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Any violation of copyright regarding yet unpublished texts by J.R.R. Tolkien is unintended. The compiler does not have any access to hitherto unpublished texts. Would it be the case, such texts would not be used in the dictionary. Therefore, this dictionary only contains entries based on published texts, either from direct attestations or based on deductions and conclusions drawn from these texts by careful comparisons.


The editor would like to thank all the persons who made this work possible. This dictionary would not have existed without the efforts of many other peoples. Lisa Star (editor of Tyaliл Tyelelliйva) and Helge Kеre Fauskanger (webmaster of Ardalambion) gave me precious advices and encouragements at the very beginning of the project. David Salo sent me his own lexicons and kindly answered some of my questions about them. Cйdric Fockeu (webmaster of J.R.R. Tolkien en Version Franзaise) offered his technical skill in scripting languages, as well as disk space to host the original on-line search engine. My thanks are also addressed to Ryszard Derdzinski, Dorothea Salo, B. Philip Jonsson, Sйbastien Mallet and the members of the ELFLING mailing-list, for their support during the early phases of this long project; and later to Jim Allan (editor and co-author of An Introduction to Elvish), Bertrand Bellet, Carl Hostetter (editor of Vinyar Tengwar), Per Lindberg (from Mellonath Daeron), Elena Liria, Emanuele Vicentini, Patrick Wynne and all the other members of the Sindarin dictionary discussion group for their contributions and continual feedback, with a special mention for Javier Lorenzo for all the corrections he sent to the mailing-list.

The Dragon Flame application would not have existed without Benjamin Babut. Likewise, this revised edition of the dictionary would not have seen the light without Benjamin's work and enthousiasm for Dragon Flame and its set of related tools. I am also indebt to Sylvain Veyriй and Thomas Deniau for having ported Dragon Flame to other operating systems.

The German translation of this dictionary is based on the initial work of Christian Buzek, with further help and lots of improvements by Florian Dombach (Das Sindarin Lexikon) and other readers. Benjamin Babut and David Giraudeau contributed to the French translation. We also thank Stйphane Landais for all his corrections.

Last but not least, this work is dedicated to Christopher Tolkien and to the Vinyar Tengwar & Parma Eldalamberon editorial staffs, whose efforts to publish J.R.R. Tolkien's linguistic papers have made such a dictionary possible.


This dictionary is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works, extended with etymological notes, phonetics and other information.

Sindarin is the language of the Grey Elves, invented by J.R.R. Tolkien and exemplified in his masterful epic story The Lord of the Rings.

This work aims at being a complete Sindarin and Noldorin dictionary, addressing not only Tolkien's fans wishing to understand the elvish sentences from The Lord of the Rings or to build simple sentences in Sindarin, but also scholars wanting to study Sindarin for what it is: the complex linguistic invention of a philology professor, and also a beautiful piece of art.

The Sindarin dictionary project began on October 23, 1999, and is still under development. By no mean shall this version be regarded as definitive. The editor is all too well aware that the dictionary is not as perfect or complete as it might be. Nevertheless, it seems better to encourage the study of Sindarin by the provision of a working dictionary rather than delay the publication perhaps for years, until the editor's ideals are satisfied — a condition which might never be attained.

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a I (adh/ah/ar before a vowel) conj. and (ar = Exilic, ah = Doriathrin, for adh = see PE/17 for a discussion on this)

a II interj. O! See also ai I

ab- prep.pref. after, later WJ/387

abarad n. tomorrow ‘after day’

abeneth n. nickname, name given after birth ‘after name’

abgen I n. foresight, knowledge of what comes after ‘after seeing’

abgen- IIv. to foresee, to know what comes after

ablad n. prohibition, refusal (with reference to the gesture one makes with the hand)

abonnen pl. ebњnnin n. and adj. 1. born later, born after ○ 2.as a noun, man, one born later than the Elves, a human being. ab-+onnen "after-born"

achprep. but VT/50 See also dan

achad n. neck (properly referring only to the bony vertebral part not including the throat)

achar- v. to avenge. PE/17

acharn n. vengeance. WJ/254, WJ/301

*achas n. dread, fear ← Daerachas WJ/187. This may also be gachas

ad- adv.pref. back, again, re-

ada n. masc. daddy dim. of adar

adab n. building, house

adan n. man, the race of Man

*adanadar n. man, one of the Fathers of Men. MR/373

adanath n. class plural of adan, all of the men

adaneth n. fem. (mortal) woman (of the race of Man) adan+-eth

adar n. masc. father

adbanna- v. to refill (ad- + panna-)

adbed-v. torephrase. PE/17

adel prep. behind, in rear (of)

*adertha- v. to reunite

adesta- v. to rename (ad-+esta-)

adh Iprep. with, by

adh II conj. and. See also a

adlann(N. adlant) adj. sloping, tilted, oblique

adlanna- v. to slope, slant

*adleg- arch.poet.v. to loose, let loose, release

adleitha- v. to release again, re-release Ety/349 see also leithia-

adui adv. again. PE/17 (ad+-ui)

aduial n. the evening, time of star-opening, "evendim" ◇ ad + uial "second twilight"

advоr n. heirloom. PE/17

aear(N. gaear) n. sea

aearon (N. gaearon) n.augm.of aear great sea, ocean

aearvнrn. pearl, 'sea jewel'

¶ ᵲ aebornn. cherry tree

*aeg n. point ← aeglir, aeglos

aegas pl.aegais n. abst. of aeg mountain peak ◇ Ety/349, X/OE

aeglir n. range of mountain peaks ◇ aeg+lоr

aeglos n. 1. snowthorn, a plant like furze (gorse), but larger and with white flowers ○ 2. icicle ◇ aeg+loss

ael pl. aelin n. lake, pool, mere

aen n. conditional particle, changes the verb meaning to which it is attached to ‘would/should’ VT/50

¶ ᵲ aep n. cherry

aer adj. holy ◇ VT/44:21,24

aerlinn n. a holy song, a song about the sea ◇ RGEO/70, X/ND4 ◇

aes n. cooked food, meat

aew n. (small) bird

*aewen adj. of birds

*agar n. blood

agarwaen, agarwen adj. bloodstained ◇ agar+gwaen

aglar n. great glory, brilliance, splendour (probable that this is a- intensive prefix + claur) see also claur

aglareb adj. glorious

aglonn n. defile, pass between high walls

agor adj. narrow

ah prep. and conj. and. seealsoa I

ai I interj. ah!

ai II pron. rel. for those who

aina- v. to hallow, bless (Q Aina-)

aith n. spearpoint

al- Ipref.arch. no, not. see also ъ

al- II adv.pref. well

alae interj. behold!

alag adj. rushing, impetuous

alagos n. storm of wind

albeth n. word of good omen (PE/17)

¶ ᵲ alchor n. temple, shrine

alfirin n. and adj. 1. immortal ○ 2.as a noun, name of a flower, bell-like and running through many soft and gentle colours ○ 3. as a noun, also used for another small white flower ◇ al-+firin

alia- v. cause to prosper, help someone, bless (Q Alya-)

alph pl. eilph n. swan

alu adj. wholesome (PE/17)

alwed adj. prosperous, fortunate (PE/17)

am prep. up, upwards, upon

amar n. earth, the appointed home of Elves and Men

amarth n. fate, doom

amartha- v. to chance, destine, decree PE/17

amarthan adj. fated

amath n.Mil. shield

amben(N.ambenn,ambend) adj. and n. 1. adj. uphill, sloping upwards 2. n. a difficult task (an uphill struggle)

amchalol adj. uplifting (am+halol)

amdir n. hope based on reason ◇ MR/320 ◇ am+tоr "looking up"

amloth n.Mil. flower or floreate device used as crest fixed to the point of a tall helmet ◇ WJ/318 ◇ am+loth "uprising flower"

amlug n. dragon ◇ Ety/349, Ety/370

ammad- v. to devour (Q ammat-)

ammal n. flagstone (Q ambal)

amman interrogative. pron. why? ('for what'?)

ammas n.Mil. breastplate

ammen pron. 1st pl. of us, for us, toward us ◇ LotR/II:IV, LB/354, VT/44:21,27 ◇ an+men

ammos n. breast, bosom (Q ambos)

amon hill, steep-sided mount ◇ Ety/348, LotR/E, RC/334

amortha- v. to heave, ‘up-rise’ (am+ortha-, Q amorta-)

amrыn n. east, orient ◇ Ety/348, Ety/384, S/437, LotR/E ◇ am+rhыn "uprising, sunrise"

an prep. to, towards, for ◇ LotR/II:IV, UT/39, SD/129-31

an- adv.pref. with, by ◇ Ety/374

anann adv. long, for a long time ◇ LotR/VI:IV, Letters/308

anc n. jaw, row of teeth ◇ Ety/348, Ety/374

and adj. long ◇ Ety/348, S/427, X/ND1

andaith n. long-mark, sign used in writing alphabetic tengwar over a vowel, to indicate that it is lengthened. ◇ LotR/E, Ety/391, X/EI

andrann(N. anrand) n. cycle, age (100 Valian Years, where 1 Valian year = 10 of our own, making this mean ‘a millennium’) ◇ Ety/382, X/ND4

andrethn. patience (PE/17)

anfang pl. enfeng n. one of the Longbeards (a tribe of Dwarves) ◇ Ety/348, Ety/387, WJ/322

anfangrim n.class pl.of anfang the Longbeards (a tribe of Dwarves) ◇ WJ/322

ang n. iron ◇ Ety/348, S/428, PM/347

angerthas n. runic alphabet, long rune-rows (extended version of the Certhas) ◇ S/427, LotR/E ◇

*anglenna- v. to approach ← anglennatha SD/129-31

angol n. deep lore, magic (perhaps also Science and Philosophy, cf. Q. Ingolл) ◇ Ety/377

angren adj. of iron ◇ Ety/348, S/428

angwedh n. chain ◇ Ety/397 ◇ ang+gwedh "iron-bond"

anim pron. 1st for/to myself ◇ LotR/A(v) See also enni

anнra- v. to desire, to want ◇ SD/129-31

ann-thennath n. pl. a verse mode, lit. "long-shorts" (alternance of long and short vowels, or rather alternance of long and short verse units, possibly of masculine and feminine rhymes) ◇ LotR/I:XI ◈ Tolkien's Legendarium p. 115

*anna- v. to give ◇ Ety/348 уnen irreg. past. tense. 1st

annabon n. elephant ◇ Ety/372, X/ND2 ◇ and+*bond "long-snouted"

annon n. augm. great door or gate ◇ Ety/348, S/428, LotR/II:IV, TAI/150

annui adj. western ◇ SD/129-31

annыn n. west, sunset ◇ Ety/376, S/428, LotR/VI:IV, LotR/E, LB/354, Letters/308

annъnaid n. the "Westron" language (one of the names for Common Speech) ◇ PM/316

Anor n. sun ◇ Ety/348, RC/232

ant n. gift ◇ Ety/348

anu adj. male ◇ Ety/360, X/W

anuir adv. and n. forever (an+uir)

anwar n. awe ◇ UT/418, VT/42:23

aphada- v. to follow ◇ WJ/387

aphadon n. 1. follower ○ 2.by ext. man (elvish name for men)

aphadrimn. class pl. of aphadon followers, men (elvish name for men)

apharch adj. very dry, arid ◇ VT/45:5, X/PH ◇ a- (intensive prefix) + parch

aphed- v. answer, reply

вr n. king (used of a lord or king of a specified region) See aran

ar- pref. 1.Arch. beside ○ 2.by ext., without ◇ Ety/349

ara- pref. high, noble, royal ◇ S/428 ◇ Reduced form of aran, element in the names of the kings of Arnor and Arthedain

arad n. daytime, a day ◇ Ety/349

aran n. king (used of a lord or king of a specified region) ◇ Ety/360, S/428, LotR/II:IV, LotR/VI:VII, SD/129-31, Letters/426

Aran Einior n. one of the names given to the Vala Manwл, 'elder king'

Aran Tauron n. one of the names given to the Vala Oromл, 'forester king'

aranel n. princess

aras n. deer ◇ WJ/156-157

arasaithn. avarice, excessive love of gold and gems and beautiful and costly things SM/133 ‘Cыm-nan-Arasaith’

Arawn. one of the names given to the Vala Oromл

arbenn. knight PE/17

ardh n. realm, region ◇ Ety/360

ardhon n. augm. of ardhgreat region, province ○ 2. by ext. world ← Calenardhon S/386, PM/348

arduiln. early morning, ‘day spring’ (Q. aretuile)

Aredhel n. noble Elf, one of the exiled Noldor

aria- v. to excel (Q arya-)

ariel n. princess, king’s daughter

arionn. prince, king’s son, heir

arnad n. kingdom ◇ VT:44:21,25

arnediad (N. arnњdiad) adj. innumerable, countless, endless, without reckoning, numberless ◇ Ety/349, Ety/378, S/428, VT/46:6 ◇ ar-+nediad

arnen adj. royal ← Emyn Arnen, Lonnath-Ernin LotR/V:I, WR/294, WR/370

arod adj. noble ◇ PM/363, VT/41:9

arodas n.abst.of arodnobility (arod+-as)

aronoded adj. innumerable, countless, endless ◇ Ety/378 ◇ ar-gonoded. See also arnediad

arphen n. a noble ◇ WJ/376

*arth adj. (unknown meaning, perhaps (?) noble, lofty, exalted) ← Arthedain LotR

*arwen n. fem. noble woman LotR ◇ ar-+gwend

asg n. bone

asgar adj. violent, rushing, impetuous ◇ Ety/386

ast I n. dust ◇ Ety/349

ast II n. light or heat of sun (PE/17)

astor n. faith, loyalty (PE/17)

ath- I prep.pref. on both sides, across ◇ Ety/349

ath- IIadv.pref. easily

athan prep. 1. beyond 2. preposition used in comparative sentences ◇ SD/62

atheg n. masc. dim. of adar, 1 play name for the thumb meaning "little father" VT/48:6,17

athelas n. "kingsfoil", a healing herb brought to Middle-earth by the Nъmenуreans ◇ LotR/V:VIII ◇ Q athea "benefical, helpful" + CS las "leaf", HATHA ‘treat kindly, make easy, help to cure’ PE/22

athgaradj. easy to do (PE/17)

athgen adj. easily seen (PE/17)

athol- v. to return, come again (ad+tol-)

athon v. affirmation yes, I will. This is the only remaining part of the verb atha- PE/22:167

athra- I pref. across ← Athrabeth MR/329

athra- IIv. to cross (to and fro) PE/17

athrabeth n. debate, converse ◇ MR/329 ◇ athra-+peth "cross-talk"

athrad n. (river-)crossing, ford, way ◇ Ety/349, Ety/383, UT/437, VT/42:7

*athrada- v. to cross, traverse ◇ Ety/383 ◇ ath-+rada-

athragardh n. interaction (PE/17)

aur n. a day, consisting of calan and fuin, 2. morning ◇ Ety/349, S/439

auth I n. war, battle ◇ Ety/365, Ety/379, VT/45:23

auth II n. a dim shape, spectral or vague apparition ◇ VT/42:9

authren n.abst.of auth I war-like (auth+-ren)

ava- v. to refuse.

avar n. 1. refuser ○ 2.the Avari, Elves who refused the invitation of the Valar ◇ WJ/380, VT/47:12 ◈ This plural name was known to the loremasters, but went out of daily use at the time of the Exile see gavar

avo v. imp. of ava-, don't! ◇ WJ/371 ◈ Used as a negative adverb before an imperative: avo garo "don't do it!". Sometimes used as a prefix: avgaro

*avorn adj. staying, fast ← Baravorn Hamfast, SD/129-31

avras n. precipice (PE/17)

awarth n. abandonment ◇ Ety/397

awartha- v. to forsake, abandon ◇ Ety/397


bach (mbach) n. article, thing, ware (for exchange) ◇ Ety/372

bachor (mbachor) n. pedlar ◇ Ety/372

bвd n. beaten track, pathway ◇ Ety/351

badh-v. to judge

badhor n. judge ◇ Ety/350. see also badhron

badhron n. masc. judge ◇ Ety/350 ⇒

baen adj. fair-haired (PE/17)

bahad(mbahad)n. market-place (bach+sad)

bain adj. beautiful, fair ◇ Ety/351, Ety/359, X/EI

bainas abst.n.of bain beauty

bal- v. to rule PE/17

Balagerch n. the constellation known as the Sickle (Ursa Major)

balan n. Vala, divine power, divinity ◇ Ety/350, S/439, Letters/427, X/EI

balch (mbalch) n. adj. cruel ◇ Ety/377

balchas (mbalchas) n.abst.of balch cruelty

balfaugadj. drunk (to be thirsty in a bad way) GL

balrog n. great demon (raug)

¶ ᵲ balthandadj. obstinate (bal- + thand, see GL for bal- )

band (mband) (N. band) n. duress, prison, custody, safe-keeping ◇ Ety/371, S/428, MR/350, X/ND1

banga- (mbanga) v. to trade ◇ Ety/372

Bannos n. one of the names given to the Vala Mandos ‘dread imprisoner’

Banwen n. one of the names given to the Vala Vбna

bar (mbar) n. 1. dwelling, home ○ 2.by ext., inhabited land ◇ S/428, WR/379-80, SD/129-31

bara adj. 1. fiery ○ 2. eager ◇ Ety/351

barad(mbarad) I adj. doomed ◇ Ety/372

barad II n. tower, fortress ◇ Ety/351, S/428, LotR/B

baradh adj. steep ◇ Ety/351

baran adj. brown, swart, dark brown, golden brown, yellow brown ◇ Ety/351, LotR/F, TC/179, RC/343

bardor n. homeland (PE/17)

barn adj. safe (bar+-nв)

*bartha- (mbartha) v. to doom ◇ Ety/372

barthan n. large masonry building, used as a dwelling (PE/17)

bas- (mbas-) v. to bake (PE/17)

basgorn (mbasgorn) n. loaf (of bread) ◇ Ety/372, Ety/365 ◇ bast+corn "round bread"

*bass/bast (mbass) n. bread PM/404-405, VT/44:21 ◈ In the Etymologies, the word for "bread" is given as bast, Quenya masta, but it seems that Tolkien later changed his mind and updated the word to bass, as shown in Quenya massбnie, Sindarin bassoneth.

bassoneth(mbassoneth) n. fem. bread-giver ◇ PM/404-405, X/Z

basta- (mbasta-) v. to bake bread (this may just be an alternate form of bas-)

*batha- v. to trample ◇ Ety/352

baudh n. judgement ◇ Ety/350

baug(mbaug) adj. tyrannous, cruel, oppressive ◇ Ety/372

*baugla- (mbaugla) v. to oppress ◇ Ety/372

bauglir (mbauglir) n. tyrant, oppressor ◇ Ety/372

baul (mbaul) n. torment ◇ Ety/377

baur (mbaur) n. need ◇ Ety/372

baw interj. no, don't! ◇ WJ/371

bedhwen adj. referring only to Aulл and Yavanna together

belaith(mbelaith) adj. mighty PE/17:115

beleg adj. big, large, great, mighty ◇ Ety/352, S/428, PE/17

beleglinn(N. beleglind) n. Great Song VT/50

Belegol n. one of the names given to the Vala Aulл, 'great burden'

bellas n.abst.of belt, bodily strength ◇ Ety/352

belt adj. strong in body ◇ Ety/352, Tengwestie/20031207◈ See also bellas .

beltha-v. to expand

ben prep. according to the, in the ◇ SD/129-31

benn n. masc. 1. man, male 2. by ext. husband (but not the normal word, see herven)◇ Ety/352, VT/45:9

bennas n. angle, corner ◇ Ety/352, Ety/375

beren adj. bold ◇ Ety/352

berenas n.abst.of beren courage, bravery

bereth n. fem. queen, spouse ◇ Ety/351, RGEO/74

*beria- v. to protect ◇ Ety/351

*bertha- v. to dare ◇ Ety/352

bess n. fem. 1. (young) woman 2. by ext. wife (but not the normal word, see hervess) ◇ Ety/352, SD/129-31

bessain (mbessain) n. fem. bread-giver ◇ PM/404-405, X/Z ◈ See bass for a discussion regarding this word

best n. wedding, marriage

besta- v. to wed, marry (bes+-tв)

*blab- v. to beat, batter, flap (wings, etc.) ◇ Ety/380

blabor n. bat ‘flapper’

¶ ᵲ bladrenadj. proud, arrogant (cf. bladren, EN)

¶ ᵲ blaudn. pride GL

¶ ᵲ bless n. grace

bo prep. on ◇ VT/44:21,26

boda- v. to ban, prohibit ◇ WJ/372

boe (mboe, N. bui) v. impers. to need. This verb takes no other form. ◇ Ety/372, X/Z

*bon (N. bonn) adj. snouted ← Annabon ‘long snouted’

bфr n. steadfast, trusty man, faithful vassal ◇ Ety/353

Borgil n. Aldebaran, lit. 'hot red star'

born adj. hot, red ◇ Letters/426-27

¶ ᵲ bostn. back (from shoulder to shoulder) GL

both (mboth)n. puddle, small pool ◇ Ety/372

¶ ᵲ bothil (mbothil) n. oven GL

bragol adj. sudden ◇ S/429

braig adj. wild, fierce ◇ Ety/373, VT/45:34 ◈ The form brerg in the Etymologies is a misreading according to VT/45:34

brand (N. brann) adj. 1. lofty, noble, fine ○ 2. high (in size) ◇ Ety/351, TAI/150, X/ND1

brannon n. masc. lord ◇ Ety/351

brass I n. white heat ◇ Ety/351

brass II n. great cliff (PE/17)

brassen adj. white-hot ◇ Ety/351

brasta- v. loom, tower up (PE/17)

breged n. violence, suddenness ◇ Ety/352

bregol adj. violent, sudden, fierce ◇ Ety/352, Ety/373◈ see also bregolas

bregolas n.abst.of bregol, fierceness ◇ Ety/352

*breitha- v. to break out suddenly ◇ Ety/352

*brenia- v. to endure ◇ Ety/353, VT/45:7 ◈ The form bronio in the Etymologies is a misreading according to VT/45:7

brennil n. fem. lady ◇ Ety/351

brethn. acorns, nuts (mast – the fruit of beech, oak, chestnut and other woodland trees)

brethil n. beech, beech-tree, silver birch ◇ Ety/352, Ety/376, S/429

brith n. gravel ◇ Ety/353

brфg n. bear ◇ Ety/374

*brona- v. to last, to survive ◇ Ety/353

bronadui adj. enduring, lasting ◇ Ety/353

bronwe n. endurance, lasting quality, faith ◇ Ety/353, SD/62

*brui adj. loud, noisy ← Bruinen LotR/Index

brыn adj. old, that has long endured, or been established, or in use ◇ Ety/353

budhu n. large fly PE/19

*buia- v. to serve, to hold allegiance to ◇ Ety/353

bund (mbund, N. bunn) n. 1. snout, nose ○ 2.by ext. cape (of land) ◇ Ety/372, X/ND2

bŷr (N. bior, beor) n. follower, vassal ◇ Ety/352, X/IU


*cab- v. to leap ← cabed S/386, WJ/100

cabed ger. of cab-, 1. leap ○ 2.by ext., deep gorge ◇ S/386, WJ/100 ◈ Emended by Tolkien from earlier cabad. This is our sole late example that basic verbs should perhaps form their gerund in -ed, whereas derived verbs are well attested to use -ad

cabor n. frog ◇ Ety/362

cadhadn. Dwarf. An old Beleriandic adaptation of the Dwarves’ own name khazad PE/17:45

cadhadrimn. class pl. of cadhad, Dwarf-folk. An old Beleriandic adaptation of the Dwarves’ own name khazad PE/17:45

cadu (N. cadw) adj. shaped, formed ◇ Ety/362-363, X/W

cadwor (N. cadwar) adj. shapely ◇ Ety/363

cae I (N. coe) n. earth ◇ Ety/363, X/OE ◈ This word is indeclinable, according to the Etymologies

cae II (caen- in a compound) adj. num. card. ten ◇ PE/17:95

caeda- v. to lie down

cael n. lying in bed, sickness ◇ Ety/363

caeleb adj. bedridden, sick ◇ Ety/363

*caenen/caenui adj. num. ord. tenth ← nelchaenen SD/129-131

caenthil n. decagon 'ten points'

caer n. a flat isle in a river, opposite of a tolPE/22

caew n. lair, resting-place ◇ Ety/363

caf- v. to bow

cбfru n. flea, ‘leaper’ PE/13:140, PE/17:131

¶ ᵲ cag n. joke (GL)

cai n. hedge ◇ UT/282

cail n. fence or palisade of spikes and sharp stakes ◇ UT/282

cair n. ship ◇ Ety/365, LotR/A(iv), X/EI

calad n. light, radiance, glittering, reflection (from jewels, glass or polished metal, or water) ◇ VT/45:13, PM/347, Letters/425, Ety/362, UT/65

calan n. day, period of actual daylight ◇ aLotR/D ◈ Attested in the first edition of LotR, but omitted from the second. See also aur, arad

calar n. (portable) lamp ← celerdain LotR/V:I, WR/287, RC/523

calardan n. lampwright ◇ LotR/V:I, WR/287, RC/523 ◇ calar+tвn

calben n. 1. Elf of the Great Journey (lit. "light person") ○ 2. by ext. all Elves but the Avari ◇ WJ/362, WJ/376-377, WJ/408-409

calen adj. green ◇ Ety/362, S/429, Letters/282, RC/349, VT/42:19 ◇ Etym. "bright-coloured"

callon n. hero ◇ Ety/362

calph (N. calf) n. water-vessel ◇ Ety/362, X/PH

calpha-v. to draw water (Q calpa-)

cam n. hand ◇ Ety/361, Ety/371, S/429

camlann n. palm of hand ◇ Ety/367, X/ND4 ◇ cam+land

camtha- v. accommodate, make fit (Q camta-)

can- v. to cry out, shout, call ◇ PM/361-362

canad adj.num.card. four ◇ Ety/362, VT/42:24,25, VT/48:6, VT/46:3

canath n. "quarter", silver coin used in Gondor, the fourth part of a "mirian" ◇ PM/45 see also mirian

cand (N. cann) adj. bold ◇ Ety/362, X/ND1

*cannas n.abst.of cant, shaping ← Dorgannas WJ/192, WJ/206

cant n. outline, shape ← morchaint S/432, Ety/362, VT/42:28◈ See also cannas

canthiln. quadrilateral 'four points'

canthui adj.num.ord. fourth ◇ VT/42:10, VT/42:25,27

car (N. cardh) n. house, building ◇ Ety/362

*car- v. to do WJ/371, WJ/415 This verb takes the irreg.pa.t. agor-

carab n. hat ◇ WJ/187

carach n. jaw, row of teeth ◇ S/429, RC/607

*caraes n. jagged hedge of spikes ← Helcharaes Ety/362

carag n. spike, tooth of rock ◇ Ety/362

caragpholg n. boar (fang-pig)

caran adj. red ◇ Ety/362, S/429, LotR/E

caras n. 1. circular earthwall with dike ○ 2. city (built above ground) ◇ Ety/362, LotR/II:VII, RC/311

carch n. tooth, fang ◇ Ety/362, S/429

carf n. tool, weapon

carfa- v. to talk (treated like car- in the past tense) PE/17

carnin adj. scarlet (PE/17)

carth n. deed, feat ◇ Ety/362 cf. ъgarth

carwegadj. active, busy (PE/17)

¶ ᵲ cas n. skull (GL)

*cast n. cape, headland ← Angast VT/42:28

cathrae n. tressure, net for combining the hair ◇ VT/42:12

caul n. great burden, affliction ◇ VT/39:10

caun I n. outcry, clamour ◇ PM/361-362 ◈ see also conath

caun II n. valour ◇ Ety/362

*caun III pl. conin n. prince, ruler ◇ LotR/VI:IV, Letters/308 ◇ MS *kaun, Q. cбno

cautha- v. to startle

caw I n. top ◇ Ety/362

caw- IIv. to choose, taste, select PE/22

ceber n. stake, spike, stone ridge ◇ Ety/363, LotR/II:VIII, S/437, RC/327

cef pl. ceif n. soil ◇ Ety/363

cefenas(N.cefnas) n. earthern-ware, pottery VT/45

¶ ᵲ ceforf n. potato ('soil apple', from grothorf, GL)

celair adj. brilliant ◇ Ety/362, X/EI

celeb n. silver ◇ Ety/367, S/429, LotR/E, Letters/426

celebren adj. like silver (in hue or worth) ◇ Ety/367, S/429, VT/45:25

celeg adj. swift, agile, hasty ◇ Ety/366, PM/353, VT/41:10

celeth n. stream VT/45

celevon adj. of silver ◇ Ety/367

celf n. animal. This is less restrictive than lavan, and can apply to any living creature (Q. kelva) see also lavan

*cell adj. 1. running ○ 2.by ext. flowing (of water) ← Celduin LotR/Map

celon n. river ← Celon (name) Ety/363

celu n. spring, source ◇ Ety/363, X/W

cem (N. cefn) adj. earthen ◇ Ety/363, X/Z

*cen- v. to see ← cenedril TI/184

cenedril n. looking-glass, mirror ◇ TI/184, RS/466 ◇ cened+rill

cennan n. potter ◇ Ety/390 ◇ cкf+tвn

cerch n. sickle ◇ Ety/365

ceredir n.masc. doer, maker ◇ Ety/354 ◇ cared+dоr

cerf n. spinning wheel

cerin n. 1. circular enclosure ○ 2.by ext., mound (Cerin Amroth)◇ Ety/365, S/429

certh pl. cirth n. rune ◇ WJ/396, LotR/E ◇ Etym. "cutting"◈ See also certhas.

certhas n.abst.of certh runic alphabet, rune-rows ◇ LotR/E ◇ certh+-as

cerveth (N. cadloer) n. July (month) ◇ LotR/D

cesta- v. to seek (Q cesta-)

ceven n. Earth ◇ VT/44:21,27

cidinn adj. small (PE/17)

cil- v. to choose

cоl I n. cleft, pass between hills, gorge ◇ Ety/365

cоl II n. renewal ◇ VT/48:8

cinnog adj. small (PE/17)

cоr adj. renewed ◇ VT/48:7-8

cira- v. to sail

cнramn. anchor

cнrban (N.cнrbann) n. haven ◇ Ety/380, X/ND4 ◇ cair+pand

cнrdan (N. cirdan) n. shipbuilder, shipwright ◇ Ety/365, Ety/390, LotR/VI:IX, RC/28 ◇ cair+tвn

*cirion n.masc. shipman, sailor ← Cirion (name)

cirith n. cleft, high climbing pass, narrow passage cut through earth or rock, ravine, defile ◇ S/387, UT/426, TC/181, RC/334-335

cоw adj. fresh, new ◇ VT/48:7-8

claur n.poet. splendour, glory ◇ Ety/362 See also aglar

cфf n. bay ◇ VT/42:15

cofen (N. cofn) adj. empty, void ◇ Ety/366

col-v. to carry, bear (Q. col-)

cфl n. gold (metal) ◇ Ety/365 For the colour, see malt, mallen

colch n. box (Q colca)

coll I adj. (golden) red ◇ Ety/365

coll II adj. hollow ◇ WJ/414

*coll III n. cloak, mantle ← Thingol S/421, MR/385

¶ ᵲ colost n. cucumber (GL)

conath n. coll. of caun II, 1. many voices ○ 2.by ext., lamentation ◇ PM/361-362

condir n. masc. mayor ◇ SD/129-31 ◇ caun+dоr

*conui adj. commanding, (?) ruling ← Argonui LotR/A(ii) ◇ caun+-ui

corch n. crow ◇ Ety/362

cordof n. pippin (seed of certain fruits, or more probably small red apple) ◇ SD/129-31

corfn. ring

corn adj. round, globed ◇ Ety/365

coron n. 1. globe, ball ○ 2..by ext. mound ◇ Ety/365, S/429

coru (N. corw) adj. cunning, wily ◇ Ety/366, X/W

cost n. quarrel, dispute (not a quarrel of bolts) ◇ Ety/365

costha-v. quarrel, dispute (Q costa-)

¶ ᵲ cot n. nut, seed

coth n. 1. enmity ○ 2. enemy ◇ Ety/365

cova- v. to meet, to come together, gather, assemble PE/17:158

covad- v. to make meet, to bring together. Transitive form of cova- PE/17:158

*craban n. kind of crow of large size, raven ◇ LotR/II:III

cram n. cake of compressed flour or meal (often containing honey and milk) ◇ Ety/365, LotR/II:VIII

crann adj. ruddy (of face) ◇ Ety/362

¶ ᵲ crinth adj. pink (GL)

criss n. cleft, cut, slash ◇ Ety/365, VT/45:23

crissaegrimn. ‘cleft mountain peaks’, a mountain range south of Gondolin LR/301

crist n.Mil. cleaver, sword ◇ Ety/365

*critha- v. to reap ◇ Ety/365

crom n. left ◇ Ety/366

crum n. left hand ◇ Ety/366

crumguruadj. guilty, sinister, wily (from the old meaning of ‘sinister’ referring to being left-handed) Ety/AC

crumui adj. left-handed ◇ Ety/366

n. 1. arch, crescent ○ 2.Mil.by ext. bow ◇ Ety/365, S/429

cuenn. small gull, petrel, sea-bird PE/22:32

cugu n. dove ◇ Ety/365

*cuia- v. to live ← cuio LotR/VI:IV, Letters/308

cuil n. life ◇ Ety/366

cuin adj. alive ◇ Ety/366

*cuina- v. to be alive ◇ Ety/366

cыl n. load ← Cыl Veleg, Cыl Bоn RC/536

culf n. orange (fruit)

culforn n. orange tree

cull adj. orange (colour)

cum (N. cumb) n. mound, heap ◇ Ety/365

cыn adj. bowed, bow-shaped, bent ◇ Ety/365

cъna- v. to bend, be bowed

cund n.arch. prince ◇ Ety/366, VT/45:24, X/ND1 See also caun III

¶ ᵲ curn. cheese

¶ ᵲ curtha- v. to turn milk (GL)

cъron n. the crescent Moon ◇ Ety/365, X/Z ◇ cы+raun

curu n. craft, skill. Applied to exceptional powers of mind or will, a skill not understood by the speaker. Does not apply to ‘miracles’ unless used by a Man. ◇ Ety/366, X/W, PE/22

curunнr n. masc. man of craft, wizard, Saruman ◇ Ety/366, LotR/III:VIII, LotR/B, VT/45:24 ◇ curu+dоr "man of skill"

*cyll n. bearer ← Taengyl, Tengyl MR/385

cэron n. new moon ◇ VT/48:7

cytha-v. to renew, refresh


dad adv. down, downwards ◇ Ety/354

dadben (N. dadbenn) adv. 1. downhill, inclined ○ 2.by ext. easy to achieve ◇ Ety/354, Ety/380, VT/46:8, X/ND4 ◇ dad+pend

dadhren- v. to forget

dadwen (ndadwen) n. to return, go back PE/17:166

dae (ndae) n. shadow ◇ Ety/354, S/430

daebeth n. blasphemy (PE/17)

daedelu n. canopy ◇ Ety/391 ◇ dae+telu

daen (ndaen) n. corpse ◇ Ety/375

daer I adj. great ◇ UT/450, WJ/187, WJ/335, VT/42:11

daer II (ndaer) (N. doer) n. bridegroom ◇ Ety/375, VT/45:9, X/OE

daetha- v. to praise

daf- v. to allow, permit

dвf n. permission ◇ Ety/353

*dag- (ndag) v. to slay ◇ Ety/375, VT/45:37

dagnir (ndagnir) n. 1. slayer ○ 2.by ext., bane ◇ S/430 ◇ dag-+dоr

dagor (ndagor) n. battle ◇ Ety/375, S/430 ◈ dagorath S. n. coll.

dagorath n. coll. of dagor, all the battles ◇ UT/395-396

*dagra-(ndagra)v.to battle ◇ Ety/375

dam (ndam) n. hammer ◇ Ety/375

damma- (ndamma) v. to hammer ◇ Ety/375, VT/45:37 ◈

dan (ndan) prep. 1. but, yet, against ○ 2. back ◇ LotR/II:IV

dananna-(ndananna-) v. to give back, return (dan+anna-)

dangar- v. to undo (PE/17)

dangweth (ndangweth) n. answer, reply giving new information ◇ PM/395 ◇ OS *ndanagwetʰa "back report" The word dambeth was rejected by Tolkien in favour of this word.

danhir- v. to lose (dad+hir-)

danna- v. to fall ◇ Ety/354, X/Z ◈ Written dant- in the Etymologies

dannen n. ebb, low tide ◇ VT/48:26

dant n. fall ◇ MR/373

danwaith (ndanwaith) n.pl. the Nandor (a tribe of Elves) ◇ WJ/385 ◇ dan+gwaith

danwedh(ndanwedh) n. ransom ◇ S/384 ◇ dan+gwedh

*dar- v. to stay, wait, stop, remain ◇ Ety/353

dartha- v. to wait, stay, last, endure, remain ◇ Ety/353, VT/45:8

dath n. hole, pit, steep fall, abyss ◇ Ety/354, VT/45:8

daug (ndaug) n. warrior, soldier (chiefly used of Orcs) ◇ Ety/375

daur n. 1. pause, stop ○ 2.by ext., league (about 3 miles) ◇ UT/279, UT/285

daw n. night-time, gloom ◇ Ety/354

def- v. to try (PE/17)

deil adj. delicate, beautiful and slender PE/17

del n. fear, disgust, loathing, horror ◇ Ety/355

deleb adj. horrible, abominable, loathsome ◇ Ety/355

delia- v. to conceal ◇ Ety/355

delos (N. deloth) n. abhorrence, detestation, loathing ◇ Ety/355 ◇ del+gos

delu adj. hateful, deadly, fell ◇ Ety/355, X/W

dem adj. sad, gloomy ◇ Ety/354 ◈ No language indication in the Etymologies, but Noldorin from context and phonological evidence

denwaith n.pl. the Nandor (a tribe of Elves), the people of Denwe ◇ WJ/385 ◇ Den(we)+gwaith

dess (ndess) n. fem. young woman ◇ Ety/375

dew- v. to fail, miss (PE/17)

dhaadv. there is PE/22

(ndо)n.poet.fem. bride, lady, arch. woman ◇ Ety/352, Ety/354

di- pref. beneath, under ← di-nguruthos LotR/IV:X, RGEO/72, Letters/278, VT/45:37 ◈ The only known usage of this word is as prefix, but VT/45:37 lists it as a unitary word di

dнhena- v. to forgive (with matter forgiven as object?) ◇ VT/44:29 See also gohena-

dоl n. stopper, stopping, stuffing ◇ Ety/354

dila- (ndila-) v. to be devoted to, love PE/22

*dilia- v. to stop up ◇ Ety/354, VT/45:9

dоn I n. silence ◇ S/430, LB/354 ◈ Tolkien hesitated between two possible mutations of this word; the unmutated form may be either dоn or tоn.

dоn II n. opening, gap, pass in mountains ◇ Ety/354

dнnen adj. silent ◇ S/430, WJ/194 ◈ Tolkien hesitated between two possible mutations of this word; the unmutated form may be either dнnen or tнnen

dineth (ndineth) n. bride ◇ Ety/377-378 ◇ dо+neth

dоr (ndоr)n.masc.arch. man, referring to an adult male (elf, mortal, or of any other speaking race) ◇ Ety/354, Ety/352

dirbedui adj. difficult to pronounce (PE/17)

dнrnaith (nнrnaith)n.Mil. a military wedge-formation launched over a short distance against an enemy massing but not yet arrayed, or against a defensive formation on open ground ◇ UT/282 ◇ dоr+naith "man spearhead"

dоs (ndоs) n. fem. bride ◇ Ety/352, Ety/375 See also dineth

dofen (N. dofn) adj. gloomy ◇ Ety/355

dфl n. 1. head ○ 2.by ext. hill or mountain ◇ Ety/376, S/430, RC/268

doll (ndoll) (N. dolt) adj. dark, dusky, obscure ◇ Ety/355, Ety/376, Tengwestie/20031207

dolt n. round knob, boss ◇ Ety/376

doltha- v. to conceal ◇ Ety/355

domadj. blind PE/22

dond n. fist, hand (especially in punching) ◇ VT/47:23

donn adj. swart, swarthy ◇ Ety/355, X/ND1

dфr (ndфr) n. land, dwelling-place, region where certain people live ◇ Ety/376, S/430, WJ/413, Letters/417, VT/45:38, RC/384 ◈ The form dor in the Etymologies is a misreading, see VT/45.

dor-rodyn n. Valinor, ‘Land of the Ainur’

dorn adj. stiff, tough ◇ WJ/413

dornhabarn. Khazad-Dыm (PE/17)

dornhoth n.class pl. of dorn the Dwarves, ‘the Thrawn Folk’ ◇ WJ/388 ◇ dorn+hoth

doron pl. deren n. oak tree ◇ Ety/355, VT/45:11

*dortha- (ndortha) v. to dwell, stay ◇ Ety/376

dosta- v. to burn

*drafa- v. to hew ◇ Ety/354, VT/45:8

drafen (N. drafn) n. hewn log ◇ Ety/354

dram n. heavy stroke, a blow (of axe, etc.) ◇ Ety/354, X/MB

drambor n. 1. clenched fist ○ 2.by ext., blow (with fist) ◇ Ety/354 ◇ dram+paur

draug n. wolf ◇ Ety/354, S/430 see also garaf

drautha-v. to tire, become weary

drava- v. to beat

*drega- v. to flee ◈ Only the imperative drego is attested. Therefore, the verb may also be dreg-

*dring n. hammer ← Glamdring H, Ety/355

*dringa- v. to beat (with a hammer, etc.) ◇ Ety/355

drы pl. drъin n. wild man, Wose, Pъkel-Man ◇ UT/385 ◈ In PE/11:31, an older Gnomish word drы, drui meant "wood, forest", and in PE/13:142, the early Noldorin word drъ was assigned the meaning "dark". Drы pl. Drъin later came to be used for the name of the Woses, with other derivatives (Drъadan, etc.). "Wose" is actually the modernization of an Anglo-Saxon word wasa only found in the compound wudu-wasa "wild man of the woods", cf. UT/385 sq. In the drafts of the "Ride of the Rohirrim" in WR/343-346, the Woses first appeared as "the dark men of Eilenach". Though internally said to derive from drughu in their own tongue, Tolkien's choice for the Sindarin name of the Woses was apparently influenced by earlier meanings assigned to this word

drъadan pl. drъedain n. wild man, one of the Woses ◇ UT/385 ◇ drы+adan

drъath n. coll. of drы the people of the Drы, the Woses ◇ UT/385

drъnos n. a family of the Drы-folk ◇ UT/385 ◇ drы+nos(s)

drъwaith n. class pl. of drы, the wilderness of the Drы-men (q.v.) ◇ UT/385 ◇ drы+gwaith

n. nightfall, late evening, night, dimness ◇ Ety/354, S/430, VT/45:9 ◈

dъath n. coll. of , 1. darkness, shadow ○ 2. nightshade ◇ Ety/354, S/430 ◇ Either the collective plural of , or a compound dы+gwath "night shade" (hence dъwath)

dufa-v. to lie heavy, be heavy, hang over oppressively (of clouds) Ety/AC

duin n. (long and large) river (having strong current) ◇ S/430, LotR/F, TC/179, VT/48:24

duinen n. flood, high tide ◇ VT/48:26

duirro n. river-bank ◇ VT/46:10

dъlinn n. nightingale ◇ Ety/354, Ety/369, S/430, X/ND4 ◇ dы+lind "dusk singer"

dыn (ndыn) n. west ◇ Ety/376, S/428, LotR/E-F

dъnadan (ndъnadan) n. Man of the west, Nъmenуrean ◇ LotR/I:XII, WJ/378, S/390 ◇ dыn+adan

*dъnedhel (ndъnedhel) n. Elf of the West, Elf of Beleriand (including Noldor and Sindar) ◇ WJ/378 ◇ dыn+edhel, OS *ndыnedelo

dыr adj. dark, sombre ◇ Ety/354, S/430, UT/434

durufuin n. name. log night, Yule

dъven (ndъven) adj. sunken

dэgar n. 1.mistaken act, 2. adj. doing a wrong thing PE/17

dŷl n. mistake (PE/17)

dŷr adj. mistaken (PE/17)


e reflexive.pron.3rd he/she/it ◇ SD/129-31

ech n. spine ◇ Ety/355, VT/45:12 ◈ The Etymologies as published gloss this word as "spear", but the correct reading is provided in VT/45

echad n. camp ◇ UT/431

*echad- v. to fashion, make ◇ Ety/363, LotR/II:IV

echil n. 1. follower ○ 2. by ext. human being ◇ WJ/219

echor n. outer circle, encircling, outer ring ◇ LotR/V:I, LotR/Index, S/430

echui n. awakening ◇ Ety/366, S/429

echuia- v. to awaken

echuir n. a season, the beginning of spring ◇ LotR/D, SD/129-31 ◇ Etym. "stirring"

ecthel n. point (of spear) ◇ Ety/388 ◇ кg+thela "thorn-point"

ed- pref. forth, out ◇ Ety/356

edaid adj. num. quant. double ◇ VT/42:26-27

¶ ᵲ edeletha- v. to deliver (from evil)

eden adj. new, begun again ◇ Ety/349

edhel n. Elf ◇ Ety/356, S/430, WJ/363-364

edhelharn n. elf-stone ◇ SD/128-129 ◇ edhel+sarn

edhellen adj. elvish, of the Elves ◇ LotR/II:IV, RS/463 ◇ edhel+-ren

edhelvainadj. Elven-fair PE/17:57

edinor n. anniversary day ◇ Ety/400, X/Z ◇ ad+оn+aur

edledhia- v. to go into exile ◇ Ety/368, VT/45:27, X/TL

edledhron n. exile (person who is exiled) ◇ Ety/368, X/TL

edlenn (N. eglenn) adj. exiled ◇ Ety/368, X/TL

edlon n. outsider, stranger PE/17:141

*edlothia- v. to blossom, flower ← edlothiand WR/293, X/TL ◈ The sentence from WR/293 is hardly legible and is not translated, but this word is however a plausible form

edonna- v. to give birth ◇ Ety/379 ◇ ed+*onna-

*edra- v. to open

edrain (N. edrein) n. border ◇ Ety/383, X/EI ◇ ed+rain

edraith n. saving ◇ LotR/II:IV, TI/175

edregol adv. in especial, especially ◇ SD/129-31

edwen adj. num. ord. second ◇ SD/129-31

кg n. thorn ◇ Ety/355

*egel(N. egl) n. exile (one who is exiled) Ety/368

egladhrim n. class pl. of eglan "The Forsaken", Elves of the Falathrim ◇ WJ/189, WJ/365, WJ/379 ◇ eglan+rim

eglan n. and adj. 1. forsaken ○ 2.as a noun, an Elf of the Falathrim ◇ WJ/365, WJ/379-380

eglath n. coll. of egol "The Forsaken", Elves of the Falathrim ◇ WJ/189, WJ/344 see also egladhrim

*egleria- v. to glorify, to praise ◇LotR/VI:IV, Letters/308

egnas n. 1. sharp point ○ 2.by ext., peak ◇ VT/45:12

ego interj. be off! be gone! This is a strong insult ◇ WJ/365

*egol n. someone forsaken, an Elf of the Falathrim ← Eglath WJ/189, WJ/344

egor conj. or ◇ SD/129-31

eichia- v. to change

eil n. sky (eiliant, eil+iant)

eiliant n. rainbow ◇ Ety/360, Ety/400 ◇ "sky-bridge" see also ninniach

einior adj. elder ◇ PM/358 ◇ an+iaur (?) "very, extremely old"

eirien n. daisy (flower) ◇ SD/129-31 ◇ Q Arien "day-maiden" (AS1)

eitha- v. 1. to prick with a sharp point, to stab ○ 2.by ext., to treat with scorn, insult ◇ WJ/365

eithel n. issue of water, spring, well ◇ Ety/363, S/430, S/433, WJ/85, TC/187

eithro adv. also (VT/50)

кl pl. elin n.Arch.Poet. star (little used except in verses) ◇ WJ/363, MR/373, RGEO/73, Letters/281 See also elenath

elanor n. a flower, a kind of enlarged pimpernel bearing golden and silver flowers ◇ LotR/VI:IX, UT/432, Letters/402 ◇ кl+anor "star-sun"

elenath n.coll.of кl, starry host, all the host of the stars of heaven ◇ LotR/II:I, RGEO/73-75, WJ/363

Elbereth n. one of the names given to the Vala Varda, 'star queen'

elia- v. to rain

ellenadj. different, strange

elleth n.fem. elf-maid ◇ WJ/148, WJ/256, WJ/363-364

ellon n.masc. elf ◇ WJ/363-364

elloth <


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