V. Переведите на английский язык.

1. Когда вы закончили школу?

2. Если она придет, я тебе позвоню.

3. Они должны вернуться в понедельник.

4. Он увлекается плаванием.

5. Когда мы пришли, фильм уже начался.

VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. What is the symbol of the Speaker's authority?

a) the mace, b) the woolsack, c) the ribbon, d) the bell.

2. Who presides over the House of Lords?

a) Prime Minister, b) Lord Chancellor, c) Lord Protector, d)the Speaker.

3. What's the name of the British flag?

a) Star-Spangled Banner, b) Stripes and Stars, c) Union Jack, d) John Bull.

4. What London street is famous for shops? a) Oxford Street, b) Fleet Street, c) Lombard Street, d) Charing Cross Road.

5. What was J. Constable?

a) a musician, b) a politician, c) a poet, d) a painter.

Test 3

I. Прочитайте и ответьте на вопросы.

The famous composer Rakhmaninov was also a very good pianist. When he was a small boy he was asked to play at a home party at their friends' place. Though he was only eight he was quite experienced in playing the piano and did it well. At that concert he was to play one of Beethoven's sonatas. It must be mentioned that there are several very long intervals in that sonata. In each of these intervals the boy took his hands off the keyboard and waited. During one of these intervals the old mother of the hostess came up to him and said, "My boy, why don't you play something that you know very well?"


1. Why did the boy stop playing several times?

2. Did the old lady know Beethoven's music well?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

Rakhmaninov was a famous pianist and composer.

III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.

One evening Mr Green (1 — drive) his car along a country road. He (2 — be) to London where he (3 — take) 250 pounds from the bank. He (4 — put) the money in his pocket. At some part of the road a man in shabby clothes (5 — stop) him and (6 — ask) for a lift. Mr Green (7 — tell) him (8 — get) into the car and (9 — continue) his way. He (10 — talk) to the man and (11 — learn) that the man (12 — escape) from prison and thought of his 250 pounds.

Suddenly he (13 — see) a police car and (14 — have) a bright idea. He (15 — begin) to drive the car fast. He (16 — look) back and (17 — see) the police car nearing his car. It soon (18 — overtake) him and he (19 — have to) stop. The policeman, (20 — take) out his notebook and (21 — want) Mr Green's name and address. Mr Green (22 —want) to tell the policeman about the robber sitting behind but the man (23 — take) out a gun and (24 — put) it to Mr Green's back. Mr Green was afraid of (25 — shoot) so he (26 — say) nothing. He only (27 — ask) (28 — take) to the police station but the policeman (29 — say): "You (30 — have to) appear at the police court later." He (31 — give) Mr Green a talk about dangerous driving and (32 — go) away. Then Mr Green (33 — start) up his car again. He (34 — think) his 250 pounds (35 — lose). When they (36 — be) near a small town the robber said to Mr Green: "You (37 — be) good to me. This (38 — be) the least I (39 — can) do in return." And he (40 — hand) Mr Green the policeman's notebook.

IV. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I've just bought ... copy of his latest book.

a) — , b) a, c) the, d) any.

2. ... in my class likes him.

a) All, b) All pupils, c) All the pupils, d) Everyone.

3. Jack left ... Paris last week.

a) in, b) for, c) from, d) to.

4. They... yet.

a) didn't arrive, b) haven't arrived, c) hadn't arrived, d) don't arrive.

5. Turn right... the end of the street.

a) at, b) in, c) to, d) on.

6. Nelly is ... at History than Jane but worse at French.

a) as good, b) not so good, c) better, d) best.

7. A young man asked if we ... students.

a) are, b) were, c) have been, d) shall be.

8. I have asked some friends — for tea.

a) to go, b) to stay, c) to bring, d) to drink.

9. Has he ... you of his decision?

a) talked, b) said, c) told, d) spoke.

10. She made her husband ... the tree.

a) to cut down, b) cut down, c) to have cut down, d) cutting down.

11. When I entered they ... to music.

a) have listened, b) were listened, c) were listening, d) listen.

12. She spoke to ... person at the party.

a) few, b) a few, c) every, d) many.

13. I ... glasses since I was a child.

a) wear, b) am wearing, c) have been wearing, d) was wearing.

14. They took a rest after they ... the yard.

a) had cleaned up, b) were cleaning up, c) would clean up, d) have cleaned up.

15. I knew I'd forgotten ... .

a) somewhere, b) anywhere, c) something, d) anything.

16. You usually have dinner at home, ... ?

a) do you, b) don't you, c) have you, d) haven't you.

17. The police haven't got ... information to catch the robber.

a) some, b) enough, c) another, d) these.

18. I haven't heard ... you.

a) anyone call, b) anyone to call, c) someone call, d) someone to call.

19. The news you've brought ... much better... than last time.

a) is, b) are, c) have been, d) were.

20. I hope I've got ... mistakes in my test today.

a) little, b) less, c) fewer, d) fewest.

V. Переведите на английский язык.

1. Ты знаешь, сколько ему лет?

2. Тебе следует больше заниматься английским.

3. Я думал, что ты знаешь это.

4. В каждом журнале есть что-то интересное.

5. Мы спросили их, купили ли они словарь.


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