The structure of an English language lesson.

The content of Foreign Language Teaching.

Circle the best answer.

At the end of a term, semester or year, we may want to do a final______ to see how well students have learnt everything.

Progress test

Quick test

Proficiency test

Achievement test

The aims of Foreign Language Teaching.

What is the best grouping for these activities, do you think? W= whole class; P=pairwork; G=groupwork; s= solowork

1. Students choose one of three alternatives when faced with an imaginary moral dilemma.

2. Students design website for a school or special interest group.

3. Students listen to an audio recording of a conversation.

4. Students practice saying sentences with the present perfect (‘I’ve lived here for six years’, ‘He’s studied here for six months’).

5. Students prepare a talk / presentation on a subject of their choice.

6. Students repeat words and phrases to make sure they can say them correctly.

7. Students write a dialogue between a traveler and an immigration official.

8. Students write a paragraph about themselves.

9. The teacher explains the rule for the pronunciation of‘s’ plurals (‘pins’, ‘cups’, ‘brushes’)

Resources for Foreign Language Teaching.

Which point is odd for pre-reading activity:

a) focus on new words in context

b) teach sound and letter or word in context

c) match sound and written forms

d) repeat constantly to teach pronunciation

e) practice new vocabulary in speech.

The principals of Foreign Language Teaching

Put listening tips in the right order:

a) answer the questions you missed

b) look at the task

c) answer as many questions as you can

d) try to guess answers to the questions

e) don’t worry if you don’t understand every word.

Methods and techniques in Foreign Language Teaching.

Circle the correct form:

a)You shouldn’t / mustn’t drink that dirty water. It is not safe.

b) We must/ had to wait two hours at security and nearly missed our flight.

The content of teaching phonetics.

Define the third stage of the lesson:

a) warm up

b) checkup homework

c) introduction of new material

d) consolidation of new material

e) homework and assessment

The content of vocabulary teaching.

Points belong to pre- listening of multiple- choice questions:

a) try to answer all the questions

b) listen to get the general idea

c) read the questions

d) predict the most likely answers

e) look at the options and think of possible synonyms

Methods of teaching vocabulary.

Young teacher should have……… lesson plan:

a) any he/she likes

b) extended

c) the copy from Teacher’s Book

d) no plan

e) a short

The content of teaching grammar.

Which exercise doesn’t suit speaking training exercises?

a) Substitute I have a pen (book)

b) extension I have (an interesting) book

c) transformation : I have no interesting book. Do you have an interesting book?

d) multiple choice; choose the written answer

Methods of teaching grammar

Match writing tasks with levels.

1 Elementary a. Email

2 Pre- intermediate b. covering letter

3 Intermediate c. topic

4 Upper intermediate d. Report

The content of teaching listening.

Aural comprehension is developed by:

a) writing

b) reading and writing

c) reading

d) speaking

e) listening

Resources for teaching listening.

Ask special question to the sentence: She looks very tired today.

The content of teaching speaking.

Choose peculiarities of speaking in English.

a) incomplete answers

b) usage of contractions

c) usage of speech phrases: of course, yes, I know, you see etc.

d) full answers

e) not using contractions.

The content of teaching reading.

Complete the sentence with suitable one:

Collaborative writing is……….

a) when students gain a lot from constructing texts together

b) using mother tongue

c) the best way of teaching Speaking

d) individual work

e) brainstorming

The content of teaching writing.

Match writing tasks with levels.

Elementary a. Email

Pre- intermediate b. covering letter

Intermediate c. topic

Upper intermediate d. Report

The content of calendar, thematic planning.

Circle the best answer

_______ can have many advantages: it allows students to work at their own speed, allows them thinking time, and allows them to be individuals

a) Individual / solo work

b) Class-to-class

c) Whole class

d) Pair work

Lesson planning. The content of lesson planning.

What is the best seating arrangement for the following situations?

a) A team game with a class of forty

b) A class discussion with fifteen students

c) Pairwork in a group of thirty students

d) A reading task in a group of ten

e)Students design an advertisement in groups

f) Students all listen to an audio track

j) The teacher explains a grammar point

The structure of an English language lesson.

Can you put the following events in order according to the structure of the lesson?

The teacher is handing out a worksheet and explaining a task.

The students are working individually.

The teacher uses the board to explain vocabulary and then set up groupwork.

The class is having a formal debate.

The teacher asks the students to predict what the title of the lesson means.

Ways to organize English lessons.

Describe the seating arrangements (separate table, horseshoe, round a single big table, orderly

rows, solowork) for the following events and say why:

The teacher is explaining something using the board.

The students are listening to a tape.

The teacher is explaining some pronunciation.

The teacher uses the board to explain vocabulary and then sets up groupwork.

The students are working individually.

Requirements for an English lesson.

Match the student needs on the left with the terms on the right.

1. I have to be able to write projects in English. 1. General English
2. I need to learn English so that I can work as a nurse in English-speaking contexts. 2. English for academic Purposes
3. I think English is an important international language and so I’d like to learn it in case I need it. 3. English for Specific Purposes
4. We came to this country as refugees and we want to make a success of our lives here. 4. Business English
5. We are trying to establish commercial links with international trading partners so I need to improve my English. 5. Target-language community interaction

Teacher’s preparation for a lesson.

Rate the following teacher qualities in order of importance (1-10) and why.

a) They are adaptable.

b) They are even-handed in their treatment of students.

c) They are good-looking.

d) They care about their students.

e) They dress well.

f) They give interesting lessons.

g) They know their subject.

h) They listen to their students.

i) They prepare well.

j) 1They use new technology.

The plan of analysis of a lesson.

Which is the odd one out? Why?

a. a role-play a discussion a drill a communication game a questionnaire

b. a letter a speech a poem a grammar exercise a play extract

c. study rehearsal feedback engagement enjoyment

The plan of self-analysis of a lesson.

Which is the odd one out? Why?

a. a role-play a discussion a drill a communication game a questionnaire

b. a letter a speech a poem a grammar exercise a play extract

c. study rehearsal feedback engagement enjoyment

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