Exercise 2. Are the statements true or false?

1. In 1850, despite great obstacles, I. Ulyanov entered the physics and mathematics faculty of Kazan University.

2. In 1854 he graduated from the University and received the deg-ree of Candidate of Social Sciences.

3. In 1874 Lenin was appointed director of the Simbirsk Province people's schools.

4. Ulyanov did not put great energy ,his whole heart and soul into his work.

5. Ilya Nikolayevich was responsible for opening the schools for girls.

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences from the text.

1. A teacher by calling….

2. In 1854 he graduated from the University and…….

3. Speaking of the qualities….

4. He thought that school discipline depended……

5. Under his guidance…..

6. He did a great deal…..

7. Through the efforts……

8. As a teacher……

Exercise 4. Make up your own questions and discuss them with the group mates.

Exercise 5. Translate into Russian.

1. I am a student of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University.

2.Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1932.

3. In 1994 it became the University.

4. About 5000 students are at the University.

5. Today there are 10 faculties at our University.

6. Our University prepares teachers for primary and secondary schools.

7. The students attend lectures and seminars.





Hi again... As you already know, I am a first-year student of the Technical Academy. My parents live in Sochi and I study in Rostov-on-Don so I need some housing. There are two opportunities for me: I can live in a dormitory (a student’s hostel), or to rent a flat (an apartment).

I decided to rent a flat. To make the rent smaller, I also decided toshare my flat with another girl — Natasha Kozlova. She studies at the Academy, too, and she is my best friend now. I'll tell you more about her later.

Now, let me describe my usual working day. My classes begin at 8:30. So on week-daysI have to get up at 7:15.1 don't have an alarm clock and usually my roommate wakes me up and my working day begins. I turn on the radio and do my morning exercises while Natasha takes a shower. I don't take a bath in the morning because I don't have enough time for it. I take a cool shower (that's when Icompletely wake up), brush my teeth. After that I go back to our room andget dressed. I brush my hair and put on a lightmake-up. Then we have breakfast. Natasha makes breakfast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have toserve breakfast on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I love to listen to the latest news on the radiowhile I am eating and Natashaprefers light music.

We leave the house at ten minutes past eight and walk to the nearest bus-stop. We liverather far from the Academy and it usually takes us about a quarter of an hour to get there by bus. Sometimes when the weather is fine and we haveenough time we walk to the Academy. It is veryhealthy to walk much.

The classes begin at 8:30 in the morning and they end at 2:00 p.m. We have lectures in different subjects. As a rule we have three or four classes a day. Sometimes it is very hard to wait till they end.

Usually I don'tmiss my classes because I want to pass my examssuccessfully. But sometimes I do, especially when the weather is fine and the classesareboring.

At 11:50 we have lunch. That's my favourite time. That is the time to share the latest news and to gossip. My friends and I prefer not to go to the canteen and we often have lunch in a small cafe not too far from the Academy. At 12:30 we have to be back to our classes. During the working day we also have several short breaks that last for ten minutes.

Occasionally I have to stay at the Academy till 5 or even 6 o'clock in the evening because I go to the library to get ready for my practical classes or to write areport.As a rule I have no free time on week-days. So by the end of the week I get verytired.

We come home at about 7 o'clock in the evening. We eat supper together and share the latest news.

After supper we wash dishes, drink coffee or tea and watch TV. I prefer old comedies and Natasha likes serials or films about travelling. Sometimes Natasha and I go for a walk in the park or visit our friends.

At about eleven at night I go to bed. I like to read something before going to bed and Natasha likes to listen to some music. Sometimes I fall asleep while I am reading and Natasha gets up and switches off the light and says — Good night!


housing — жилье

opportunity — возможность

dormitory, students hostel — студенческое общежитие

to rent a flat (an apartment) — снимать квартиру

to share — делить(-ся)

week-days — будние дни

alarm clock — будильник

usually— обычно

roommate — сосед по комнате

rather — довольно

to turn on (off) — включать, выключать

enough — достаточно

completely — полностью, совершенно

to get dressed — одеваться

to serve — обслуживать

make up — макияж

while — пока, в то время как

to prefer — предпочитать

healthy — здоровый, полезный

to miss — пропускать

successfully — успешно

boring — скучный

to gossip — сплетничать

have to be back — должны вернуться

break — перерыв

report — доклад

share — делиться

canteen — столовая

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