Рецепты и меню. Recipes. Menu.

We compose menus for week days and for holidays; we write down and dictate recipes. For recipes we usually list the ingredients in a column, leaving out articles and prepositions, and then order the instructions in formal imperative structures. As a rule we keep a little neat recipe book.

Example: Pumpkin Pie

For the pastry: 150 g wheat meal flour

75 g margarine

pinch salt

1 tsp (teaspoon) caster sugar

1 egg yolk

water to mix

Rub flour and salt and margarine together.

Stir in sugar and mix to a paste with egg yolk and water. Line a 20 cm flan ring.

For the filling: 200 g pumpkin puree

110 g sugar

2 tbs. cinnamon

1 tbs. nutmeg

2 eggs

150 ml milk

2 tbs. brandy

grated rind 1 lemon

Beat pumpkin and sugar and spices. Beat in eggs and milk. Mix in brandy and lemon rind. Pour into pastry case. Bake for one hour in oven at 370 F – gas mark 5 – 190 C.


Task 1 Look through a few recipes and make a list of useful words.

положите   вскипятите   поместите  
смешайте   помойте   оставьте  
вбейте   обсушите   пеките  
налейте   наколите prick жарьте  
добавьте   размешайте   готовьте  
нарежьте на...   раскатайте   остудите  
подогрейте   покройте   удалите remove
нагрейте до кипения   нагрейте повторно   разделите на 2 части  
взвесьте   погрузите dip into разделите split
взбейте   соедините   намажьте  
растопите   почистите   посыпьте toss
тушите steam растворите dissolve натрите grate
мелко порежьте chop finely дайте постоять   не давайте кипеть avoid
заверните   заморозьте   храните  
разбейте   разморозьте defrost подавайте serve
просейте sift Сбрызните, посыпьте sprinkle придайте форму shape into
растолките puree снимите кожу grid украсьте garnish


Task 2 Work in pairs and write an easy recipe for a breakfast


Read the typical example of a menu



1. Soups: Tomato soup $1.00

Fish soup $1.50

Chicken and rice soup $1.50

2. Fish: Fish balls with tomato sauce with rice $4.20

Fried pike $ 4.10

3. Meat: Chicken and pineapple curry with rice $3.80

Steak and chips with salad $4.50

4. Desserts: Ice cream $1.00

Fruit salad $1.20

5. Drinks: Tea with lemon




Project “Menu”

Write a menu for your imagined restaurant. Design a cover, think of prices and of the restaurant’s name. Make a presentation.


Project “My Favourite Recipe”

Write your favourite recipe, decorate it and it will be displayed on the wall. Make a presentation.

Урок 13

SMS сообщения. SMS messages

A message is a spoken or written piece of information that you send to another person. When writing messages, you leave out pronouns, articles, prepositions and sometimes verbs. You can use abbreviations. To make your message sound more formal and neutral use passive forms. Always keep audience in mind to choose the right register.

Task 1 In these messages the verbs and pronouns are missing but you understand them well. Still complete each one by writing the correct word in each blank.

1. Amy, Carlos and Jane _________________all invited. __________________ will all come.

2. Delia ________________ late for the bus.

3. Andy _______ a cold and Wilma __________a sore foot. ________________both absent today.

4. The metro ___________________every three minutes. __________________ usually on time.

Task 2 Write a message for your friend to met you and your mother at some place, on some day, at some time. Write the time in figures.


Task 3 Write a message to your English language teacher asking to excuse your absence. Give your reason. Promise to be ready with your homework for the next lesson.



Task 4 Shorten this message. Sign your own name as a colleague from the office.

Dear Bob Smith,

Your wife’s doctor rang at 9 a. m. from the hospital. He asked you to ring him back as soon as possible. (Make it about 15 words)


Young people very often use SMS messages, sending them to their friends. It is a modern form of communication around the globe from your own mobile telephone. There are a lot of abbreviations in SMS.

Task 5 Match the text message on the left with its ‘translation’ in real English on the right.


Text Translation
1) C U L8R M8 a)As far as I know
2) B4 b)Love you with all my heart
3) AFAIK c)Boring
4) W8 4 ME, I’M L8, SOZ d) Text me back
5) KIT e) Have a nice day
6) RUOK? f) See you later mate
7) LUWAMH g) Keep in touch
8) HAND h) Easy
9) Zzzzzzzzz i) Are you okay?
10) KOTL j) Wait for me, I’m late, sorry
11) TMB k) See you tonight or tomorrow
12) O ME l) By the way
13) EZ m) Before
14) BTW n) Ring me
15) C U 2NITE O 2MORO o) Kiss on the lips



Some other common SMS symbols are:


Y - why

:-) - smiling

:-o - shocked

& - and

hv – have

gr8 – great

@ - at

2day - today


Read the teacher’s SMS to you and write your own:


Y is your phone on? :-o Turn it off &hv a gr8 time & the lesson 2day :-)


Урок 14

Writing consequences


This is a fun activity to create a group story. Each student needs a blank sheet of paper and a pen. If possible, sit in a circle shape to play. Each student adds one stage to the story then folds the paper to cover the information and passes the paper to the student on the right. At each stage, before folding and passing to the student on the right, give these instructions.

1 Write the name of a man. It can be a famous man or a man everyone in the class knows. (Depending on the group, allow them to put the names of class mates)

2 Write the name of a woman. It can be a famous woman or a woman everyone in the class knows. (Depending on the group, allow them to put the names of class mates)

3 Write the name of a place where the two people meet.

4 When they meet, he says something to her. What does he say? Students write what he says to her.

5 She replies to the man. What does she say?

6 What’s the consequence of this encounter? What happens?

7 What’s the opinion of the whole story? What does the world say as a comment?

The end result is a mixed up story that can often be amusing. Read yours as an example of how you want the students to tell the story. Then invite students one by one to unfold their stories and read them to the group. Depending on the level you can encourage use of connectors, reported speech etc.

Jo Budden, British Council, Spain


Урок 15

Описательный абзац.

Descriptive paragraph

A paragraph is a series of sentences developing one main idea or topic. The first line of each paragraph is indented a few spaces to the right of the margin or separated by a double space. A paragraph may consist of a single sentence but usually it has more. They give details and reasons in support of the main statement, which is expressed by the topic sentence.

The topic sentence can appear in any part of the paragraph and it tells the reader what the paragraph is about. It is followed by a well-written body and, finally, by the concluding sentence. It once again reminds of the main topic of the paragraph.


John Glenn is one of America’s first astronauts. He was the first to try to go all the way around the Earth. He rode in the capsule of the spaceship. During flight he could sit up. There was a window in the capsule. He could see the Earth far below. John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth. Many others came after Glenn.

Task 1. Write a paragraph about a famous man. Think of the best place to put the topic sentence.Edit your work:

· Did you capitalize each sentence?

· Did you indent the first line?

· Did you use the right punctuation and spelling?

· Did you formulate your topic sentence well?

· Are all the sentences in your paragraph about one main idea?

· Is your writing clear and easily read?



A simile is a comparison of two different objects using the words ‘like’, ‘as’or ‘as if (example: sly like a fox, bright as a star.)

A metaphor is a comparison of two completely unlike objects without connecting words (example: Morning is a new sheet of paper). It is important to use imagination while writing similes and metaphors. They enrich your language by showing the reader a new, fresh comparison.

Task 2. Read the following descriptive paragraph. Say how Pumpkin looks/feels/sounds. Find the exact words, similes and metaphors.

Pumpkin is the biggest cat I know. She is also the gentlest. She loves people and purrs like a motorboat when she meets you. She is mostly orange, with one big white spot over her left eye and another in the middle of her back. Her coat is soft and smooth, and she always shines as if she had just had a bath.

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