D. 1.4 Listen to the second call again and complete these phrases.

E. In pairs, discuss which three of the ten tips in the article are the most important



Improving your career


Listen to two people. Debbie and Nikola, discussing Ten Ways to Improve Your Career. Complete the table below with the number of the three tips they consider the most helpful.


  Debbie Nikola
Tip to ___6__________ Tip to ____6_________
Tip to ___1__________ Tip to ____4_________
Tip to ___7__________ Tip to ____7_________


B. Discuss these questions.

1. What do you think is the relationship between Debbie and Nikola? Why?

They know each other well. Although they work in different companies.

2. In your opinion, where are they from, and how old are they?

In your opinion, where are they from, and how old are they?


C. 1.2 Listen to these extracts from the discussion and complete them.

Debbie If you want to move ahead in your career, you also need to evaluate your progress regularly. If you do that, you get a better idea what you’re good at, and also of the areas that you need to work on.


Debbie When a challenge presents itself, you have take it on. If you play it safe all the time, if you just settle into a routine you'll never move ahead in your career.


Nikola If you always do what you've always done, you'll only get what you’ve already got.


D. Look at Nikola's comment in Exercise C. Do you agree with it? Why (not)?

Yes, Because it is not improving and not looking for new opportunities. Unable to make progress.


Language review

Modals 1: ability, requests and offers


Modal verbs are very common In English. Match these functions to the examples: making an offer, describing ability, making a request.

· make requests.

Can you help me?

Could you repeat that, please?

· make an offer

Can I helpyou?

Would you like a drink?

· describe ability.

I can speak French and Spanish. He could speak four languages before he was ten.


A Rearrange the words in 1 to 9 to make questions from a job interview. Then decide whether each question is a) making a request, b) making an offer or c) asking about ability.

1 Can I get you anything? – making an offer
2 Could I confirm your contact details? – making a request
3 Can you use this software package? – asking about ability
4 Can you speak any other languages? – asking about ability
5 Could you tell us more about your present job? –making a request
6 Could you tell me your current salary? – making a request
7 Would you let us know your decision as soon as possible? – making a request
8 When can you start? – asking about ability
9 Would you like some more coffee? – making an offer

B Match the questions in Exercise A with the interviewee's answers below.

a) It's 43thousand. 1 (6)

b) Yes, I use it a lot in my current job. (3)

c) I can let you know next week. (7)

d) Thank you. A coffee, please. (1)

e) Yes, the address is the same, but my e-mail has changed. (2)

f) I'd love some. Thank you. (9)

g) Well, I'm currently responsible for European sales. (5)

h) Yes, I can speak French and Spanish. (4)

i) My notice period is two months. (8)

C Complete these sentences with the appropriate form (positive or negative) of can, could or would.

1 I wouldn’t like to work overtime, even if the pay was very good.

2 I couldn’t speak any foreign languages when I was ten years old.

3 I can use a computer of course, but unfortunately I can’t use spreadsheets. It'ssomething I reallywanttolearn.

4 If possible, I would like to work regular hours.

5 Five years ago, I couldn’t speak English at all.


D Tick the sentences in Exercise С that are true for you. Rewrite the other ones 50 as to make them true. Then discuss your answers in pairs.

I would like to work overtime, especially if the pay was very good, as I’m saving to go on holiday.



A. 1.3. Listen to the first call again. Complete the expressions on the right so they have the same meaning as the ones on the left.


1. Can I talk to ...? I'd…..like ……to…..speak ….to…….
2. Just a moment... Thank you. Hold on.
3. I'll connect you. I´ll put you through.
4. Am I speaking to Carmen Diaz Hello. Is that. Carmen Diaz ?
5. Yes, it's me. Speaking
6. The reason I'm calling is………. Yes, I'm phoning about your advert
7. Can I have your name and address? Could you give me.your name and address?


D. 1.4 Listen to the second call again and complete these phrases.

A) Hello. Could I speak1 to Andrea, please?

B) I’m afraid she's not here at the moment. Can I take a message?

A) Yes, please. This is jacques from Intec you Could you tell her i won't be able to make the training course on Saturday. She can call me back if there´s a problem. I´m on 0191 498 0001.

B) Ок. Thank you. Bye.


E 1.5 Listen to the third call again. Underline each phrase the speaker uses.


Dave Hi, John.Dave here.

John Oh, hello, Dave. How are things? / How are you? 1

Dave Fine, thanks. Listen, just a quick word / quick question.2

John Yeah, go ahead.

Dave Do you think you could give me / let me have3 the fax number for Workplace Solutions? I can't get through to them. Their phone's always busy / engaged.4

John I've got it here / right in front of me.5 . It's 020 7756 4237.

Dave Sorry, I didn't hear / catch6 the last part. Did you say 4227?

John No, it's 4237.

Dave OK. Thanks. Bye.

John No problem. / Don't mention it.7 Bye.


Useful language


Making calls Could I speak to Laurie Thompson, please? Yes, this is Ernesto Badia from KMV. I'm calling about... Could you tell him/her that I rang? Could you ask him/her to call me back?   Receiving calls Who's calling, please? Could you tell me what it's about? I'll put you through. Can you hold? I'm afraid there's no answer. Can I take a message?   Делая звонки Могу я поговорить с Лори Томпсон, пожалуйста? Да, это Эрнесто Бадия из КМВ. Я звоню ... Не могли бы вы рассказать ему, что я позвонил? Не могли бы вы попросить его / ее перезвонить мне?   Прием вызовов Кто звонит, пожалуйста? Не могли бы вы рассказать мне, что это значит? Я вас проведу. Вы можете держать? Боюсь, что ответа нет. Могу я взять сообщение?  



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