct variant: ___, he decided to go to the Far East. When he was graduating to the university

Choose the correct variant: Alice … her mother in London most weekends. Sees

Choose the correct variant: He makes me …. Laugh.

Choose the correct variant: He... for me for 20 minutes at the entrance to the theatre. Waits

Choose the correct variant: How do you usually get to the ... underground station? Nearest.

Choose the correct variant: I cannot excuse you, unless you ... me what the problem is. Speak.

Choose the correct variant: I chanced ... Mary in the street yesterday. To meet.

Choose the correct variant: I don't like her. She always .... Complains.

Choose the correct variant: I had very ... friends at the University. few

Choose the correct variant: I like working with computers. Neither I like.

Choose the correct variant: John is good at tennis but Richard is __ Better.

Choose the correct variant: She … a small girl. Looks like.

Choose the correct variant: The news ... so shocking. Was.

Choose the correct variant: They can't have ­­­­__ more strawberries. I want __ to make jam. any, some

Choose the correct variant: We ... pupils two years ago. Were.

Choose the correct variant: Who... questions? Had been.

Choose the correct variant: Why ... your clothes so dirty? Are.

Choose the correct variant:____ British drink far too much tea (The)

Choose the correct variant:… winter came, the days became shorter.(as)

Choose the correct variant: Adrian takes no interest in clothes. He'll wear …(anything )

Choose the correct variant: California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and------(So does Florida)

Choose the correct variant:Harry didn't think the book was very interest… – ing

Choose the correct variant:I asked him …(Not to go away)

Choose the correct variant:I like working with computers.(So do I)

Choose the correct variant:If it … rain we … to the forest to gather some mushrooms.(does not / will go)

Choose the correct variant:I'm hungry. If only I … a sandwich with me.( had)

Choose the correct variant:Please,add ___more tea in my cup .Some

Choose the correct variant:She asked: “ What is your name?”(She asked what my name was)

Choose the correct variant:Something has gone …with my iron.(wrong)

Choose the correct variant:Walking mountains is sometimes a … trip. Dangerous

Choose the correct verb forms: These little girls ... when their brothers ... with them. Like, play

Choose the correct verb from: There ... a lot of people in the theatre yesterday. Were.

Choose the correct word: She speaks …well.She is a…. Spanish/Spaniard

Choose the equivalent sentence to the following one. Use the right form of the Infinitive: My teacher didn't let me leave early. My teacher forbade me to leave early.)

Choose the necessary form: He … your address and that’s why he doesn’t write to you. May have lost.

Choose the necessary form: He worked hard at school last term but he … hard this term. Hasn’t worked.

Choose the necessary form: I don’t regret … like this and if I had a chance to start again I … a single moment. To live/ wouldn’t change.

Choose the necessary form: My …. hurts me a lot. Tooth.

Choose the necessary form: I … with her words and couldn’t say “no”. was flattered.

Choose the necessary form: I haven’t had a good meal … last Tuesday. Since.

Choose the necessary form: I tried … why I was so late, but she didn’t listen. To explain.

Choose the necessary form: We haven’t … each other … a long time. Seen/for.

Choose the necessary from: He … come to Moscow this summer. May.

Choose the opposite to the given word: Light Dark.

Choose the opposite to: Fast. Slow.

Choose the proper article: Her birthday is on … first day of spring. An.

Choose the proper synonym to the given word: Funny(Jolly)

Choose the right tense –from: What did you do last Tuesday? We … a dictation. Wrote.

Choose the right answer: My watch is …minutes fast(ten)

Choose the right answer:Kazakhstan borders on …(Russian and China)

Choose the right form of plural: Phenomenon. Phenomena.

Choose the right form of the verb be: There … (be) a school here in 1990. Was.

Choose the right form of the verbs: If Dad ... (buy) a new car, we … (go) to the sea-side by car next summer. buys, will go.

Choose the right form of the verbs: If you wore your new suit, you ... smart. Look.

Choose the right form of the verbs:…you…TV? – No, you can turn it off.(Are …whatching)

Choose the right form: She ate (hard) anything because she didn't feel hungry. Hardly.

Choose the right preposition: What do you press your clothes …? With.

Choose the right preposition; The button has come ... my coat. Off

Choose the right synonym to the given word: to arrive To come.

Choose the right synonyms to the underlined words.These methods answer our purpose completely.(Aim)

Choose the right translation:Вам бы лучше остаться дома(You had better stay at home)

Choose the right variant .I’m sorry I had no money with me yesterday. I would have bought

Choose the right variant . If I were out of touch with my friends I should be ashamed of myself

Choose the right variant . You were very kind to that foreigner.Dick.I wish that we could see him

Choose the right variant of a question: You take your tea with toasts or cakes?

Choose the right variant of Plural: Applause

Choose the right variant(If I had been there, too, I could have heard the story myself)

Choose the right variant(If I were in Astana now I would go to see the new production)

Choose the right variant(It was they who told us the news)

Choose the right variant(It’s a pity you can’t come tomorrow. Peter would help you)

Choose the right variant(You were very kind to that foreinger, Dick. I wish that we could see him)

Choose the right variant. If Antony was asking, I would have been able to help.

Choose the right variant: Milk and cows is in the village

Choose the right variant: Almas has got … apple. an

Choose the right variant: Sandy's marks are … than mine. Worse.

Choose the right variant: She is much … than her sister. Younger.

Choose the right variant: Who … Phil with his homework? Helps.

Choose the right variant: According to Ushinsky "life without serious work can neither be worthy nor ... Happy.

Choose the right variant: He comes home very.... Late

Choose the right variant: He prefers coffee … cocoa. To.

Choose the right variant: He will be the first ___ and the last to go. To come.

Choose the right variant: I … with you, but I had to study. Can go

Choose the right variant: I could do it today if I had any free time

Choose the right variant:I would go to see you if I could find time

Choose the right variant: Is John __ Paul? No, I don't think so. Taller than.

Choose the right variant: It would be a good thing if you didn’t smoke

Choose the right variant: John said he was feeling ill. I was feeling pretty bad …. Myself.

Choose the right variant: Many chemicals react... in acid solutions. As quickly as.

Choose the right variant: My brother is in Antalya on vacation, but I wish he ___ here now so that he could help me repair my car. had been

Choose the right variant: Our holiday was too short – the time went…(quickly)

Choose the right variant: She feels very ... today. Bad

Choose the right variant: Some people think Russian is … than English. More difficult.

Choose the right variant: The … sun was hidden by clouds. Risen.

Choose the right variant: The accident was seen by some people ... at a bus stop. waiting

Choose the right variant: There are ... mistakes in my dictation than in yours. Fewer

Choose the right variant: There is ... apple and ... orange on ... plate. The/the/the.

Choose the right variant: What about the weather ? – Well it was fairly…(Good)

Choose the right variant: What.. .in your briefcase? Are there.

Choose the right variant:(I wish I had thought of it before. It’s a good idea)

Choose the right variant:(I would go to see you if I could find time)

Choose the right variant:(I’m so sorry I had no money with me yesterday. I would have bought that dress)

Choose the right variant:(If he were in Moscow next time he would come to see us)

Choose the right variant:(If I had any free time now or tomorrow, I should do the work myself)

Choose the right variant:(If you had left earlier you would have caught the tram)

Choose the right variant:(Why didn’t you phone him yesterday? He would have helped you.)

Choose the right variant:I didn`t like it in the city at first. But now ….here.(I`m used to living)

Choose the right variant:If I … a bird, I …away(Were/ would fly)

Choose the right variant:In your place I … on the immediate arranging of these measures:(Wouldn`t insist)

Choose the right variant:Many chemicals react…in acid solutions(More quickly)

Choose the right variant:Supply the proper degree of comparison. My car is…than yours.(fast)

Choose the right variant:The … produced at our factory in Scotland(goods are)

Choose the right variant:There`s …use in complaining. They probably won`t do anything about it.(little)

Choose the right verb tense: I am sorry but I have no time to discuss this question now

Choose the right word: Has the bell __?rung

Choose the right word: He hasn’t ___any mistakes in his dictation.Made

Choose the right word: Mike ___that his little brother is a very hard-working boy. Says

Choose the right word:On her way home mother usually ..some shopping. Does

Choose the right word:The student spoke English ----- badly that the teacher couldn`t give him tvtn a satisfactory mark.(So )

Choose the sentence with the right word order: (Everybody enjoyed the party very much)

Choose the sentence with the right word order: (He was carrying a black plastic bag)

Choose the sentence with the right word order:(technology is something that we use every day)

Choose the sentence with the right word order:(The new hotel is probably very expensive)

Choose the sentence with an uncountable noun: Though I can not play any musical instrument I like the classical music

Choose the similar word to the underlined one. His name is constantly mentioned in the gossip column. Continuously

Choose the similar words to the underlined words. At the beginning of June the village is really fairy like. In early June

Choose the suffix forming English adjectives : (able)

Choose the suitable answer to the question 'What do you do?' I am a doctor.

Choose the suitable preposition. She used to go shopping … Sunday morning. On.

Choose the suitable preposition:This report is…great value for my scientific research.(of)

Choose the suitable variant. This place gets ... crowded with tourists every summer. more and more

Choose the suitable variant: She looks ... .in her new hat. Nicely

Choose the suitable variant: Tomorrow the day … at home by all the family. Will be spent.

Choose the suitable variant:She looks …. In her new hat(Nice)

Choose the synonym to the following word: to bring(to fetch)

Choose the synonym to the word: to include (to contain)

Choose the word or phrase ,which completes the sentence best:After failing his driving test four times,he finally___trying to pass. Gave up

Choose the word or phrase which completes the sentence best. Mary has never been to London, … she? Didn't.

Choose the word or phrase which completes the sentence best: Congress insisted the present law____. To be enforced.

Choose the word or phrase which completes the sentence best: I got two letters. One was from my father. ____ was from my girlfriend. The other.

Choose the word or phrase which completes the sentence best: My father has lived in Japan … five years. For.

Choose the word or phrase which completes the sentence best: Congress insisted that the present law _____(to be enforced)

Choose the word or phrase, which completes the sentence best: I’ll be on vacation __ next week. -

Choose the word or phrase, which completes the sentence best: I’m really angry ___you! With

Choose the word or phrase, which completes the sentence best:What are you laughing__? At

Choose the world of phrase,which completes the sentence best. My father has lived in Japan …five years.For

Choosethe suitable preposition. Gold is similar … color to brass. In.

Christmas Day is celebrated…(December 25)

Complete the disjunctive question: Paul went to Florida,… he? Did.

Complete the question: Mother is at home,... ? Isn't she.

Complete the sentence They sell a variety of …(Cheeses)

Complete the sentence with an appropriate comparison.He doesn't play golf now … he used to.(as much as)

Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition.I bumped into Tim ….. a dinner I went to the other evening( at)

Complete the sentence. It is important … with the task( for him to cope)

Complete the sentence. Letters have not been sent to our customers …(yet)

Complete the sentence.Had run out of gas, I ______ called the gas station (Would have)

Complete the sentence.I wish you … a doctor.(Were.)

Complete the sentence.I've often …. at this hotel.(Stayed)

Complete the sentence: __ the room! Won't go.

Complete the sentence: __ you seen the new film yet? Have.

Complete the sentence: My colleague ... an extended family. Has.

Complete the sentence: Alison never ______ the radio. Listens to.

Complete the sentence: He began ... plays at an early age. Writing.

Complete the sentence: I … the symphony many times before. Have heard

Complete the sentence: If I had been able to do what I wanted when I was younger,

everything … all right. Was

Complete the sentence: My mother told me … more quietly. To talk

Complete the sentence: My uncle is .... My mother's brother.

Complete the sentence: When you get back, I … painting the front door. Would have finished

Complete the sentence:He had a very bad head-ache and decided to go to the…(Doctor)

Complete the sentence:The money …….. to my bank account.(Has been transferred)

Cornflakes are generally eaten ___ milk. With.

Corpus corpora.

Couldn't you drive a bit …. the carefull

David is away at the moment. I don’t know exactly when he’s coming back, but I’m sure he’ll be back…Monday by


Do I have to get ready now? – Yes, it’s time we (went)

do the sums. Ninety minus twenty is…(seventy)

Do the sums. Twenty nine plus forty one is ... Seventy

Don’t (забудь) your copybook - at home.(leave)

Don’t be late … the lesson(for)

Don’t cry, speak … if you want to tell me something important.(quietly)

Don’t forget to shake the snow __ your coat. (off)

Double agents live in a perpetual state of fear.constant


Eleven thousand nine hundred and fifty-four (11934)


Every evening at 9 o’clock he … his dog for a walk. Takes.

Everyone in the group shook hands with __. (each other)

Everything … well.(Will go)

Excuse me, sir. I’m – stranger here.(A)

Extraordinary abilities in mathematics …in the boy, so he was transfered to the mathematical school.(Had been displayed)


Fill in prepositions. Look - picture - page 25 At, on

Fill in the correct preposition or adverb: I see you are angry … me. With.

Fill in the correct preposition or adverb: When the monitor entered … the classroom the students kept silent. No preposition.

Fill in the gap with the correct variant: Do you smoke? Not now, but I Use to.

Fill in the gap with the correct variant: At Woolworth's first five-and-ten-cent store,... more than a dime. No item cost

Fill in the gap with the correct variant: My neighbour Bill… his car to work every day last year, but now he goes to work by bus. Has left.

Fill in the gap with the correct variant: You ... work hard at your French if you want to pass the exam. Must.

Fill in the gaps with the correct variant:…Giant Ape Man, our biggest and probably one of our first human ancestors, was just about the size of a male gorilla.(It is believed that)

Fill in the noun into the sentence. The official … of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Name)

Fill in: Do you like to lie ___ the sun. in.

Fill in:I shall not go Rome if it___. Rains

Fill in:I shall not got to rome if it____.Rains

Fill in:What do you see… the picture? IN

Find the correct pronoun. There aren't... fruit-trees in the orchard, Any.

Find the correct sentence made from these words: Has, buildings, our, several, institute. Our several institute has building.

Find the correct variant. Bess is used … after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade. (To flying)

Find the correct word:The United Kingdom is a constitutional …(monarchy)

Find the incorrect variant: Bess is used to fly after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade. To fly

Find the incorrect variant:He isn`t driving to the convention in March and neither they are(Neither they are)

Find the noun used mostly in the singular form. (tea)

Find the nouns used only in the plural form:(Scissors, goose, trousers)???

Find the odd word.(Intelligent)

Find the plural form: Cherub.(cherubim)

Find the plural form: Tempo (tempi)

Find the right variant: ... to St. Petersburg he at first went to see the most popular places of interest. Arrive.

Find the synonym to the word "to choose" To select.

Find the uncountable noun. Time.

Form a sentence using these words: (1) They (2) cold (3)wore(4)the (5)warm (6)from (7)clothes(8) themselves (9)to (10) protect 5/2/9/7/1/3/8/6/4/10

Form a sentence using these words: and (1), his(2), Asanov (3), their (4), friends (5), weekend (6), enjoyed (7), much (8), very (9).(3/1/2/5/7/4/6/9/8)

Form the adjective form the noun ‘care’. (careful)


Genius (fabulous spirits) genii.

Genius (men of talent) geniuses.

George comes ... a good family. from

Give the antonym of the word: busy Free

Give the antonym of the word:Small( large)

Give the antonym: Together Alone.

Give the antonym: Work Relax.

Give the opposite to: Entertaining (adj) (boring)

Give the plural: a city(Cities)

Give the plural: Genius (fabulous spirits)(genii)

Give the right equivalent of the following year 1112. Eleven twelve.

Give the synonym of the word: travelling . Trip

Great Britain and Ireland are separated by the …(Irish sea)

Great Britain is a …(parliamentary monarchy)

Grouse grouse


Have you read the text…. by the students?(Is translating)

He ------ the work if you help him.(Will finish)

He … at 9 o’clock yesterday(Was working)

He … at seven and … breakfast at half past seven every morning. Wakes up, has.

He … for me for 20 minutes at entrance to the theatre (has been waiting)

He … her before he came into the office and now he is very worried.(Had not seen)

He … many companions. Has.

He … the best student of the first course.(is)

He … write this in transcription. Can.

He always feels …. When he comes to his native town (happy)

He and I … many things in common, because we are best friends.(Have)

He behaved very … I think.(selfishly)

He comes home very …….. (late)

He drove (careful) along the narrow road(carefully)

He grew a beard but now he … it off.(Has shaved)

He had a terrible temper …. Everybody liked him.(but)

He had no language problems, … English for a long time.(having studied)

He has been unemployed … he left college.(Since)

He hasn’t … any mistakes in his dictation(made)

He is (тот самый) person we want to see(the very)

He knows English (good) than his sister(better)

He made Ann ………the letter(write)

He made his money…and …houses.(by buying …selling)

He makes me ……(laugh)

He prefers coffee … cocoa. To.

He speaks as if he ….. London himself(had visited)

He splite ----- with his girlfriend last week.(over)

He spoke … and we understood at once that something had happened.Angrily

He thought that the professor … from the University in 1944.(Had graduated)

He took care ____ the flowers ____ the garden. After/in.

He was ..with ... and … goods. charged, receiving, selling, stolen

He was received with respect… he felt awkward. (nevertheless)

He will return from London in June; his sister... ..there another month. will stay

He won’t know what to do … he listens carefully(unless)

He wouldn't have come back if you him. Hadn't called

He’s lazy. He never does … work. Any.

Her husband was told that he was too old to work ….., he was discharged with no pension.(more)

Hie signal was given, and the steamer … slowly from the dock moved

His father is ---- lawyer.(A)

His hair is so wet. He …. A shower.(Has just had)

His involuntary reflexes betrayed his feelings.(uncontrolled)

How do you usually get to the …….. underground station (nearest)

How many languages … you…?(Do,speak)

Hugo talks … he didn’t know me(as though)

Hugo talks ….. he didn’t know me(unless)


I (to know) her all my life and we (to be) friends since childhood. Have known/have been.

I (to speak) to the dean before I went home(had spoken)

I … an interesting job yesterday(Was offered)

I … her birthday and I … how to make it up to her.(completely forgot … just don’t know)

I … to the engineer before I read the article about him in the newspaper.(Had spoken)

I …. Lunch in the cafeteria every day.(Have)

I am not acquainted with Wales customs …… I.(Neither am)

I am right, … ?(Aren’t I)

I asked him __. (not to go away)

I asked the director __ to do it. (whether he would be able)

I can remember … voices in the middle of the night.(hearing)

I can usually remember names and faces…enough time.If given

I can’t run very fast. I smoke …. Too much.

I can't understand. Would you ask him to speak …? more clearly

I don’t like … mineral … water, I prefer … cup of tea. -/-/a.

I don’t like this fish. It’s not very well cook __. (-ed)

I don’t think he trusted me. He looked at me so (suspicious)(suspiciously)

I enjoy …, but I wouldn`t like …it all my life.(teaching, to do)

I felt her arm … to see if any bones were broken(gently)

I have ____ breakfast at 5 o’clock. My.

I have got … pencils. I can give you.. .(Many, some)

I have not been … to sleep recently(Able)

I have very … time and can’t stay … longer. Little, any.

I just had to take the dog out … of the awful weather(In spite)

I last saw him … down the road towards the shops.(walking)

I like playing volleyball on … beach. a

I like working with computers. (So do I)

I need to buy -----(a loaf of bread)

I really enjoyed the disco. It was great … ?(wasn’t it)

I regret … school at fourteen, it was a big mistake.(To leave)

I saw Mary __the street. (Crossing)

I saw the professor __ the lab. (enter)

I shall go there tomorrow ... I am too busy. until

I shall go there tomorrow … I am too busy.(unless)

I thought that she …. That he….the first place in the chess tournament?(knew, had taken)

I thought I’d reach Dover …two hours(in)

I usually have my holiday __ summer. (In)

I want __ first class tickets for the 9 o’clock train to Edinburgh. (and)

I want to stay --- home this evening.(at)

I was sorry for her… I tried to help her. (so)

I will lend you the book … you will return it on Monday. as

I wouldn’t mind living in England if the weather …better.Were

I___ all the questions since I began working on this test(have answered)

I____ better start saving some money each month for my retirement(had)

I’ll look after the kids…you get back.Until

I’ll never forget ….the president(meeting)

I’m not afraid of … alone at night. Walking.

Identify the part of speech of the underlined pronoun: He scored a goal and we all cheered him.(object)

If I __ a more reliable car, I __ to Spain rather than fly. , Had, would drive

If I were you, I .. that coat. It's much too expensive. Don't buy

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing ….. .(well)

If Benjamin Franklin so hard, he the symbol of America.(Had not worked\ would not have become)

If Dad …(buy) a new car, we ……(go) to the sea-side by car next summer(buys, will go)

If he _ a chance of success, he _ to move to London. (Were to have, would need)

If her alarm-clock had rung, she …on time for work yesterday.(would have been)

If I had known how difficult the job was, I … it. won't have taken

If I hadn’t come along at that moment, Jim __ the one arrested instead of the real thief. (might have been)

If it ------ this weekend, I’ll stay home and watch tv(rains)

If the technology … available, we would be able to expand the business. Would become

If you took more exercises,you …better.would feel

I'll do it.. .you told me as

I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet. I wouldn't sleep if I to bed now. Went.

In … East Anglia , where …. Land is drier and less fertile , the farms are bigger (-, the)

In addition to being head of all…armed services,the Queen is Colonel-in Chief of several regiments and corps in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. Three

In the House of Commons the members sit__.On two of the hall

In the State of Connecticut, there is a city of…..(New Haven)

In two weeks our group … to Rome. Will go.

Insert the necessary pronoun: One of two houses was really nice,… was terrible. The other.

Insert the right modal verb. He ... write this in transcription. Can

Insert the right modal verb: I am sorry … I come in? may.

Is John ___ Paul? No I don’t think so(taller than)

It cannot be denied …the latest discoveries made at the Institute are of great value to medicine.That

It is a secret. Very … people know about it. Few.

It is easy … . He is walking slowly. To catch up with him.

It is easy to -interpret someone's e-mail if its author has poor Grammatik skills. Un-

It was -----early autumn.(an)

It’s high time we….the report for consideration(have submitted)

It's nice … work had finished


Jack’s house is the white one … the end of the street. At.

Jane wanted to get a brooch __ the shape of a horseshoe. (in)

Janet was out of breath because …(she’d been running)

Jill and Ann are good friends. They know … well. Each other.

John has not been able to recall where …(she lived)

John Norton, the chairman of Norton Mining, is away … a business trip. On.


Kyzylorda is a … town than Shimkent(less industrial)


Larry was so absorbed in his novel that he forget about his dinner cooking.Engrossed

Last night police said that they …. The missing girl.(had found)

Last September detectives said that they ... missing girl. were finding

Let …fly to China next week(us)

Let me have a look. I can’t see … . Anything.

Let me tell you how to get ---- our place.(to)

Let’s go to … Petrovs. They are our … new neighbors. The, -.

Let’s meet at nine o’clock if it … convenient for you.(is)

Lions and tigers … in Zoos.(Can be seen)

Look! … their telephone number in the letter.(There is)


Make the right choice: I saw Jack … the concert last Saturday. At.

Make the right choice:….Statue of Liberty was ….gift of…friendship from…France to … United States.(The/a/-/-/the)

Making patchwork … was a popular American folk art. It was practices by the country’s ordinary people.(quilts)

Many great changes …. Place in our country since the World War II.(Have taken)

Margaret’s alarm clock didn’t wake her up this morning …. She left her apartment later than usual, missing the first bus today.(and)

Martha … she would be late for the meeting. She …. She was feeling ill.(told me that ….. said that)

Mary asks her sister: ``Do you like English?``(Mary asks her sister if she likes English)

Mary doesn’t speak very …. .I often have trouble understanding her. Clearly

Mary has never been to London, she? hasn't

Mary went to the skating rink two hours ago … has been skating ever……(and …. since)

Mike … that his little brother is a very hard-working boy.(says)

Most of the old New Year customs take place in Scotland ,beginning with “first-footing”,in which the first person to enter the house in the New Year must be…A dark-haired man

Mr.Sanford___that his son is going to London.Says

My boss smokes …. . A lot.

My brother goes … sports(In for)

My father has lived in Japan----- five years.(for)

My father is not only the town mayor, he runs …., too.(a business)

My favorite songs were ____ the programme. On.

My little sister … to school every day. Goes.

My mother let me … to the cinema with my friends. Go.

My sisters speaks English. Я тоже(so do I)


Nick … a bath when I came.(Was having)

Nick's gone, but he'll return ... an hour. in

No, don't worry. I don't mind … for some time. waiting

Not until the Triassic Period ……..(The first primitive mammals developed)

Now they … an English article.(Are translating)


Odd one out: museum

On … Monday we open at 9 o’clock. -.

On her way home mother usually … some shopping.(does)

On that day the sea was delightful(terrific)

On the first day of each month a few of us ... and play ... bowling. get down, tin-pen

One of .. of the late Middle Ages was Saint Tomas Aquinas, a scholar who studied under Albertus Magnus (The greatest thinkers)

Only on … it started raining, and the rains put out the fires … of the city had burned down.(the fifth day. Three-fourths)

Open your books at page … 53. No article.

Our holiday was …planned. A lot went wrong during it.Badly

Our nephew is very good … maths. At.


Parliament consists of two chambers:(the House of Lords and House of Commons)

Paterson was angry ___ his friend and threw a book at him. with

Paul gave the book to the girl…was waiting for it . Who

Paul said: "I'm feeling ill". Paul said he feels ill

People said he actually ... there but nobody him. lived; had seen

Peter sang … than all the others. older

Please add … more tea in my cup.(Some)

Please forgive me. I didn't mean … you. to be upset

Please, please don’t do anything dangerous``, said his wife.(she begged him not to do anything dangerous)

Please, remember: traffic ….Britain keeps….the left!(in/to)

Point out the number and person of the pronoun: We can do it, if we try. (Plural,1st person)

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts(absolutely)

Put the following sentences into Indirect Speech. ``У тебя усталый вид, Джим``(I told Jim he looked tired)


Quite a lot of people lived ­­­­­____ hand ____ mouth here. From/to.


Regular conferences … at this company every year(Being held)

Robert ….. ill for three weeks. He's still in hospital.(has been)

Robert and Grandpa sometimes spent their time … the beach. On.

Robert and Tom got everything arranged … the excursion. For.


Scott and Tracy have only met once before. They __ know each other. (hardly)

She … Helen when she was walking along the street. Met.

She … letters when you called.(Was writing)

She …… read at the age of five.(Could)

She always ….him since he started working here(has trusted)

She asked my advice ___ subject she should study at university. Off what

She ate __ anything because she didn’t feel hungry. (Hardly)

She dedicated her life to helping the poor. devoted

she feels very …. Today(bad)

She gets up., -than everybody else in house. the earliest

She has been waiting... ..the bus for two hours. for

She hasn’t ____to read in the evening(anything)

She is married ___ a well-known artist. To.

She liked to be alone, … she hated Sundays when everybody was at home.(hence)

She likes living in a warm climate ----?(Doesn’t she)

She lost her umbrella.(What did she lose)

She plays the piano … than anyone else in her class.(better)

She reminded….(me about what I had to do)

She speaks … well. She is a …(Spanish/Spaniard)

She spoke in a low voice but I ..understand what she was saying.(Could)

She spoke very quietly, … nobody could hear a word(so that)

She was born in.... small Kazakh village. a

She was invited to this conference … a specialist in medicine(as)

She went out without ….. money. Any.

She went to the cinema after she ----- had dinner.(Had)

She's a good student: she works … than the others. carefully

Smooth Smooths

Some inspiration is ... for the experiment. really essential

Somebody was waiting: a man who, though ….irregularly , was making quite a speed in my direction(moved)

Sound travels at 330 meters per second…light travels at 300.000 kilometres per second.Whereas

St.Basil’s Cathedral was built ___ 1561 ___ the memory ___ the Victory ___ Kazan. In/ in / of/ over.

Students … do their homework regularly.(Must)

Such a matter a girl can be allowed arrange for herself. (Forbidden)

Suddenly ----------- cloud grew darker.(the)

Sue and Kevin are going to the cinema. Do you want to go with …? Them.

Sue was … in red … in blue dress. She was in a pink one.(Neither….nor)

Supple the correct auxiliary verb. How -----you spend your summer vacations last year?(Did)

Supply the correct tense-form. Have you -------- forgotten a friend’s birthday?(Ever)



Tempo tempi.

Terry has a refreshing ... approach to management. He's much less concerned with theory than with getting things done in the most efficient way possible. larger-than-earth

That was nothing to do with … we are interested in(what)

The ... isn't interested in the finer points of the government's tax policy. They just want to know if they are going to take home more or less pay. man-down-of-the-street

The airplane goes from London to New York City without stops(non-stop)

The boy ___ he is going to stay at home.Says

The boy was forbidden to go out. Younger children … stayed at home.(likewise)

The British national anthem is based on a … century song. It was established as such in … making it the oldest in the world.(17-th; 1745)

The closer you are to the Equator, …. the hotter it gets

The damage from the rain could be…. worse

The director his secretary … the message straight away(to deliver)

The driver of the car was (serious) injured in the accident.(seriously)

The economy of …….. states contains 80% of the World’s well-being(powerfull)

The English language developed from … and is a … language(Anglo-Saxon; Germanic)

The environment is already very bad and it … worse.(Is getting)

The exam was ….we expected(easier than)

The families were told to evacuate their houses immediately….(when the water began to rise)

The famous Westminster Abbey was built by …(Edward the Confessor)

The first inhabitants of Nourth America were…..(Indians and Eskimos)

The first time Mrs. Moffat invited him to watch television with her, Simon declibed. He would rather read, he said……she gave him a book, …. She gave him classics(so…..but)

The football game had been …due to rain(cancelled)

The geographic position of North America, …in the early days of the European settlement(Lying between Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, isolated it.)

The government is doing nothing to help ….(The poor)

The government took these measures … reduce crime.(in order to)

The helicopter took half an hour to see… where Rebecca was but in the end it managed to reach her (exactly)

The job … in the morning paper tomorrow.(Will be advertised)

The librarian asked us ….so much noise(not to make)

The minister was taken ill in Iceland during a short ... on his way back to Canada. stopover

The mother gave her sun a shilling to spend at his discretion(indiscretion)

The name `` Schotland Yard`` originates from the plot of land adjoining Whitehall Palace where, in about the …… -th century, the royalty and nobility of Scotland stayed when visiting the English Court.(14)

The new comers were met with hostility(Enmity)

The new engineer said … he had worked at a factory for five years(that)

The nicknames of ….. are: the Last Frontier and Land of the MidnightSun(Alaska)

The principal congratulated the student on his outstanding display of leadership. (praised)

The red rose was the emblem of the … , the white rose that of the …, the two contending Houses for the English throne in the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485) (Lancastrians; Yorkists;)

The Senate comprises lawmarkers, who serve … terms. Each state, regardless of population, has … senators.(six-year; two)

The signal was given; the steamer … slowly from the dock. moving

The size of the pupil in the eye……..good indicator of a person’s interest, emotion, attitude and though processes(Is a)

The skiers would rather ……. through the mountains than go by bus. Travel by train.

The southern part of Kazakhstan land is…(Mountainous)

The speaker … the members of the government in strong terms(Was criticizing)

The speaker emphasized the need for cooperation in the project that we were about to undertake.Accentuated

The students said… they wanted to go.(that)

The summers here are wet … the winters are very dry(while)

The teacher ___ attendance when I arrived. (was taking)

The teacher begged the students __ to classes the next day. (not to come)

The thoughtless daughter has been stricken with grief …. Her mother died.(since)

The total prodaction of bushels of corn in the United states is .. all other cereal crops combined (more than that of)

The train is standing ... platform 5. at

The view there was wonderful.If I …..camera, I….some photos. Had had/would have taken

The woman was glad to recover her bag __she thought was lost.Which

Their meal consists ___ two courses. Of.

There __ a big supermarket on first floor now. (is)

There is a rich choice ____ dishes. Of.

There is no cottage cheese ___ the dairy today. At.

There was an accident …. the crossroads this morning. At.

There was no one else at the box office. I …. In a queue(didn’t need to wait)

There were many ... in the park. deer's

There___only one Xerox in the department. It’s not enough for 10 officers. (is)

There’s nothing left for him but escape, … ?(Is there)

There’s only … milk left. Please don’t use it all. A little.

These books …. To the library.(Must be returned)

They ___ here for ten years and they don’t want to move. (have lived)

They … a business journal when I came(Were reading)

They are ___ talking. (still)

They are too late to get into the concert now … the doors have already been closed.(because)

They didn’t have enough money to buy milk,___they bought only eggs and bread.So

They directed that the building….(should be pulled down)

They have …. Paper than we have(less)

They informed us that they already … the books by parcel post(Had sent)

They never …to the cinema when they …in the country.(went…lived)

They raised the money simply ... for it. It was easy. by asking

They sell a variety of... cheese's

They wrote because they had to, and…thought only of what they were going to write next.(having written)

Things …. are mightier than things …(seen…heard)

This area has turned ____ a new housing development. Into.

This bank of the river isn't __ that one. so beautiful as

This is a … purse. womans'

This is the … bag. postman's

This is the … place in the park(most beautifull)

This negotiation will be ….(beliavable)

This room (clean) every day?(Is this room cleaned every day)

Those two men … about TV news.(Are speaking)

Today the weather … nice, but yesterday it … cold. Is/was.

Tom ... towards the door. quickly rans

Tom a

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