Would you like to keep a horse? Make up sentences and you will read an instruction on how to take care of your pet.

Example: Horses must have a lot of care.

1) a lot of care, horses, have, must

2) you, clean water, ought to, a lot of food, give, them, and

3) a shelter, need, they, to escape, bad weather

4) enough room, to turn round, horses, should, easily, have

5) must, you, their, every day, change, bed

Have you ever heard about the Samaritans?

Would you like to phone them? Use the words from the box.

Can must can have to can should can

If you feel worried and lonely, than may be we can help. The Samaritans are there when things are too much (когда совсем плохо). We’ll listen to you and try to help with your problems.

You don’t even _______ tell us your name. We won’t tell anyone about you. You _______ phone or write or call in at the nearest Samaritan centre. You _______ find the address and number in the local telephone book. Samaritan volunteers _______ be any age from 17 to 70. They all _______ be good listeners who care about people.

So if you need our help you _______ just phone us.

What makes a good student?

A champion?

A star?

A good person?

Be polite, be tall, dance well, have a beautiful voice, be good-looking, play an instrument, work hard, be kind, have a lot of money

Example: I think a star should be good-looking.

Ø Задание по аудированию

1. Внимательно изучите предложенный ниже материал.

2. Скажите, какие из предложенных ниже заданий соответствуют следующим целевым установкам.

А) listening for specific information

B) listening for the main idea

C) listening for detail

3. Сформулируйте возможную задачу урока.

4. Предложите свою последовательность действий при работе с данным материалом в соответствии с поставленной задачей.

What's the Best Way Not to Waste Time?

For me, there's nothing more important than dancing. I take lessons in Irish dancing. You might think that is boring, but it's really good fun and enjoyable. I have a chance to travel to places like Canada and the States* to compete. The only thing that matters for me now is to win in the World Championships of Irish dancing in Ireland. I'm going there this month. I'm excited about my hobby. I think it's a brilliant hobby and people should try it before they say it's boring.


When I come home from school I do nothing but relax because I'm very tired after a tough day at school. I like to sit in front of the telly with a bag of popcorn. I'm a bit of a couch potato.* My favourite channel is MTV.* My mum doesn't like how I spend time. She says that I waste it. I do not agree. Isn't it fair just to relax? We all work very hard, especially when we have tests. More than that I get a lot out of TV. There is nothing I don't know about my favourite group. And it's also fun to be a fan!


There's one thing that is worth (cледует) doing after school — it's playing sport. It's not only enjoyable, but useful, too. Sport makes you healthy and fit. I'm mad about climbing and- every spare minute I spend in the local climbing centre.* The great thing about climbing is that you can become good quickly. I took up climb­ing about 6 months ago and I was thrilled with it. It's different from other sports. It's challenging and it makes me feel really strong. I also like the feeling of helping others. I've made lots of friends here and really enjoy it.


1.You will hear three children talking about their free time. For questions 1-3 choose from the list A-D which kind of pastime each speaker prefers. There is one extra letter which you do not need.

A. he/she prefers travelling

B. he/she prefers an active way of spending free time

C. he/she prefers dancing

D. he/she prefers relaxing in front of the telly


Prove or disapprove the following statements.

Anna participates in Irish dancing because she wants to compete.

The only thing that matters for Anna is to have a chance to travel.

For Tom watching TV is a waste of time.

Tom thinks that he has the right to relax after school.

Ben thinks that the best way to spend free time is going climbing.

The great thing about climbing is that it makes Ben feel strong.



Do you think the children waste their free time or spend it in a good way? Explain your point of view.

I think … … is the only thing that matters for … and he/she … It’s a (an) … pastime. I think it’s good (important, silly) to (that) …


Ø Задание по чтению

1. Внимательно изучите предлагаемый ниже учебный материал по теме “Anything to Complain About?”

2. Скажите, обучение каким видам чтения предлагается в данном параграфе. Обоснуйте свой ответ.

3. Предложите свою последовательность выполнения данных упражнений.

4. Какие упражнения могут дополнить работу с данным текстом? Каково их целевое назначение?

5. Сформулируйте задачу данного урока.



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