The biggest cheating moments in sport

Key words:

cheating, beat - обман, бить

coach - тренер

referee - судья

spectators - зрителей

to win - побеждать

score - гол

to get injured - получить травму

to touch the ball - касаться мяча

football pitch - футбольное поле

Now, let me tell you about football. Argentina were playing England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. In the52nd minute the Argentinian captain, DiegoMaradona, scored a goal. The English players protested but the referee gave the goal. However, TV cameras showed that Maradonahad scored the goal with his hand! Maradonasaid the next day, 'It was partly the hand of Maradona, and partly the hand of God.'
Later in the game Maradona scored anothergoal and Argentina won 2-1. They went on towin the World Cup.

Cheating in football So, player Khosepa Gvardial which plays in Barcelona famous not only by his graceful football play, but also by acting theater. He felt and clutched his face in the moments when nobody even touched him. It caused a smile at TV viewers.

Can we learn more from failure or success?

Key words:

to be able to - быть способным

succeed in - преуспеть в

give up - сдаваться

incredibly difficult - невероятно сложно

to be disappointed - быть разочарованным

frustrated - разочарование

make the effort - приложить усилия



Many important lessons are learned from failure. After reading this article, the trips you take back to the drawing board will seem shorter and easier, maybe even like a trip to the beach.

We can`t always be winners the first time around. It takes a while to learn, to experiment and to fine-tune. We often get frustrated; we may even entertain giving up because of the idea of failing. But, as the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And the tough sometimes go back to the drawing board several times before getting in right, before they reach their goals and can celebrate their successes.

According to all the legends and story books the principal factor in success is perseverance. Personally, I think there is nothing in it. If anything, the truth lies the other way.

If you can`t do a thing, more or less, the first time you try, you will never do it. Try something else while there is yet time.


Stereotypes about Men and Women

Key words:

Stereotype – стереотип

according to – в соответствии с

to be good at -быть хорошим

range from –диапазон от

in fact –на самом деле

expect –ожидать

relationships -отношения

solve problems – решать проблемы

talkative - разговорчивый

reason - причина

stay at home dad – остаться дома папа

less interested – менее заинтересованы

chat for – чат для

to be interested in – быть заинтересованы в


‘Men are insensitive’, ‘Women are bad drivers’, ‘All women love shopping and gossiping’
How often have we heard these comments in our culture? Some people may feel angry when gender based comments are made, while others may agree to these comments as genuine differences between men and women or some others may just crackle up seeing the lighter side of this battle between them.

Stereotypes about Men:

All men to be interested in cars.

Men are talkative than women.

Men are not nurses, they are doctors

Men do "dirty jobs" such as construction and mechanics; they are not secretaries, teachers, or cosmetologists

Men do not do housework and they are not responsible for taking care of children

Men play video games and play sports

Men enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking

Men are in charge; they are always at the top

As husbands, men tell their wives what to do

Men are lazy and/or messy

Men are good at math

It is always men who work in science, engineering, and other technical fields

Men do not cook, sew, or do crafts

Stereotypes about women:

In fact women are supposed to have "clean jobs" such as secretaries, teachers, and librarians

Women are nurses, not doctors

Women are not as strong as men

Women are supposed to make less money than men

The best women are stay at home moms

Women are not politicians

Women are quieter than men and not meant to speak out

Women are supposed to cook and do housework

Women are responsible for raising children

Women do not have technical skills and are not good at "hands on“ projects such as car repairs

Women are supposed to look pretty

Women love to sing and dance

Women do not play video games

Women are flirts



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