Укажите функцию инфинитива в предложении.

Контрольная работа, 2 семестр, ЗФО

1. Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.

1. A new book _______ by that company next year.

a) will publish b) will be published c) is publishing

2. A dog _______ by the small red car.

a) was hitting b) was hit c) is hitting

3. The book _______ by Hardy.

a) wrote b) was written c) was wrote

4. The house _______ by a pop star.

a) bought b) was bought c) have bought

5. I _______ last Friday.

a) arrived b) was arrived c) have arrived

6. Tom _______ his key.

a) has lost b) has been lost c) was lost

7. A cinema is a place where films _______.

a) show b) are shown c) have been shown

8. This situation is serious. Something must _______ before it's too late.

a) do b) be done c) have done

Укажите функцию инфинитива в предложении.

1. To find clothes to your taste is a difficult thing nowadays.

2. She likes to wear beautiful outfits.

3. His intention was to become a designer.

4. She can choose fitting and fashionable clothes.

5. She is pleased to be wearing such comfortable shoes.

6. She is said to look very stylish.

7. I am sorry not to have ironed your suit.

8. It seems to fit you very much.

9. There is not a dress to be fascinated with.

10. Such jacket is said to be out of fashion already.

11. To wear pencil skirts is not in my character.

3. Составьте сложное предложение из двух простых, используя союзы, данные в скобках.

ОБРАЗЕЦ: I’ll wait here. You’ll get back. (until) — I’ll wait here until you get back.

1. Give me a ring. You’ll hear some news. (when)
2. The TV program will end. I’ll do my homework. (after)
3. I’ll go to work. I’ll have a bath. (before)
4. She’ll be in Paris. She’ll visit friends. (when)
5. The lesson will end. I’ll go home. (as soon as)
6. I won’t leave the house. The postman will call. (until)
7. Can you feed the cats? I’ll be away, (when)
8. I’ll tell you about the holiday. I’ll get back. (when)
9. I’ll study English. I’ll speak it perfectly. (until)

4. Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.

1. I would like _______ you and some of my other friends for dinner some time.

a) invite b) inviting c) to invite

2. The conference closed _______ discussing about a dozen reports.

a) by b) after c) before

3. Speaking _______ thinking is like shooting without aim.

a) without b) on c) by

4. As an English proverb says "It's no use _______ over spilt milk."

a) cry b) to cry c) crying

5. Peter, did you remember _______ the door? You are so absent-minded.

a) to lock b) locking c) lock

6. I am not at all sure if Arthur is really interested _______ the truth.

a) in learning b) to learn c) learn

7. How are my goldfish? I hope you didn't forget _______ them.

a) to feed b) feed c) feeding

8. Ben asked to excuse him _______ not being able to get in touch with me.

a) on b) while c) for

9. Lorna intended to help him _______ lending him some money.

a) on b) while c) through

10. Mind your manners! You should wash your hands _______ sitting down to dinner.

a) on b) while c) before

11. I know it's my fault. I'd like to beg your pardon _______ letting you down.

a) by b) for c) on

12. I believe I will still have an opportunity of _______ you to my school buddies.

a) introducing b) to introduce c) being introduced

5. Выберите правильный вариант

1. Greg said that ... a new job.

a) he will need b) he needed c) would he need

2. Tim complained that he ... at four o’clock in the morning.

a) is working b) will be working c) was working

3. He said that he ... that film.

a) had already seen b) has already seen c) was seen

4. Anna explained to me that the hairdresser’s ... down the road.

a) is located b) was located c) locates

5. Charles said that he ... me the following day.

a) would have called b) will call c) would call

6. Bill asked me what ... for dinner the day before.

a) I have made b) I had made c) had I made

7. He said that If I ... Kathrin, she ... me.

a) ask / will help b) have asked / would help c) asked / would help

8. I was worried if ... enough space to buy a new TV set to my room.

a) I would have b) would I have c) I will have

9. Alex wondered if ... for the weekend at his place.

a) his sister will stay b) his sister was going to stay c) his sister is going to stay

10. I wasn’t sure if my purchases ... or not and I didn’t know whom to ask about it.

a) delivered b) had been delivered c) will be delivered

6. Выберите правильный вариант

1. How many bottles did you buy? – I bought ... .

a) fourteenth

b) fourth

c) four

d) fortieth

2. Three and three fourths kilometers

a) 4 3⁄4

b) 3 3⁄4

c) 33 1⁄4

3. There were only ... pupils in the classroom.

a) seventh

b) seventeenth

c) seventies

d) seventeen

4. Show me ... page!

a) the threeth

b) the third

c) threeth

d) three

5. The 3rd of May

a) May the three

b) Threerd of May

c) May the third

6. 5⁄6%

a) Five fifths per cent

b) Fifth sixth per cent

c) Five sixths per cent

7. Your third essay is better than ... .

a) the second

b) second

c) twoth

d) two

8. Open your workbooks on page ... .

a) eleventh

b) eleventies

c) ileven

d) eleven

9) 43.6

a) Forty-three and six tenths

b) Forty-three stop six

c) Forty-three and six

10. The 11th of April 2001

a) The eleven of April two thousand eleven

b) The eleventh of April two thousand and one

c) The eleventh April thousands one

11. 2 1⁄4

a) Two and a half

b) Two and one-four

c) Two and a fourth

12. March is ... month of the year.

a) third

b) three

c) the third

d) the threeth

13. 2286

a) Two thousand two hundred and eighty-six

b) Second thousands two hundred and eighty six

c) Two thousand a two hundred and eighty-six

d) Two thousand two hundred and eight-six

14. Your task is to read ... paragraph at home.

a) nine

b) the ninth

c) ninety

d) the nine

15. Five times five is ... .

a) twenty-fifth

b) twenty-fife

c) twent-five

d) twenty-five


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