Раскройте скобки, поставив прилагательное в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

Зимняя сессия 2015-2016 учебного года

Задания для группы 172

Контрольная работа

Заполните пропуски, используя личные местоимения в косвенном падеже.

Who is that lady? — Why are you looking at __________? Do you know that young handsome man?-Yes, I study with __________. Please, listen to _______. I want to express my point of view. These puppies are so nice! Do you want to look at ______. We like this house. We're going to buy _________. He can't see _______ because we are sitting in the last row. Where are the keys to our flat? I can't find _______. Where is Ann? I want to talk to _________. This snake is poisonous. I'm very afraid of _______. Don't wait for _______ for dinner. I'll return very late at night. He left Polotsk long ago. I haven't seen _______ since. You can fully rely on _______. We won't let you down.


2. Заполните пропуски, используя относительные притяжательные местоименияmy, your, his, her, our or their.

_____ first name is Molly. _____family name is Adamauer. What about you? What's _____ first name? And what's ______ family name? I'm married. You can see _____ husband in the picture. ______ name is Aisek. We've got one son and one daughter. ______ son is 21. _____ name is Nickolas. _______ daughter is 24. ______ name is Emy. Emy is married. _____ husband's name is Bred. Emy and Bred have got two children. ______ names are Kevin and Evi.


3. Заполните пропуски, используя абсолютные притяжательные местоимения

Jason: Whose sunglasses are these?

Kate: They're Amy's, I think. Yes, they're (1) _______.

Paul: Whose baseball cap is this?

Amy: That's (2) ______ too! Thanks.

Kate: Ugh! Whose dirty towel is this?

Jason: Ask Paul. I think it's (3) __________ .

Paul: Yes, it is. Thanks. You've got a great T-shirt, Amy!

Kate: Thanks. I borrowed it from my big sister. So it's (4) __________ really.

Jason: What about this umbrella?

Paul: Don't be silly, Jason! You brought it, so it must be (5) __________.

Kate: Does this beach ball belong to us?

Jason: No, it isn't (6) __________. Those kids over there were looking for a ball, so it's (7) _________ probably.


Выберите правильные притяжательные местоимения.

Is this yours / your daughter? It's theirs / their problem, not our/ours. It's a good idea of your / yours to go to the bar tonight. Are these her / hers shoes? We're going swimming with some friends of our/ours. Is it yours / your article about spiders? -No, it's not my / mine. We know their / theirs address but they don't know our / ours. That's not my / mine wallet. Mine / my is black. His cottage is bigger than her / hers but her / hers is nicer. My / mine parents live in Vitebsk region, and your / yours?

5. Заполните пропуски, используя возвратные местоимения

I am angry with __________. He fell down and hurt __________. Tell me more about __________. She believes in __________. We are sure of __________. They did everything __________. Did you translate the text __________. I saw everything __________. The knife was sharp, and she cut __________. They introduced __________.

6. Заполните пропуски, используя указательные местоимения this, that, these, those. _________ people over there are waiting for the bus The day I first came to London was wonderful. I will remember _______day for ever. ______ summer I'm pretty busy. I'm working as a receptionist _______days. ________ were the days! Do you remember _______ winter when we all went to Egypt? Hello!__________ is Alan. Can I speak to Harry, please? _________ is a new cathedral and _________ one over there was built 900 years ago. Will you come over at five o'clock? I'll be at home at _________ time. The summer of 1999 I spent in the country. I remember we had a lot of rain _______ year. _________ are my sisters. They have just arrived from London. Who was ________ girl I saw you with last night? Do you want to sit on ______chair here or on ________ one over there? _________ sweets you gave me last night were very nice. Look at _______ colourful air balloons in the sky! Clyde and Nancy have decided to buy a house ______ year. _________ trees over there were planted by the pupils of our school ______ buildings just in front of you were erected in the 18th century. Hello, Mrs Swift.________ is Mr Willis from Globe &Co speaking I wish I would have bought ______ woolen sweater last Sunday. You'd better take ________ The others we saw don't match your dress. I couldn't forget_________ beautiful girl I had met in the park. Do you know ________ little boy? He says he has been lost in the shop Can you reach ________ old books on the top shelf?

Раскройте скобки, поставив прилагательное в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

Jill’s a far________ (intelligent) person than my brother. Kate was the_________ (practical) of the family. Greg felt __________ (bad) yesterday than the day before. This wine is the ____________ (good) I’ve ever tasted. Jack was the________ (tall) of the two. Jack is the__________ (clever) of the three brothers. If you need any ___________ (far) information, please contact our head office. The sinking of Titanic is one of _____________ (famous) shipwreck stories of all time. Please, send the books back without_________ (far) delay. The deposits of oil in Russia are by far the __________ (rich) in the world. Could you come a bit _______ (early) tomorrow? I like this song _________ (well) than the previous one. Which of these two performances did you enjoy ________ (much)? The fire was put out _________ (quickly) than we expected.

8.Работа с учебником (Галкина А.А. Английский язык для бакалавров электротехнических специальностей):

1) Chapter I. Unit 1. “Early History of Electricity”, стp. 5-6 – чтение, письменный перевод и пересказ (7-10 предложений). EXERCISES ON THE TEXT, стр. 8-9, упр. I, II, III.

2) Unit 2. “Early Days of Electricity”, стp. 10-13 – чтение, письменный перевод и пересказ (7-10 предложений). VOCABULARY EXERCISES, стр. 14, упр. I, III.

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