Прочитайте предложение. Укажите номе подчеркнутого фрагмента, в котором допущена ошибка.

РТ 3 этап 2018-2019

Вариант 2

Часть А

Прочитайте текст выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа

For a long time, Western scientists (A1) … anything at all about giant panda. It (A2) … to them in 1869 by the French naturalist, Pere David. And it was first seen in a zoo outside China in 1936. The giant panda (A3) … a bear, but for many years, people thought it was related to the raccoon, a smaller, tree-living animal. But recent studies have shown that, in fact, it is linked to the bear family. In 1930s, the giant panda population suffered because they became very popular in zoos. But now pandas (A4) … by the Chinese Government, and reserves and breeding centres have been established. But the panda (A5) … many threats to its survival. In the last ten years, its population (A6) … sharply. This is partly because areas of its habitat have been taken over by humans, but also because of its preference for eating bamboo. This plant lives for one hundred years, but when it flowers, it dies, and many plants are now flowering. Man (A7) … hard to help this popular animal since it was declared endangered, but its future cannot be guaranteed because we still don’t know about it.

A1 1) weren’t known 2) weren’t knowing 3) didn’t know 4) haven’t known

A2 1) was first described 2) first described 3) was first describing 4) has first described

A3. 1) resembles 2) is resembling 3) will resemble 4) was resembled

A4. 1) protect 2) are protected 3) are protecting 4) have protected

A5. 1) is still faced 2) is still facing 3) still faced 4) has still faced

A6. 1) is dropped 2) dropped 3) is dropping 4) has dropped

A7. 1) is tried 2) is trying 3) has been trying 4) tried

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа

My older brother is about to start a degree course (A8) … cinematography at university. He’s always been interested in cinema and he loves making short films in his spare time so I’m sure he’s going to enjoy it. Nevertheless, he was on the verge of enrolling on something else altogether because my parents thought he should do something more academic. They’d advised him to apply (A9) … a more traditional subject like history or geography because that’s what people did when they were younger. Fortunately for him, his teacher saw things from (A10) different perspective. She thought he’d only succeed at university if he studied something that interested him. Knowing that cinema was his passion, she suggested finding out about what courses were on (A11) … offer and what the selection criteria were. It turned (A12) … that there were several universities offering courses, and he didn’t have to get especially high grades. They were more interested in seeing what projects he had been working on in his free time. In (A13) … the end, he got a place at a prestigious film school in Southampton. But supposing he had followed (A14) … my parents’ advice? He might be about to start a degree in something which didn’t interest him (A15) … all.

A8. 1) for 2) at 3) in 4) on

A9. 1) for 2) to 3) in 4) -

A10. 1) a 2) an 3) the 4) -

A11. 1) a 2) an 3) the 4) -

A12. 1) off 2) in 3) over 4) out

A13. 1) a 2) an 3) the 4) -

A14. 1) with 2) after 3) to 4) -

A15. 1) in 2) at 3) for 4) to

Прочитайте предложения. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

A16. It’s obligatory for you to follow a balanced diet … to stay healthy.

1) so as 2) so that 3) as long as 4) since

Прочитайте предложение. Укажите номе подчеркнутого фрагмента, в котором допущена ошибка.

A17. As (1) clothes has become cheaper (2) people buy more items (3) and throw them away (4) without thinking.

A18. Please tell Ann’s and Mary’s mother(1) that (2) they’ll be late getting home (3) from school (4).

A19. You should stop to go (1), to the biker club (2), because it’s (3) taking up too much (4) of your time.

A20. Appearances can be deceptive (1) she looks (2) about seventeen (3) but I know she’s in her mid-twenty’s (4).

A21. It’s a lot of talk (1) about the effect of technology (2), but I don’t think people have really changed that much (3) in reality (4).

A22. Lee has done lots of money(1) but he is constantly worried (2) that he might lose it (3) one day (4).

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

For me, taking photographs is still a great thrill, even though I’ve been doing it for many years. In the early days, when I produced a photo I was (A23) … with. I just showed it to relatives and friends. Later on, I (A24) … my local photography club’s competition and once or twice got a prize. Taking photographs is now the way I (A25) … my living. I know that seeing a photograph in print is an experience which many photographers would be (A26) … of, and the promise of receiving (A27) …from it is a welcome attraction. When you see the number of books and magazines which are published in Britain (A28) …, you can appreciate what a huge (29) … for photographs there is. While excellent photographs sent off to the right publication have every (30) … of being used there’s no (31) … that you are more likely to (32) … out from the crowd if you also send a short article with them. It’s important to remember that if you don’t try, you won’t succeed.

A23. 1) glad 2) pleased 3) keen 4) interested

A24. 1) applied 2) arrived 3) entered 4) went

A25. 1) gain 2) earn 3) draw 4) win

A26. 1) pleased 2) proud 3) anxious 4) fascinating

A27. 1) fares 2) values 3) fees 4) prices

A28. 1) alone 2) apart 3) away 4) aside

A29. 1) wish 2) request 3) order 4) demand

A30. 1) luck 2) reason 3) chance 4) occasion

A31. 1) fear 2) doubt 3) problem 4) difficulty

A32. 1) go 2) make 3) come 4) stand

A33. Прочитайте диалог. Ответьте на вопрос, следующий после диалога, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

Woman: Do you know that Susan has three exams next week?

Man: I guess that would account for her spending so much time in the library lately.

What does the man about Susan?

1) She’s studying for an accounting exam. 3) She’ll be going to the library after her exams.

2) She’s been working in the library a lot. 4) She has more exams than he does.

A34. Выберите реплику-стимул, подходящую по смыслу к предложенной ответной реплике.

Fancy going to the cinema tonight?

1) You can’t be serious. I can’t stand them. 3) I’m afraid I can’t make it. I have other plans.

2) Got to go. See you tomorrow. 4) I’m afraid so.

A35. Установите соответствия между репликами-стимулами 1-4 и ответными репликами A-E. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. Одна ответная реплика (A-E) является лишней.

1. Will you let me handle it my way? A. None at all.

2. Sorry, I’ve broken your vase. B. Sure, no problem.

3. Is it all right if I came a little later? C. Don’t worry about it.

4. How are things at school? D. I’d rather not.

E. Not too good. I’m afraid.

1) 1B 2E 3D 4A 2) 1B 2D 3A 4C 3) 1D 2C 3B 4E 4) 1D 2E 3A 4C

A36. Расположите реплики так, чтобы получился связный диалог. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

A. Well, you’re welcome to join me. I won’t be going all that fast.

B. Picking up my new bike tomorrow, then taking it out on the road. I want to see how it performs on the hills.

C. OK, I’ll think it over and let you know.

D. What are you up to this weekend, Mark?

E. Fantastic! I need to get out on my bike more at weekends. Cycling a kilometre into town to go shopping isn’t proper exercise.

F. I still wouldn’t be able to keep up with you! But thanks anyway. Perhaps you could suggest some easy rides for me to start with.

1) D A B C E F 2) D B E A F C 3) A E B F C D 4) A D E C F B


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