Which of them has the following complaints?

- Parents want _____to continue his education after finishing school.

-_____ does not have enough money to buy what he wants.

-Parents don’t permit _____ to have a motorbike.

-Parents didn’t let _____ buy a pet six years ago.

-The law does not allow _____ to see war films.


Ø Задание по говорению (диалог)

1. Внимательно изучите предлагаемый ниже материал.

2. Скажите, обучение какому/каким виду/видам диалога предлагается?

3. Сформулируйте задачу урока.

4. Предложите свой возможный вариант последовательности выполнения упражнений.



Act out the conversation between Jane and Bill.

Asking for a favour Agreeing
Can you…? Sure.
Explaining Asking for personal information
My friend… What does she look like?
Giving personal information Promising
She is… All right. I’ll meet her.
Thanking Replying

2. ROLEPLAY You see an announcement on the school notice board(объявление на доске) that a boy called Peter Brook won the ten­nis competition at school.

Student 1: You are not sure that you know him. You ask your classmate questions about Peter Brook.

Student 2: You know Peter Brook. You describe him.


Who is saying the following? How?

Asking for a favour



Asking for personal information (name, age, appearance)

Giving personal information

Promising (обещание)


Replying to thanks (ответ на благодарность)


Jane is asking for a favour. She is saying: "..."

4. ROLEPLAY Bill asks Jane to give a book to his friend John. Jane agrees but is not sure (не уверена) if she knows John. She asks for some personal information. Draw a dialogue chart. Act out the conversation. (AB V) Read the Learning to Learn note No 6.

5. Jane is talking with her brother. She asks him to do her a favour (одолжение).

What does she ask him about?

-Can you meet my friend at the coach station (автовокзал)? She is coming from Scotland tomorrow. I have a music class at this time.

-Sure. What does she look like? How old is she?

-She is 12. She’s thin and has brown eyes. Her hair is curly.

-Is she tall?

-Well, she’s as tall as me.

-What’s her name?


-All right. I’ll meet her.


-No problem.


Ø Задание по говорению

1. Внимательно изучите предлагаемый ниже учебный материал по теме “Advertising: Good and Bad Points”.

2. Скажите, какой/ие ВРД является целевым(и) умением(ями), а какой/какие выступают в роли средств обучения?

3. Обучение каким видам монологических высказываний можно осуществить на данном уроке? Докажите.

4. Сформулируйте возможную(ные) задачу/задачи на урок.

5. Предложите свою последовательность выполнения данных упражнений.



What do you think of advertising anyway?

a) I don’t take advertising seriously!

On the one hand …

But on the other hand …

When I …

Besides, in adverts …

What’s more …

b) Advertisements are misleading!

They …

More than that …

They also …

In brief …

c) The best thing on TV is the adverts. Watching commercials for me is like …

Commercials …

They …

Best of all …

Read and listen to the viewpoints again and say what bad and good points British teenagers see in advertising.


Rose said that advertising


3.Here are two British teenagers' views on advertising.

Read and listen to their viewpoints and say whether they see good or bad features in advertising.

a) "I'd like to complain about the amount of toy advertising on the telly. Every time you switch on there's some kind of advert for a new toy. This annoys me because they are purposely put on when children are watching. They will then go and bother their parents until they get what they want. This puts unnecessary pressure on mums, especially those who aren't well off. We all know what toys are on the market — we don't need to be constantly reminded!"


b) "Watching a film on television is really like watching twenty commercials with a film sandwiched in between. When I sit down to watch the show and am really enjoying the story, suddenly the film stops. There is a commercial interruption. That is the time for me to rush to the refrigerator. I prepare a snack and come back just in time for the start of the film. I hope that the sponsors aren't counting on me to buy their products. I don't even know what they are selling. (I am putting on a lot of weight. Hough!)


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