Different forms of transport in big cities

How Food affects our mood?

Key words:

carbohydrates - углеводы

proteins - белки

feel awake and focused – чувствовать себя бодро

relax - расслабляться

energy - энергия

work more efficiently – работать более эффективно

eat out – поесть

eating habits – привычки в еде


I would like to tell you about the food and how it affects our mood. Food is an essential part of our daily life. The food we eat can influenced our body and our mind. It contains nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates.

So, how does food influence our mood? It affects the body is metabolism, hormones that are produced in the brain and these in turn influence our emotions, concentration and energy.

Different products contain different nutrients. We can get lots of vitamins eating fruit and vegetables. The foods to eat to be relaxed. For example pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, almonds etc. The foods to eat to be happy. For example, asparagus, beans, peas, egg yolks, spinach, meat, fish etc.

The food we chose to eat depends on many factors. First and the most important is the taste. If we like the taste of the product, we often eat it. The second factor is its nutritional Value. If the product is healthy and useful for our body, we should add it to our ration. To stay healthy, a person must not only exercise and give up bad habits, but also to carefully watch what he eat.



Are you a spender or a saver?

Key words:

save – спасти

borrow money – занимать деньги

waste money – трата денег

go on sale – поступить в продажу

lend money, mortgage – одолжить денег, ипотека

pay in cash – заплатить наличными

can’t afford – не могут позволить себе

set up a new business – создать новый бизнес


If you know how uch money is in your wallet, sometimes do on sale and keep track of exactly how much you spend and where you spend it yoe are probably a saver or if you waste money to does not important things and can`t imagine life without some new brand clothes, chances are you are a spender.

If you are a saver, good for you. It doesn’t necessarily make you a better person, but you have a great start on managing your personal finances. If you are a spender the only problem is, too much of the good life later, your financial situation, so spender have to learn to exercise some self-control.

I think saving money is good. You try to save money on a certain thing that you need, but sometimes I think you may send money to yourself. Most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle of the saving spending.


Travelling to another countries makes people change their lives for better

Key words:

to be shocked – быть в шоке

to be courious – быть любопытным

deserve something - заслуживают то

set up organization – настроить организацию

to raise money – чтобы собрать деньги

better conditions – лучшие условия

make much progress – сделать большой погресс

to be amazed – быть поражены


From the moment you deside to move abroad, your life turns into a powerful mix of motions. It mean how to learn improvising and dealing with the unexpected. For example: You face new challenges and every simplest thing will be curious, you get to know parts of you that you didn’t know existed, also at the beginning will be shacked cause in your home town was absolutely different. Living abroad, like traveling, makes you realize that “normal” only means socially or cultural accepted. When you plunge into a different culture and society your nation of normality soon go away. You learn there are other ways f doing things. You get to know yourself a little better as well, because you discover that some things you believe in, while others are just a cultural heritage of the society you grew up. Most thing you learn abroad how to survive also sprawl. Which is useful which useless. Everything moves really slowly at the back, in the distance while in front of you life passes by full speed. By those experiences you never repeat wrong decisions as you did before. Than your choice start being easier than before you weren’t even imagined. Suddenly you make much progress and changes in your life by setting up organization if goal ends successfully. If you think about background in your mind will understand what is the being amazed in yourself when you have better condition by raising money.

Different forms of transport in big cities

Key words:

Adventure - приключение

set off - отправляться

public transport - общественный транспорт

get stuck in a traffic jam - застрять в пробке

rush hour - час пик

crush into - раздавить в

get worse - становиться хуже

an exciting journey - увлекательное путешествие

Transportation in Kazakhstan is essential. Vast areas of the country, low population density and remoteness from world markets make possession of a developed transport system vital for Kazakhstan.
The value of rail transport in Kazakhstan is very large.
The length of railways in Kazakhstan more than 15 thousand. Km. 16 butt-rail system connecting points between Kazakhstan and neighboring states. Railway systems of Russia and Kazakhstan are extremely interdependent.
After Kazakhstan are 5 international road routes with a total length of 23 thousand. Km. We have widely used public transport and taxi. With special buses can spend an exciting journey. Especially in big cities are often traffic jams in rush hour.
Due to the large geographic extent Kazakhstan air transport plays a major role, and often there is no alternative. Kazakhstan has 22 large airport. Big value to the industry is the transit cargo and passenger traffic between Europe and Asia. In Kazakhstan is the largest airline «Air Astana».
The length of Kazakhstan waterways open to shipping, is 3982 km.
Kazakhstan across the Caspian Sea is connected with Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. Through a network of rivers and canals of Russia with the Black and Baltic Seas and further to Western Europe. Each year, through the waterways set off many goods
The port of Aktau is the only ice-free seaport of Kazakhstan and strategic point on the international routes.




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