B) В каком из предложений глагол to be употреблён в значении “есть”,”являться”?

Контрольные задания тестового характера.

(для студентов очно-заочной и заочной форм обучения)


Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1. The policeman asked me where … .

1. I did live b) lived I c) did I live d) I lived


2. New equipment … by the company.

— has been already ordered; b) was already ordering; c) had already been ordered; d) already ordered.


3. Jack … to Moscow three times.

a) is being; b) has been; c) was; d) had been;


4. The Bank of England … in 1964.

1. was founded; b) founded; c) had been founded; d) is being founded;


5. You work in London, …?

1 isn’t; b)didn’t you; c)don’t you; d)do you;


6. The report … by the end of the next week.

- will finish; b )won’t finish; c) will have been finished; d) was finished;


7. I was sorry that this car … last week..

— was stolen; b)had been stolen; c)is stolen; d)has been stolen;


8. While I was reading the book, my mother … dinner.

a) cooked; b) has cooked; c) was cooking; d)cooks;


9. He would enjoy this if he … present.

a) were; b) is; c) is being; d) will be;


10. How long … studying English?

a) have you; b) have you been ; c) did you; d) do you;


2. Выберите необходимую форму местоимения или артикля.


— As for … I’d like to have a snack.

a)mine; b)me; c)here; d)he;


— That’s a nice dog of …

a) you; b) my; c) your; d) yours;


— I want to buy a new car, …shouldn’t be either an expensive car or a big one.

a) he; b) him; c) its; d) it;


— The man …name I always forget is coming to tea.

a) who; b) whom; c) whose; d) which;


5. I have a TV set … isn’t working.

a) who; b) whom; c) whose; d) which;


6. This book, …I found yesterday, contains some useful information.

A )who; b) whom; c) which; d) whose;


7. Why don’t you clean them …?

a) himself; b) yourself; c) yourselves; d) herself;


8. We study … English language and hope to master it.

a) a; b) an; c) some; d) the;


9. I don’t want to go swimming today. … water is too cold.

a) a; b) an; c) the; d) some;


10. What did you have for … breakfast this morning?

a) an; b) a; c) the; d) some;


3. Прочтите текст, использовав 10 из 15 данных ниже слов. Каждое из 10 слов должно быть использовано 1 раз.


Computers in Business.


A few decades ago people didn’t even hear of computers, and today we can’t even …life without them.

If the motor car industry had progressed at the same rate as computer technology since 1945, a Rolls Royce would now be as cheap as a cinema ticket and more powerful than the world’s fastest trains.

We are already a society in which computers are … available to anyone. They can be used today for practically … from children’s games to space travel.

No business is too small for a computer, with today’s prices computers are available to all businesses.

How can a computer help …? A computer is invaluable … whether your job …finance, correspondence, record keeping, costing or planning.

Computers have … of different users. You can use a system to calculate the … of the employees, … all sorts of information, and keep accounts.

The … of using a computer is in its speed, reliability and capacity for storing large quantities of data.


Слова: involves, wages, popular, imagine, benefit, think, business, to correspond, anything, to store, a variety, limit, aid, widely.



Выберите нужную форму вспомогательного глагола.

3. This plant … reconstructed only five years ago (will be, is, were, was).

4. This country … different automobile makes in ten years. (produces, will produce, producing, produce)

5. … he study engineering?


2.Закончите предложение, соблюдая правила порядка слов в предложении.

— We have …

1. in our country many engineers at present.

2. in our country at present many engineers.

3. many engineers in our country at present.

4. at present in our country many engineers.


2.) Students visited …

— at the plant all the laboratories yesterday.

— all the laboratories at the plant yesterday.

— yesterday at the plant all the laboratories.

— all the laboratories yesterday at the plant.


3. Отметьте английские предложения, эквивалентные данным русским предложениям.

1) В нашей стране много технических университетов.

· This country will have many engineering universities.

· There were many engineering universities in this country.

· There are many engineering universities in this countries.

· Many engineering universities are in this country.

2) В этом здании есть компьютерный центр?

- Is the computer center in this building?

- Is there a computer center in this building?

- Was the computer center in this building?

- Where is the computer center?


Выберите соответствующую форму местоимения.

a) Whose book is this? – it’s … book. I bought it yesterday.

1. mine b)my c)me d)I

b) This is very interesting news. I heard … from my friend.

them b)it c)her d)its


Определите значения глаголов.

A) В каком из предложений глагол to have употреблён в своём основном значении “иметь”?

8 State schools have larger classes than private schools.

9 They have to pay for their education.

10 They have studied this subject and are prepared for their exam.

b) В каком из предложений глагол to be употреблён в значении “есть”,”являться”?

B. He is a school leaver.

C. He is to leave school this year.

D. He is at the college now.

E. He is leaving school this year.



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