Будьте внимательны. Выполненные упражнения и домашнее задание присылайте на почту.

Урок № 14 Дата проведения 19.10.20 г.

Тема: Давление со стороны сверстников.

Уважаемые студенты!

Внимательно прочитайте тему и цель урока.

Последовательно выполняйте предложенные задания, предварительно прочитав мой комментарий.

Будьте внимательны. Выполненные упражнения и домашнее задание присылайте на почту.

Возникшие вопросы задавайте по телефону или в ЛС.


Цель урока: Способствовать совершенствованию навыков речевой деятельности (диалогической речи)

Задачи урока:

1. cспособствовать развитию умения отстаивать свою точку зрения;

2. создать условия для развития таких аналитических способностей студентов, как умение анализировать, делать выводы в ситуации давления со стороны сверстников;

3. создать условия для отработки навыков и умений в говорении, восприятии речи на слух.

Ход урока.


I. Организационный момент.

T: Morning everybody. Glad to see all of you in a good spirit and mood at our lesson today. I am sure, you’re ready to use words on the topic together with me, aren’t you?

S1: Of course, we are ready to start.

T: You know quite well what we master at our previous lessons. I’d like you to remind some main topics of it.

S2: As far as I remember we have learnt new words.

S3: We got to know the main aspects of the stress.

S4: Besides, we got acquainted with the most important points of handling with it.

S5: We`ve got some new idioms, as well.

S6: And we have also prepared personal points of view on the statement by Sydney J. Harris as homework.

T: Absolutely. I am sure that you’re really experts and can understand the vocabulary “stress” now, aren’t you? I`d like to remind you that you`ve also worked on the text “Coping with school stress” at home. you`re welcome to give me your home works.(собрать тетради для проверки домашнего задания)

II. Сообщение цели и задач урока.

T: Of course, you`ve got your own ideas about stress situations at school, so, it`s high time to discuss them with each other. So, the basic topic of our lesson today is…

S: ”Peer pressure.” (см. Учебник стр.30 ).

T: According to our theme and the material which is given at the page today we’ll try to do our best to create your dialogue to persuade your partner to feel peer pressure and now how to resist it. That’s why we shall

(Students in turn)

- get to know what it is;

- make the best use of new or appropriate words;

- listen to teenagers talking about peer pressure;

- listen to a model dialogue;

- know how to express feeling.

T: Don`t forget to consult wl2b if needed during the lesson.

III. Фонетическая зарядка.

T: Look at the blackboard and read the words (написать на доске).

persuade - dissuade encourage – discourage insist – resist commit – permit

rough – tough effect – affect

(Students in turn)

IV. Речевая зарядка.

T: Pay attention to the picture at page 30. What is happening? How do the persons feel? Why?

(Students in turn)

Задание для сильных студентов. Describe the picture.

(RNE students in turn).

T: Let`s read the definition and translate it. How does the picture refer to the definition?

(S1, S2)

V. Основное содержание.

Активизация лексики.

упр.2а,b стр. 30

T: Complete the task and check their answers using the Word List, if needed.

(Students in turn)


упр. 3 стр. 30

T: Listen and complete the task. The task is of special interest for RNE, mind it.(приложение 1)

Compare with your partner, (взаимоконтроль) then check using the correct answers. (на доске)

1 D2A3F4E5B

T: With idioms our speech becomes more expressive. Here are some new ones.

упр. 4 стр. 30

T: Complete the idioms. Check in Appendix 3. (самоконтроль)

What do the idioms mean? Are there similar expressions in the Russian language?

(Students in turn)


T: This is the model dialogue. Read the gapped dialogue, then complete the task. (упр. 5 стр. 31)

Now I`ll play the recording for you to check your answers. (самоконтроль)

One of you is welcome to repeat the correct answers.

1 E2A3 C4B5 F6 D

T: Pay attention to the words/phrases in the text that are underlined and read through the

list of meanings. (упр. 7 стр. 31) Ask for help if there are some difficulties with comprehension.

The reading of the dialogue that you`ve make using synonymous words/phrases is expected.


Here are the words/phrases to have them before your eyes. (на доске)

bumped into ― met unexpectedly

the odd one out ― the person who is different from everyone else

It’s no big deal ― it’s nothing to worry about

it’s your loss ― you’ll regret not doing something

suit yourself ― do whatever you want

let them down ― disappoint them

T: Starting making your dialogue on the bases of the situation of peer pressure given in the exercise. Focus on the language box on p.31. Let`s read through the situations. In pairs, complete the task. Prompt and allow each other to play both roles. I`ll monitor the progress around the class, providing any necessary assistance.

T: Perform one for every situation for the class.

(Pairs1-3 in turn)

Подведение итогов (конечный продукт урока)

T: I suppose you are ready to act the dialogues on real situation from your life, aren`t you?

Listen to each other, react properly. After each dialogue everybody is to announce the main idea of the dialogue acted.

(Students in pairs) (Students in turn)

T: What dialogue do you consider to be the best? What dialogue do you think gave the situation might repeat? What dialogue could help personally you? Think about these questions. Answer for yourselves.

Домашнее задание.

Р.Т. 13

T: I hope you`ll be successful in resisting peer pressure in real life. The lesson is over. Goodbye.




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